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  1. 7 hours ago, Summer said:

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    I got into the granary through the adjacent warehouse building. Corbin says something about low food and harsh winters. I've been pretty much all over the map and finished other objectives, but what do I do with the granary? How do I get people more food?




    (from memory) You have to have a special item in your inventory when you frob the grain pile



    It's a special seed that is found in..


    the magic sack that you fall into




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  2. On 2/8/2020 at 9:39 AM, Geep said:

    joebarnin, the getting-stuck issue you noted, in the waist hold next to the galley, wasn't reported during beta testing. Was it near the surface, or down in the debris?

    Actually, I think this was player error. This happened in the mess, near where the crew member is dead in the bed. I just tried to recreate the problem, swimming near/into the bed. At some point I thought I was stuck, but by trying different directions I was able to proceed. I think the first time it happened, I just panicked because I was running out of air, so I assume I couldn't move at all. So I don't think this really is a problem.

  3. When you set the Game/Project setup, DR loads files from the mission. My guess is something about that is causing the crash. The DR log file might have some clues? I found mine in: C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\DarkRadiant\DarkRadiant.log (where <user name> the name you're logged into Windows as).

    1 hour ago, Amadeus said:

    I wonder if I can just copy/paste my WIP into a blank map after configuring the correct darkmod path....

    Yeah, try this maybe: make a new, blank WIP (maybe start with the Startpack). Set the Game/Project setup to this WIP,  see if that works. Then try to use the readable editor. If everything works with the "blank" mission, drop in your existing WIP files into the new project, and see if things still work. That might help narrow things down.

  4. When you select File > Game/Project Setup... you should get a dialog like this:


    DarkMod Path is where DM is installed. "Mission" should be the mission folder you are modifying. You should be able to pick it from the drop down list - it's a list of all of the folders with the /fms folder (within /darkmod). Is this what you see?

  5. Finished the mission. Short and sweet! As Jack says, a unique concept. Nice to see a non-standard mission design.

    I thought that the


    swimming bits in the sunken ship were just right - challenging without being too difficult. You have to come up for air once in a while, but there's always air space to get to. Items weren't too hard to find (when you're underwater, there's always the "running out of air" panic).

    One issue: I did get stuck (twice) swimming near the first crew member's body. Physically stuck - I had to noclip to escape. Probably a DM issue?

    I really really really


    wanted to get onto the attack ship. Tried climbing on the rope from the towed boat. Got almost all the way there, but then was blocked. Next mission, please?

    Looking forward to further stories in the arc!

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  6. 11 hours ago, ^^artin said:

    If I took the Heart of Saint Mattis from the coffin, the game keeps crashing. The light turns red, a heartbeat sound and some moaning noises are starting and then, after about 20 seconds, the game crashes.

    Is it just me or is this a bug in the game ?

    If it's just me it may be due to my worn out HDD. Then I'll try reinstall the mission.

    Another player (peispud) ran into a crash at the same point in the mission. Here is his post:

    It isn't clear how he resolved it, you may want to ping him about it? Apparently he was on Linux; don't know if that applies to you.



  7. 13 minutes ago, Melan said:

    This has been a decent investigative mission. It is built and lit in a fairly plain way, and it is scaled too large, but finding and interpreting clues makes it flow well - it is well-paced and logical, neither too difficult nor too easy. A pleasant mission. I wonder, though: 

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    How do you open the secret door midway the crypts? I could see the recessed, rectangular depression in the greenish wooden planks, but didn't find any opening mechanism.




    In the same room, there are some rocks on the ground. Frobbing one of them will open the door. You may have to crouch to find the rock.

    Kind of arbitrary, but there we are.



  8. 1 hour ago, cavador_8 said:

    I have a huge problem with this mission. The only objective that I have not completed is an optional objective: to find Marna's ring. However, I STILL cannot complete the mission by using the front gate key on the front gate. I keep getting a message about completing my other objectives. Is this a bug? I surely hope not because I have spent a lot of time playing this mission only not to be able to complete it.



    In order to leave by the front gate (and complete the mission), there are two things you have to do

    1) Have the "heart" (gem) in your possession

    2) Read page 4 of Neimath's book (book in the hidden compartment, in the closet downstairs). This is the objective titled "An acolyte called Neimath has recently gone missing. Investigating him would be a good start."

    Have you done both of those things?



  9. 7 minutes ago, MirceaKitsune said:

    Almost done, only stuck on one final thing apparently.

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    Where do I find all the parts for the snowman? I already put in the branches for the hand, the ink canisters for the buttons, the diamonds for the eyes... the objective didn't complete and I can't find what else is still needed.



    two more things. Both can be found


    upstairs in the schoolhouse.



    A hat


    A carrot for the nose



  10. Finished on Expert. Wow, I still can't believe this is a speed build! A very full mission, great atmosphere, details, and effects. Thanks again for the wonderful Christmas present!

    I did find a couple of problems with objectives:



    I didn't go down to the sewers so I didn't do the spider objective. I finished everything else up, but I couldn't end the mission (after returning home). I think the problem is in the objective settings. The Enabling Objectives for the "Go home" objective are:

    1 AND 2 AND 3 AND (7 OR 8 OR 9)

    So if you're on Expert, you have to do the spider objective (because 8 and 9 are tied to the other difficulty levels). I think it should be

    1 AND 2 AND 3 AND 4 AND (8 OR 9 OR 10)

    Once I killed the spiders, I was able to finish the mission.

    Also, for the spider objective, I didn't actually get this objective until I had killed all three spiders. Then I got the objective and it was completed all at once. Is this intentional?



  11. 10 hours ago, JackFarmer said:

    I am afraid you are the very first to report this problem.

    The mission includes a custom script that allows the character Halfrid to "switch off" the appearance of the quill during his patrol. Have you been able to finish the mission?

