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  1. -Hm. Surely this is a joke? Please tell me it is a joke! There exists no such people as described in this thread. I mean I think my life is difficult at times, but as I read the words written in this thread I suddenly come to realize that actually I am quite well off. I simply go to the store and buy new hardware when I need to do so. When I do so, my wife gets the old gear to use. Everyone wins. My wife and I have a sort of arbitrary-expense-system where each pays bills so that in the end the net result is more or less even. This occurs without any kind of serious bookkeeping and I do not c
  2. Thank you for your interest, but the situation seems to be well in hand. You will get to enjoy the final version of this mission quite soon, I promise. @Melan, Bikerdude and Baal: I've now implemented most of the corrections you've so far suggested and I have to say that the map has improved drastically. You've done an excellent job, Melan especially, who apparently investigated every single pixel and object on the map. Most of your suggestions overlapped and I suppose those are the most critical issues with the map. They are now dealt with. I'll now wait a few days for additional comme
  3. Make them one big func_static, check one well-defined alignment position for the whole thing and remember it, cut paste the func_static containing all the things to another map. Then at the last moment, copy paste the one big func_static back to your map and align it properly so it sits where it was in the beginning. Oh and in the end you probably need to revert them to worldspawn to avoid leaking
  4. Yep. That's why I do not watch TV. Most of the stuff that comes out is terrible entertainment industry goo. The worst of the bunch is reality television. The small amount of shows, which are okay simply end, because they do not have enough viewers.. I suppose the situation is as such because the majority demands it. Or swallows it without complaint. Supply and demand, you see. I always wonder, for example, why do gossip journalism exist? If the most of the people would simply refuse to pay for such 'entertainment,' it wouldn't be economically feasible..
  5. Thank you! The map is small/medium sized, offering probably 30min-90min gameplay when unfamiliar with the map. I'm uploading the map now. PM links will be sent to you within the next few minutes. You can give your feedback via PM so no spoilers here. Thanks again!
  6. -Thanks. I'll do just that.
  7. Hello! I've built a new fan mission, named The Beleaguered Fence and now I need 2 volunteers for beta testing. Beta testers should test the map as usual and also pay attention to the language in the briefing and readables in game as I am not a native english speaker. I've tested my map several times and it seems to be working for me. It would be most beneficial if the tester has prior mapping experience, since gives them keener eye for mapping issues. Image: Reply here if you're interested.
  8. I really appreciate your interest, but I happened to check your user information on this board. It looks like you have a negative reputation for some reason. Since betatesting is sort of a position of trust, I will have to wait for other interested people. I'm deeply sorry. Therefore I am still waiting for betatesters. Surely there are individuals interested in such an endeavor on this board?
  9. Finished. Mapping ended on 19.6.2010. I played the map through myself just now and everything seems to be working just nicely. I could, of course, sit on this map and make minor adjustments here and there forever but I want to keep things moving. Therefore, I'm now officially in beta-phase. Any volunteers beta-testing the map? I'd like to have 2 testers, preferrably from experienced mappers. Also, as people probably have noticed, I'm not a native english speaker, so I would love to hear fix suggestions if you see some particularly odd language in the briefing or the readables. I've now
  10. @grayman: Worked like a charm! Many thanks! @Komag: I tried to stim-kill an AI for a ragdoll to use, but it seems that the spawned ragdoll is not identified by my objectives. Maybe the new ragdoll is not with the same name?
  11. Here it is ************ Version 2 // entity 0 { "classname" "worldspawn" "editor_drLastCameraPos" "175.701 -159.115 8.22332" "editor_drLastCameraAngle" "20.4 147 0" "editor_drMapPos1" "145.117 609.786 279.045" "editor_drMapAngle1" "-48 150.8 0" "editor_drMapPos2" "414.798 255.441 -264.933" "editor_drMapAngle2" "2.10002 84.5976 0" "editor_drMapPos3" "-749.97 -1606.21 -470.066" "editor_drMapAngle3" "-3.29998 6.59757 0" "editor_drMapPos4" "1014.05 -953.679 -556.857" "editor_drMapAngle4" "-10.2 355.498 0" "editor_drMapPos5" "987.599 3513.79 -319.877" "editor_drMapAngle5" "-61.1999 172.19
  12. I'll make one. One moment, please.
  13. Situation: *I got one AI *I got a trigger_once targetting a func_static with stim trigger, which should do effect_knockout on the AI. *I got a trigger_once targetting a func_static with stim trigger, which should do effect_kill on the AI. *I've checked many times that the AI is properly targeted by both the stim triggers. In fact the stim triggers are indentical, except their name and sr_effect_1_1. The sr_effect_1_1_arg1 -parameter is identical in both triggers. When I walk to the trigger which should knock the AI out I get an error message: script/tdm_response_effects_script(131): thread '
  14. Theoretically I am quite interested in participating and the vertical concept sounds quite fun. In practice I will not even consider enrolling, until the map I'm currently working on gets out and I've had a short breather from mapping. Overdoing something is the best way to ruin the fun from it. A date for map finished + breather is estimated to be the start-mid july. I'll let you know if I'm interested at that time.
