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  1. https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Cutscene_video_with_FFmpeg Haven't tested it yet, but instead of bothering with new GUI, couldn't you just teleport a camera to a dark room, as Dragofer suggested, where it points to a surface with with videoMap material applied?
  2. IMO the death/detection cam is a bit much. It makes perfect sense for highly competitive multiplayer modes or hardcore arcade games, as the amount of failure in these games is high. The main idea is to lower the frustration and make mistakes an opportunity to teach players something they might have missed in the hectic action. In a slow paced stealth game, where designer shouldn't assume player will fail, it will be more of an excuse for poor level design or catering to hardcore crowd only.
  3. It actually does work like that in 2.07, just tried that. Correction: double clicking works only if you're not in the map. If you just started TDM, installed a new mission, etc., and you're trying to load a save, the double click will work. If you're in the menu during play, the double click doesn't work for some reason.
  4. I'd leave that for all doors, windows, vents etc. that are inaccessible to AI then, at least for now. That's not a good assumption IMO. There are ghosters and perfectionists, sure, but your map should always support "resetting the simulation", running away from AI and waiting for things to calm down. Otherwise it's not really good level design because im-sim part of the equation falls apart every time AI is alerted.
  5. How's AI working with it? Can it chase you through?
  6. IMO the amount of both system and video ram is not enough for comfortable play. 2 GB Vram cards have been a standard for older games for quite some time now and should be really cheap. Also, the engine is a bit more demanding with higher resolutions. You might want to try something below full HD (1280x720 or lower).
  7. The usual way would be to break up the model into two and apply two materials, one for stone, one for moss, while using the same UVs and texture set.
  8. Citing only extreme outliers as common examples and making overblown comparisons is what makes one a radical, and ironically that doesn't lie far from that terrorist comparison, maybe not in literal sense, but still
  9. That reminds me of that pointless discussion on TTLG about the rise of "far left" and right, as if there was any symmetry in that.
  10. This is something major energy suppliers don't want to understand as well. Relying on coal for heating and energy production is actually more expensive than closing mines, switching to renewable energy, and signing up miners for career change programs. But these costs are associated with state expenses on healthcare, the increased patient admittance due to respiratory system diseases and others, and the whole process of people dying prematurely because of air pollution. In my country, there are roughly 50k deaths annually because of that, with all the costs that need to be covered, from specialized healthcare to funeral bills. That's a huge unpaid bill the energy sector doesn't want to hear about.
  11. Not sure what is worse tbh, climate change activism or the huge denial syndrome so many people have. At least I can see that something has changed, from my tiny personal perspective, in my country. For a long time now, around since when I was at uni, we don't have proper winters here. In my childhood and adolescence, winters started around the middle of December, and there were days with -15°C in February. Springs were a bit messy around March and April, but May was usually warm, and there was a gradual temperature change towards summer, where 30°C in July was considered very hot. Now, we don't have snow even on Christmas. We had first proper snowstorm yesterday, and it all melted in an afternoon. Winter temperatures rarely go below 0°C during the day, but there are freezing cold nights. There is no proper spring anymore. It's usually quite cold until May, when it rains almost all the time, as if we were in Cambodia or Vietnam. Then comes the hot summer, where temperatures go as high as 38°C. So don't tell me that nothing has changed, because it has, a lot.
  12. I'm on chapter 9 now, and I know what this game reminds me of: Velvet Assassin. A very flawed game I'm very fond of, mostly because of the atmosphere. Here you have something similar: fantastic ambiance and environments with binary stealth and very artificial map setups. The problem with stealth games is that the genre forefathers set the bar so high with immersive sim approach. And games like VA or Plague feel awkwardly stiff and almost like a failure, because they ignore the whole thing almost entirely.
  13. For TDM there's no divide between "lore wiki" and game editor or engine-related stuff. And lore is not super detailed on purpose, so FM authors have the freedom to fill the gaps in almost any way they wish.
  14. I don't think I ever was in a community that had a Wiki completely open, so anyone could do whatever they wanted with the knowledge base. It's also very weird to start your introductory post with asking for Wiki credentials. Usually it starts with what Freyk mentioned, gaining trust and proving that you're able to make meaningful contribution. Often people post their stuff here for peer review, even if they have the credentials.
  15. To play Devil's Advocate a bit, you can say similar thing in catholic countries in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in rural areas and near borders. Conservatism usually goes hand in hand with any religion it can use.
  16. First of all, don't expect to get Wiki editing privileges the moment you register on the forums. Typically, knowledge base is updated by experienced users.
  17. Nah, it's not the problem of TDM not having alpha planes; it's just that it won't or doesn't need to have too many of them, even with the shadow maps implemented. That's because for surfaces that are close to the player you will use geometry anyway. And you don't need super complex geometry either, as e.g. for iron fences you can fake details and soft edges with normalmaps. As for grass and bushes on alpha planes, this is another dead end due to massive performance problems caused by overdraw. It's actually cheaper to make leaves on simple polygons than to have a whole area made of transparent cards; this is a thing known for many years now in realtime rendering. I'd rather say that soft shadows, when done right with proper optimisation, will be just more beneficial in general for all the stuff that's already being done by stencil shadows, not because the added benefits are so important.
  18. It's not only with search engines, they do it with their default system system apps too. E.g. I'm used to the good old IrfanView for image browsing and some basic quick editing, but every now and then win10 sends me a message that Irfan "crashes too often" and it had to be replaced by the system app for image files. Yeah, right.
  19. Not that I'm defending stencil shadows too much, but IMO alpha shadows are not as groundbreaking as they seem to, at least in TDM context. It's not like you'll be doing modern chain link fences with lights behind them. And for stuff like windows you can use actual geometry, the engine will take it just fine, as long as you don't go overboard with something (lights, materials, etc.).
  20. 8192, to be precise. 1/8th of the former Thief Deadly Shadows limit, although we don't have to worry about managing that stuff too much. Only what's spawned is what counts.
  21. Which foglight do you use? I typically use delta1_fog for both skybox and playable area. Also remember to declare a value in shaderParm3 property (Doom units) to define where the fog ends. Typically I use large values, like 3200.
  22. About that white wall, I think that the material tiles too often. Either break it up with more details on geometry, or decrease texture scaling.
  23. I can only guess that's because we need more efficient method for cascading / splitting shadow maps, not sure how it's done now. To the end user the shadow type doesn't matter, as long as it looks good. It makes a difference for asset makers though, as stencil shadows are cast from the back faces, while shadow maps are cast from the front faces. That influences model building techniques and optimisation tricks.
  24. Maybe it's something with older users' migration to newer version of the forums? At least that's the first thing I'd look for. Edit: btw. I can't change profile picture either.
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