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  1. On 7/18/2020 at 8:38 AM, Cotillion said:

    Great mission overall, I really like the extra objectives that force you to think a bit. I have 1 question left, regarding a secret:

      Reveal hidden contents

    I don't really know where I am supposed to shoot the rope arrow to reach the loot on the oil lamp in the cathedral. I read the solution in the original post but I need a more specific location please.




    Aim for the orange globe (wood) that the lamp chains hang from:



    Sorry for the delay in responding, for some reason I didn't get notified about your post

  2. 14 minutes ago, Geep said:

    I'm trying to create a .tga with transparency, that I can use as a decal. I erased part of the image in Photoshop (old Elements 8 ) to add transparency. I can save as a .png file, and all appeared to be good. But if I try to save as .tga (32 bit, uncompressed), the transparent section comes out white (on reload into PSE, or in TDM). I gather from the Photoshop forums that you have to do backflips and blood sacrifices to get .tga with alpha channel to be emitted. A trip of the .png file through GIMP and exported out resulted in a corrupted .tga

    I know there are online file converters, so maybe it will come to that. But I'd like to hear your recommendations.

    In my version of Photoshop, the Save As dialog has a Save Alpha Channels checkbox. That does the trick for me. 

    Disclaimer: my Photoshop version is very old (CS2) and I'm no graphics expert.

  3. 2 hours ago, Ryan101 said:

    I'm having an issue where the music that plays when the elementals are released keeps repeating itself - even as I delve further into the Citadel. It's overwhelming all the other ambient sounds and obviously makes lockpicking extremely difficult, lol. Loading a save doesn't seem to help, nor does quitting. Is there a way to use a console command to stop it from playing? I've been quick saving, so I really don't want to have to start over.

    I ran into this problem early on during beta test, and it was fixed in a later build. But maybe not fixed completely? I don't know of any console command. Maybe try back tracking until the music changes - go back to the underwater station, see if that 'resets' the music, then go forward. Just an idea.

  4. 2 hours ago, Lzocast said:

    If that is indeed possible I'd submit that as a new way to give the player options for play style. I know it would be an extra thing to have to account for when building missions, a dev could perhaps prevent the player locking the guards out of important areas by having them return to a central location once they fail to enter a locked area (key stolen) at which point a new one spawns on them (as if they've gone back to the boss and reported a lost key), you could even add in more difficulty by say once this event has occurred a certain number of times the guards all get a bump up in alert status.

    I tested this. It does work, but only if you use the def_attach method for attaching the key (https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Attaching_Props_to_AI#Belt_Objects_-_Keys). It does not work if you use the bindToJoint method for attaching the key.

  5. Congratulations! This is a massive and enjoyable mission. Get ready for multi-part fun! 

    Interesting, that this mission and The Painter's Wife were released close together. They don't have much in common, other than they are excellent (IMHO) and HUGE. A tribute to the modders, and a tribute to TDM platform that enables two very different missions.

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  6. On 7/21/2020 at 5:49 AM, Lzocast said:

    Speaking of keys, would Dark Mod support a set up where guards you have stolen keys from could no longer open locked doors?

    I think it will work that way. There are two ways to allow a guard to pass through locked doors: if they have the key, or if they have the 'can_unlock' spawnarg. So if you attach the key to the guard but don't give them 'can_unlock', they can pass through the door if they have the key, but once you steal it from them they won't be able to open the door.

    At least, that's my understanding of how it works. I haven't actually tried this.

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  7. 10 hours ago, Bienie said:

    I already had to add knobs to the windows in CoS 2 to signify that they are openable. That was silly of me to forget. I'll put that on the list.

    Another option is to leave the window slightly ajar. This shows, from a distance, that it is openable. Use the "open" spawnarg (set to '1'), along with 'start_rotate' or 'start_position' (depending on whether the window is a mover_door or mover_door_sliding). Give you total control over how open the window is.

  8. An excellent mission! Nice layout and architecture - exploring is rewarded. Wonderful set of interlocking stories, full of politics/factions/intrigue/corruption. Lots of opportunities for thieving (of course) and for doing good. 


    Played on medium difficulty. 3:45 to complete main objectives, 6075 loot, plus six of the optional objectives (Clara, Reliquary, Cosimo's letter, Adolfo, Carlo's statue, rats). Only got 2 of the secrets (because I suck at secrets). Later I'll go back and look for additional objectives and secrets. I did not do the 'challenge' objectives, and I likely wont, because I'm not good enough 🤪

    No real problems running it. Only noticed one layout glitch - right across from the starting point there are 3 package cubes, and they are floating above the ground a bit. That was the only thing I did a screen grab of.

