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  1. 2 hours ago, Knockout Thief said:

    I need a hint on where to find the key to the display case for the turquoisium. I have a lot of keys , none work.

    Hint 1:


    The lowest level of the museum (basement)

    Hint 2:


    The basement can be accessed via the elevator, or by crawl spaces (crawl space entrance near the main door)



    One of the rooms in the basement has a lot of extra display cases. Hunt around behind one of them, you'll find the key


  2. Nice mission! Good fun. I especially enjoyed


    the sense of motion, with the clackity-clack of the train and the scenery going by.

    Also, due to my own incompetence,


    I didn't find the first two sets of water arrows near the beginning. So I had to traverse most of the train without using them. It was hard but doable, which made me realize that I sometimes use them as a crutch.

    Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  3. @tapewolfThanks for the compliments; I'm glad you liked it! As for your hidden comments...


    Sneaking into the maze room before the door closes. Clever you! I didn't think to test that. I really should prevent the player from doing that, it kind of spoils the effect of the maze walls changing.


    As for secrets,


    there are four total, the two you found, plus: 1) close to the start, there's a window with a wooden awning. Climb up on it, there's a broach on a ledge above the awning. 2) After the art gallery, right after you go through the arched tunnel, there's a balcony with a table and chair. Climb up in it (use the nearby barrel), and look for a switch.

    And there's one 'unofficial' secret, I don't think anyone has found yet:


    On the window sill outside of the pub, there's a gold coin (Special loot). Grab it, and then give it to the beggar you saw earlier. Put it on his crate.


  4. On 3/12/2022 at 11:28 AM, Araneidae said:

    I encountered a rather annoying little bug with this mission.  I normally play with "Open Doors on Unlock" set to "No".  Unfortunately I ended up trapped and had to redo that part with the setting set to "Yes".  I'm glad that I guessed correctly that this was the problem!

    I guess this is a combination of a scripting oversight in this mission and an unfortunate interaction with the engine, I know that other missions have ended being broken due to this setting.

    I have fixed this problem, and uploaded a new version of the mission to dropbox (see the first post in this thread). Could someone please update the mission database too? Thanks!

  5. 25 minutes ago, Araneidae said:

    I encountered a rather annoying little bug with this mission.  I normally play with "Open Doors on Unlock" set to "No".  Unfortunately I ended up trapped and had to redo that part with the setting set to "Yes".  I'm glad that I guessed correctly that this was the problem!

    I guess this is a combination of a scripting oversight in this mission and an unfortunate interaction with the engine, I know that other missions have ended being broken due to this setting.

    I'm sorry you ran into this issue. Can you let me know where it happened, so I can fix it in a future release?

  6. 14 hours ago, datiswous said:

    Your mission introduction screenshot with the text on the 2 walls left and right, that is eddited in right? I wonder how it would look when applied on textures in the same view.

    Yeah that was done in Adobe Photoshop Elements, using horizontal warping to give the effect of looking at the wall at an angle. If I understand correctly, your suggestion is to put the text straight on the wall texture, then see if you get the angled effect when looking at it from down the hall. Interesting, maybe I'll give that a try

  7. 1 hour ago, GUFF said:

    I finished it. It's a fairly good puzzle mission with some physical timing/movement puzzles with the colored orbs, light zones etc. Nothing quite as frustrating as some older puzzle heavy missions for Thief/Thief2.

    Just a few things I couldn't figure out:

      Reveal hidden contents

    The safe outside of the target mansion behind the package you can move, couldn't find any hint as to what the combination may be.

    The wine cellar near the beginning, couldn't find a key or a way in. Even using tdm_show_keys and noclip, the only thing that would open it is the master key hidden outside of normal playable bounds.

    Couldn't find a use for the room key xx found in the same maze as room key 3. Seemed like it perhaps shouldn't have even been there since it didn't create the same noise the other maze keys did when you got close to them before picking them up.



    Glad you liked it. As for your questions


    The safe near the front entrance - the guard in that area has a scroll that you can pickpocket, it has the combo. Opening the safe is one of the secrets in the mission.

    The wine cellar is also a secret - there is an unlit wall lamp near the door (hard to see) - frobbing it will open the door.

    Yeah, that key shouldn't be there - it is leftover from when that puzzle was more complex. But you shouldn't be able to get to that location - were you nocliped at the time?


