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  1. I was able to play this mission on lowest settings on my specs, with slowdowns only in a couple of places. Win XP SP3 (32 bit) Pentium E5200 (2.5 GHz) 2 GB RAM GeForce 9500GT The mission is fantastic, it reminded me of the good old days playing T2 missions.
  2. Tribes: Vengeance is one of my favourite games. I've been meaning to try the other Tribes games but haven't got around to it. I played it as an FPS, but you can toggle to 3rd person and play how you want. The movement in this game is amazing, a combination of hovering with a jetpack and skating along the floor. The story is great, with a nice twist, and I found myself really connecting with some of the characters. It has great music. The gameplay is varied, with some very open outdoor levels to explore.
  3. By the way, if the Old Testament doesn't count anymore, is homosexuality still an abomination? Perhaps it was an abomination then but it isn't now...Yahweh became more liberal as he got older.
  4. Thanks for your help Fidcal, I found them.
  5. I don't think those files exist. I extracted all the tdm_sound pk3s just to be sure and couldn't find them. Any idea which pk3 it's in?
  6. Where is the music which plays at the main menu stored? I had a look through the pk3s and found nocturnal01a_loop.ogg and nocturnal01b.ogg, but can't find find the full length music. Thanks.
  7. Fenn

    Thank you.

    Thank you guys for all your hard work! I feel the only way I can really thank you all is to make a fan mission....I don't know if I'll succeed, but it is my main motivation to try.
  8. I just downloaded and checked: it's the correct patch. It's possible you made a mistake installing it. Note that the patch installer installs to the wrong path (eg. C:\doom3\doom3 instead of C:\doom3) so you should manually correct it.
  9. I noticed that some doors open and close faster when triggered. Does this happen to anyone else? I did a quick test and it seems to be that the Rotate and Rotation settings on the door is the cause. I hope the pic below makes sense
  10. Wow, thanks for the detailed reply komag I downgraded to 7.11 and it seems to be gone. It was a really annoying bug!
  11. Yeah they're just basic box shaped brushes.
  12. Another thing: the textures in the camera view get messed up regularly. See pic: It seems to happen completely randomly. One minute everything is fine, then the next time I try to move around in the camera this weird thing happens. If I quit DR and reload the map everything is fine again, for a while. I've tried to deliberately cause it to happen, but haven't been able to. - Windows XP SP3 - DR 0.98pre8 - ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, Catalyst 8.10
  13. To keep the light center in its place (eg over a torch handle) while the radius is adjusted. Is that possible with mouse dragging?
  14. I noticed odd behaviour when trying to change light radii in the entity inspector (image of window). Pressing ALT+A to Apply changes doesn't always work. Applying changes works fine when the button is clicked with the mouse. - Windows XP - Dark Radiant 0.9.8pre8
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