    Thank you, Bienie!

  9. 54 minutes ago, nbohr1more said:

    Please delete your tdm_base01.pk4, any glprogs folders, and your darkmod executable then run tdm_update.


    Thanks, that solved it - I did as you suggested, and set image_useNormalCompression back to 1, and now reflections look good. So I guess I didn't have a clean release after all. 

    In general, are the steps you listed a good idea for getting a clean release? So, if I run into strange behavior, is it best to do those steps first to see if that resolves the issue?

  10. 10 hours ago, nbohr1more said:


    This looks like what happens if you enable RGTC. Is image_useNormalCompression set to 1 ?

    (RGTC is fixed in SVN \ 2.09 )

    image_useNormalCompression is set to 1 (I am running 2.08). If I change it to 2, the reflections look good.

  11. I'm seeing some weirdness in the 2.08 final regarding reflections. I've seen it in two different missions that I'm beta testing. Here is an example in HHTLC, in 2.07 it looks like this, a nice mild reflection (the plant pot):


    But in 2.08 the reflection is wonky:


    Same graphic settings. I deleted the darkmod.cfg, just to see if that made a difference - nope. I saw this problem in another FM too.

    Is anyone else seeing this?

  12. 29 minutes ago, Dragofer said:

    Is there some easy way to check by script whether an AI is unconscious? I've seen people around here using something like IS_UNCONSCIOUS, if I remember correctly, but as far as I'm aware those all-capitals words are only available in coding, not in Doomscript.



    as in

    ai guard = $atdm_ai_builder_guard_lesser_1;
    if (guard.AI_KNOCKEDOUT)

    Edit 2:

    One more thing, if you knock out an AI and then kill him, I think AI_KNOCKEDOUT is still true. So if you want to check that an AI is knocked out but not dead use:

    if (guard.AI_KNOCKEDOUT && !guard.AI_DEAD)


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  13. On 7/2/2020 at 4:04 PM, Dragofer said:

    You'd want to add 2 extra responses to the flame: one towards water and one towards fire, both have effects to trigger the trigger_hurt, deactivate the response to their own element and activate the response to the other element. And let the response to fire start inactive at map start. If that doesn't work you may need to change the effects to call a script.

    I gave that a try, and it didn't work. The reason: the flame already has a response to water (and fire) in its base class, and those inherited responses already do the appropriate deactivation. So adding a response of the same type doesn't work, since that type was deactivated by the existing response.

    However, there is a solution, and it's pretty simple. The existing (inherited) responses on flames call script functions (response_extinguish and response_ignite) in tdm_lights.script. Those methods both activate all of the targets on the flame. So all I have to do is set this spawnarg on the flame: "target" "trigger_hurt_1" (or whatever my trigger_hurt entity is called). That toggles the trigger_hurt off/on as appropriate. Easy peasy.

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  14. I've got a flame, say a campfire. I want the player to take damage if they stand in the middle of it, so I create a trigger_hurt above the flame. That works fine. But if you douse the flame with a water arrow, I want to turn off the trigger_hurt (and likewise, if it's relit with a fire arrow, turn the trigger_hurt back on). How do I do that? 

  15. This is how I've gotten door locking to work, using scripting.

    Write a script function that locks the door, something like

    void lockMyDoor()

    where 'myDoor' is the name of your door entity.

    Then on your atdm:target_call_scriptfunction you need a spawnarg "call" "lockMyDoor" (I've always used lowercase "call").


    Edit - fixed typo in the spawnarg

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  16. The FM that I'm creating uses the getMissionStatistic() script function, to gather info about how stealthy the player has been at a certain point in the mission. While testing, I've seen some strange results. What I think I'm seeing is that various stealth counters don't get incremented if a non-combat civilian sees you. Specifically:


    do not increase if a civilian sees you and runs away.

    I created a simple test map (attached). When it starts, the noblewoman has her back to you. Walk around so that she can see you - she will run to the flee point at the other end of the room. Now go frob the stone pillar - that will display various mission statistics. Note that numberTimesPlayerSeen, sightingScore, and stealthScore are all zero. 

    Run the test again, and this time sneak up behind her and bump into her before she sees you. She'll flee again, and this time numberTimesPlayerSeen is 1 (and sightingScore and steathScore are 5). That seems appropriate.

    Replace her with an armed guard, and he will immediately chase you, and numberTimesPlayerSeen is 1.

    Are these results expected? I would think that if you went around being seen by civilians and making them panic and run away, those stealth statistics shouldn't remain at 0. 


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