  8. 10 minutes ago, Wellingtoncrab said:

    This is already possible via a spawn argument - the catch being that on stencil shadows the light volume will not interact with any shadow casting geometry - so it will go through walls, pillars, etc.

    So to answer your question: it depends.

    Congratulations on the release!

    The spawnarg is volumetric_noshadows=-1. Here's my question and answer in the 2.10 Beta thread: 

    In my mission I use volumetic light in a single room. If you have stencil shadows, you can notice a little bleed through a floor - a minor issue that I chose to ignore. I just really needed the volumetric effect in that area.


  9. Sorry, I wasn't clear. The "wait 1.0" on the trigger_once was a mistake by me - I didn't mean to have that spawnarg on the object. What happened was, I had a trigger_multiple with a wait on it, and then I converted it to a trigger_once but forgot to remove the wait. Then I noticed that the trigger_once wasn't behaving like a trigger_once - it was behaving like a trigger_multiple. I removed the "wait" and it starting behaving properly.

    So my post was just academic; I'm just wondering if that behavior is expected. Or perhaps this comes under the heading of "If you do something weird, you might be weird results".

  10. Just finished. What a brilliant mission! I'll hide comments just in case they spoil things for people.


    The design and layout are outstanding - so many levels, and so many paths. I'm just astounded by the complexity and interrelationships of the buildings and rooms.

    The progression was spot-on too, in a couple of ways. First, having to earn your tools (despite not having them). You start out scrounging for every penny, trying to afford the picks and a few arrows. But over time you end up with tons of loot and equipment (rarely had to use arrows, as it turned out). Second, the progression of exploration - at each step, just when I thought 'how in the world am I supposed to get there?', I'd soon figure it out. Very sophisticated map design. 

    The hostile/non-hostile thing was a nice change of pace. But it threw me for a loop a couple of times: I could be recalling this wrong, but people I thought were non-hostile got upset with me for just bumping into them. Could that be possible? Or am I mis-remembering? I might go back and load a save to see if I can get it to happen again.

    I'm not a completionist, so I left a large majority of the loot out there. But that's okay; I'll go back and explore some more, just to be in that world.

    And I haven't even mentioned the clever use of 2.10 features (xray, volumetric lights). And the quality of the readables/stories.

    A sincere Thank You!

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  11. Amazing mission! Just finished it on easy. Really nice use of 'special effects' of various kinds (don't want spoil things). Great design, very attractive. Fun to play.


    The mage's glasses were brilliant - what a clever idea!

    I didn't get many secrets, so I know I missed some things. Questions:


    1) There's a door in the library that opens to a solid rock wall. The glasses didn't see through it either.

    2) The Crystal Sword Key and Arcane Rod - how do I use those?

    Thanks again for an outstanding mission!

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  12. I did a quick check of Now and Then on beta05, it looks fine. It doesn't use security cameras. I did see one light-leakage issue, but it's a bug in my mission, that for some reason didn't show up in 2.09 but shows up in 2.10. I'll fix it soon.

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  13. A question about volumetric lights. If I specify volumetric_light=1 on a light, and take the defaults for the other values, then the dust is visible only if the Shadows Implementation is set to Maps. If it is set to Stencil, the dust doesn't show up. This has been discussed in this and other threads.

    However, if I add volumetric_noshadows=-1 (or 1), the dust is visible in both Maps and Stencil mode. And, the light still casts shadows (as least, as far as my limited testing has shown).

    It looks like if I set volumetric_noshadows=-1, I can get volumetric dust in my lights for both Maps and Stencil. If that's the case, is there a downside? What am I not understanding?

  14. 8 minutes ago, Geep said:

    I have a atdm:bonfire and a large surrounding trigger hurt. If the player extinguishes the bonfire, I'd like that shut off the trigger hurt. Possible?

    I think you just target the trigger_hurt from the bonfire.

    Edit: I guess I finished third. At least my answer was correct. 😁

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  15. Brilliant mission, one of my favorites ever. Great design, art, layout, sound, everything. The item balance was perfect - I had what I needed, when I needed it. And


    fire arrows - who'd have thought they could take out several zombies at once? (is that normal, or did you enhance them?).

    And the ride at the end - what a nice treat!

    Played on Easy - that's my style (in other words, I'm not very good). Didn't find any secrets, so there's plenty of reasons to go back and try again (also, I was using the 1.1 version not 1.2).

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