  15. Sotha is a 28-year old chemist doing (trying to do) his Ph.D. He does not posess any kind of significant musical talent as most here seems to do, unless drinking songs are counted. He's quite good drinking singer, at least in his own opinion. Other opinions are ignored. His hobbies are boxing, floorball, roleplaying (GMing) and computers. Boxing and floorball are self-explanatory. RPG's involve plot-based (as opposed to hack'n'slash) GURPS and Paranoia. Computers involve linux enthusiasm and gaming. At present, Sotha plays Team Fortress 2 and is making a map for TDM.
  16. You are quite welcome! A valid point indeed and not an easy one to answer. I can imagine a few options: a) Building the story in a way that it can be experienced in any kind of order, but this is definately not compatible with all kinds of plots. b ) Making a linear key-regulated story, but making the keys easier to find. If the story is key regulated, the keys should be in a very logical place. c) realize that the player can indeed reach the mission target in 15 minutes and then allow him to do so, if he is clever enough. Most likely the placement of guards and the layout of the map
  17. Played through this mission last night. This is definately one of those maps, which make you miss a good night of sleep and zombie the next work day.. The storyline was brilliant and the map was very immersive overall. I just had to know what lies beyond the next door. The things I didn't like was the entry to the house as the frame rates were annoyingly low even on my relatively new computer. The other annoyance was the key hunting: if you miss one tiny key somewhere, the mission grinds to a halt. It might be better that there is only a one or two unpickable doors, giving the player the
  18. Hey I've a small question. How do I make a ragdoll suspicious to the guards? To clarify: it is not a ragdoll spawned by killing or KO:ing an AI, but an ordinary atdm:env_ragdoll_commoner. What I want to achieve is to make the guards react to this ragdoll as if it was a KO/killed AI ragdoll. EDIT: another question is: how do I make a response that after a readable is closed (player stops reading it) the book triggers something else, such as a atdm:target_setobjective_visibility
  19. Played through this FM just now. Great stuff! More this kind of small, but fun and well made maps! I wished there was more readables to convey the agendas of the people living /working in the warehouse. I also noticed few z-fighting issues and light seeping under walls, but hey who cares as long it is only minor and the overall map performance is not degrading. Great work!
  20. I'm making great progress here! Basic mission geometry is fully ready. AI's are placed and customized. Readables are done. Most objectives are done. At present I'm simply adding final details and touches as I get inspiration for objects and models which should be there. The briefing and background story is written and I'm trying to get a nice animated briefing done. So far the stuff I produce looks terrible, so I suppose I need to make simple text briefing. That is just fine for me. But let's see if I get better in animation, it would provide so much more atmosphere... These are prob
  21. Thanks for providing the contents so quickly! Everything is working splendidly now.
  22. Posting an own thread as this is most likely is a problem with the startpack. I've gone through the starpack tutorial ( http://modetwo.net/d...e#Purchase_Shop ) in order to create a purchaseable map for my mission. I downloaded the startmap.pk4 to figure out how things are done. The packet contains a file called map_of.gui. Is the file \guis\map_of.gui really supposed to be an empty file? I need to know the contents of this file to get the shop-purchaseable map to show it's contents when it is used.
  23. Oh.. Found an answer already. It can be located here, if others need this as well. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Startpack_Mappers%27_Guide#Adding_an_In-game_Map_to_your_FM I'll try this tomorrow.. Now gotta catch some Z's..
  24. Thanks a lot! This is going to be very useful once I get to the point where briefing is built.. I've been progressing quite a lot recently: All the AI's are there, details are almost completed, but now I've encountered a shop-problem. In the old thief games there was a possibility to buy information in the beginning. A purchaseable scroll, which you get in the inventory in the start, if you spend money on it. I've now been studying the tdm_shopitems.def, but all the purchaseable items there are in item classnames. So I can buy "itemClassname" "atdm:playertools_flashbomb", but I cannot bu
  25. I got the basic geometry finished last night and I've also planned the plot in full detail. Next thing is decorative details, objectives and entities. Details are easy, but entity work is something I'm not experienced with yet. I'll put some screenies once I get more areas ready. I also have a few questions: *Is there a tutorial somewhere how to make those beautiful animated briefings I've seen on other FM's? I only found this, not much animation instructions there: http://modetwo.net/d...?title=Briefing *All the FM's I've played so far simply end with a mission completed message and s
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