    Jack - I took a quick look at your map/script. It looks like somehow the GiveQuill script is getting called twice in a row (without RemoveQuill getting called between). I couldn't figure out how that can happen, but there must be some way that it does. Here's a workaround: modify your scripts to remove the quill in GiveQuill, just in case it already exists. Also, specify a global variable so that you don't have to name the entity. E.g.:

    entity quill;
    void GiveQuill()
        sys.println("Give Quill");
        // remove quill in case it already exists
        // create quill and attach it to Halfrid's right hand
        quill = sys.spawn("atdm:moveable_quill_prop");
    void RemoveQuill()
        sys.println("Remove Quill");

    That would avoid the problem that Hagatha is running into. I haven't done much testing on this technique, so it's just an idea.

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  12. 13 minutes ago, Hagatha said:

    See my post immediately above.  

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    The land mines do nothing at all.



    Just checking, are you arming the mines? If you just drop them (R), then they don't arm. If you use them (U), they drop to the ground and start ticking and will explode when the haunts walk over them.

    Even so, the haunts have to walk pretty much right on top of them. You can try lurking nearby and hitting the mine with a broadhead when the haunt gets close.

  13. 2 hours ago, Hagatha said:

    I am unable to proceed in this mission because 

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    after finally working out the puzzle in the mausoleum, I am unable to climb down the ladder.  No matter which way I try to get down, it just isn't open wide enough for me to fit.  It's as though the coffin hasn't slid over far enough.

    Any help would be appreciated because otherwise I have no idea what to do anywhere else in the mission.  I have found quite a bit of loot and a couple of secrets, but I am unable to progress any farther.  


    EDIT:  Never mind.  I tried it again and realized that I was standing in the way. 


    But I do have one more question:  I am supposed to investigate Nehmiah, or whatever his name is.  

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    I have not been able to complete this objective.  I found some information about him, and I have turned the statue, but turning the statue doesn't seem to do anything. I've been looking around literally for hours and hours (probably three or four hours spent down there) and have found nothing related to the statue.  

    I have his second journal, but not the first one. What am I missing here?

    The first journal can be found

    in the cathedral, downstairs. Look for a

     statue in an enclave - it is the switch which opens a niche in one of the closets off the dining room. The journal is in the niche. Read it to satisfy the objective. Make sure you take everything else in the niche

    Check the hints in the first post of this thread, they are helpful (sometimes).

  14. Nice mission! Lots to do in a very compact space. I got

     3820 loot and 5 of the secrets

    I concer with Kerry000 - this mission is intuitive. Just when you're thinking "there should be something here", there is. Good use of context and clues.

    I loved the

    thunder and lightning in the upstairs library. The first time in, I was in the middle of the room and I had a little warning because the lightning was first, so when the thunder hit a split second later it didn't surprise me. But later I came back into the library, I had just walked in and I didn't see the flash, and suddenly the sharp, loud thunder hits and I jumped! Nice surprise, and totally random.

    Great job! Looking forward to your next mission.

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  15. 14 hours ago, acolyte6 said:

    As for those floating hammers, where do I aim my Arrows? I've managed to hit it once with a holy water Arrow, but the fire Arrow just goes past every time...

    Those guys are tough! The arrows go right through them. If you aim a fire arrow at the ground at their feet, so that the explosion bursts up into them, you can kill them that way. It is hard to do, you have to aim just right. I've never gotten holy-water arrows to do damage. The most effective weapon are the mines - if they walk over them, the explosion kills them dead. There are a few land mines available when you first get into the caves.

  16. 19 hours ago, Bluehawk said:

    One piece of loot I saw but could not reach was

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    a bag of gold stuck to the ceiling next to the very long chain of a hanging lamp. I tried jumping onto the chain from the side-chapel, the balcony above and from the neighbouring columns, but I couldn't jump high or far enough. Are the stained glass windows meant to be climbable? I couldn't get up onto the window sill. I even tried knocking the gold down with a broadhead arrow but the arrow stuck in the purse as if it were wood!


    That's a hard one. I give you a lot of credit for what you tried! You have to shoot a rope arrow into the wooden ball at the end of the long chain (just above the lamp). Then climb up and switch over to the chain (which is climbable). Climb all the way up to get the loot.

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  17. 1 hour ago, JackFarmer said:

    1.  Activation of func-bobbing entity

    How can I switch in on/off?

    I have tried the following:

    a. on -- 0

    b. off - 1

    c start_off - 1

    d. start_on - 0

    ...but none works.


    2. Cutting patches

    Is there a way to cut patches?

    #1 - I found this in tdm_events.script:

     * Initiates a translation back and forth along the given vector with the given speed and phase.
    scriptEvent void        bob(float speed, float phase, vector distance);

    So maybe that's a way to get things to bob or stop bobbing? I tried a few experiments but couldn't get it to work, but maybe you'll have better luck.

  18. 22 hours ago, STRUNK said:

    One-sided frobability for doors?

    I made some doors into a garden that I only want to be able to be opened from the inside (without a key), and only be frobable  from the inside.

    Is there a property that I can give to a (no drow) brush that blocks frobability? Or something else that solves this?





    Here's something I did - maybe it'll work for you. Create a thin no draw brush (e.g., tdm_nodrawsolid_wood) that lays on top of the door (in front of it). Convert it to func_static. Set frobable=1. You may have to set frob_distance to a value too. This will 'catch' the frob and prevent the door from getting it. At least, that's what I think happens. Anyway, it worked for me.

    Specifically, I was having trouble with a user frobbing a switch from the other side of a wall. The switch was on side A of the way, but the player could frob it from side B. So I put the frobable brush on side B, and it blocked the switch from getting frobed from side B.

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