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  1. Perfect! Thank you! (How on earth did I manage to miss this info in the first place?!)
  2. Thanks for good advice. I added some support beams to prevent collapse. Also added a lot of new areas: 80% ready. Hey, am I imaginating things, or does TDM really fire every single speaker upon map start. Normally it does no harm, but if I put one global sound I'd like to target and play once at a certain moment during the mission, it plays also once when the map is loaded. And it is audible everywhere. Is there a way to prevent this map-start playing?
  3. @Springheel: Those are just attached with bind & bindToJoint and some minutes of fine tuning. @Fidcal: :laugh:
  4. Making nice progress. Basic geometry is 75% ready... This screenie probably captures the general feel of my mission without revealing too much:
  5. I agree with Dave here. My point of view summarized: In the beginning there were computers, nerds and the need for entertainment. First computer games emerged. It was said that they are a curiosity and will die out soon. Then there was the golden era of computer gaming. New genres surfaced. Small companies published boldly new and innovative games. And then something horrible happened. Gaming went main-stream. The gaming industry was created. It was not about making new clever innovative games. It was about making profit. It was about making games to the masses. It was about making games to people who have the attention span of 5 seconds. I think we are at a point where the path diverges. Hopefully the gaming industry focuses on consoles as it gains more profit that way. Console players can have their simple games. Meanwhile the PC side still has nerds, and the need for entertainment. The need of clever entertainment, a need the consoles will never satisfy. Think about Ufo Enemy Unknown, the Thief series, Nethack, Betrayal at Krondor. Really good games. Intelligent games in which you need to figure things out. Think about Elder Scrolls Oblivion, in which there was always a huge big red arrow pointing where to go. There is the difference of the modern games and games from the golden era. And I believe that there is a bunch of people who will see a lot of trouble to avoid to be doomed to play commercial modern games only. People like the TDM team. I will never buy a console. If they stop making games then fine. I'll play the good old ones then.
  6. That's the green bottle he's carrying around. I do not endorse drinking too much alcoholic beverages on the on the beach as it may result in horrible burns or dehydration. (Like this fellow really cared about those anyways.. )
  7. Completed this mission just now. I have to say that this was one of the best missions I've encountered so far. Impeccable performance! The only thing I didn't like was the sad feeling when everything was done and I had to leave the building and I realized that the enjoyment is about to end. Many thanks!
  8. I cannot finish this mission. I've completed all the objectives except the "find the hideout.. Get you stash back."
  9. Okay. Done. http://bugs.angua.at/view.php?id=2296
  10. Every now and then people post silly screenshots they've taken from TDM. Why not start an own thread for it? Recently, I've experimented with adding props to AI's. The wiki says "Attaching things to AI is an important way to make your AI unique," and indeed really unique AI's can be created this way. It is summertime. Even the crypt's residents need to do something about that awful pallor...
  11. I've experimented with zombies and realized that they do not know how to operate doors. Luckily, this is easily remedied with adding spawnarg "canOperateDoors 1" 1) Without wandering into deep academic discussion about what animated pile of rotting flesh can do with mechanical objects, the zombies should probably be able to open doors simply due to gameplay reasons. Usually in the zombie movies closed unlocked light wooden doors will not halt the undead horde. 2) At present, the zombies do not have any kind of animation for opening the door. They simply move in front of the door, stand there and magically the door opens. Could it be possible for me, as a mapper, to make the zombie do the attack animation to open the doors? 3) If the zombie has "canOperateDoors 1" set they can open doors. But they will also close them. Is there a spawnarg to prevent the door closing behavior? Zombies should be smart enough to brainlessly bash a door open, but surely they will not turn and close it after they have passed through. Performance-wise the door could be closed later with autoclose. The halls are quite drafty.. Thanks for any help! EDIT: Also I'd like to know is there a neat way of putting decals on AI's, or is it done by creating a decal patch, turning it into an entity and binding it on the AI?
  12. Nice to know this. I was wondering about this recently. But what does D3 open source mean in practice? Okay, TDM can probably made available for all since the engine is free. But the doom3 assets will not be. This means that if I create a fan mission which contains D3 assets, it cannot work with the open source edition of TDM? Should we mappers avoid using D3 assets? Pretty impossible since many decals and particles are on the D3 side. Please elucidate.
  13. You could also do the following. Put the bonfire where you want it, check origin values. Move the bonfire to your blueroom. Establish stim-response thingy, that teleports the bonfire to the origin you checked. This is a generally functioning method which I usually do when I need something appearing or disappearing. For instance, in my map I tried to get a foglight turn on and off, but is seemed impossible to accomplish, with the exception of this teleportation method.
  14. I agree with the assumption that the problem arise from the rendering of many high-poly AI's with shadows. Maybe a hardware upgrade? In the end, it is not so expensive nowadays. Imagine quick loading times.. Imagine a stable 80fps at all times even with 5 AI's on screen. Imagine a non choppy dark radiant even when you've a large mission. That's what I got when I upgraded my 5 years old computer to my current one. Now the big problem is to fight the urge to create too complex maps which run well for me, but poorly for others...
  15. Congratulations! My condolences!
  16. So it seems. I gotta get my vision checked. Thanks, just the thing I need.
  17. This is not a big issue and will not prevent dmapping or cause any problems, but while dmapping I get message entity 0, brush 321: duplicate plane. Now, if this was an entity it would be easy to find, but since it's a worldspawn component bursh I can't find it. Is there a possiblity to find worldspawn component brush 321 easily in the editor? I'd like to see whats wrong with that brush.
  18. You have sharp eyes. I left it barely visible intentionally. Yep, this is going to be a small/medium mission for the vertical contest. The mission name will be The Glenham Tower.
  19. Of course. Such a claim has not been made by anyone. But can you deny that completing a chair tutorial is not a good start for learn modeling? Especially, when blender is so unintuitive that you cannot accomplish anything at all from scratch without proper instructions. Like I said, the idea was to test modeling and general use of Blender. At present I'm not going bother to get the model I'll never use in DR. There is no point to see the trouble until there is a genuine need for a new model. The instructions Arcturus gives look fairly straightforward and understandable. If the information is correct and accurate it seems it would not take too long.
  20. Heh. That grill was still there? I got feedback on it and fixed it.. From the other side! This side I simply forgot. I also vote for the crappiness contest, but maybe we should wait that there is a bit more FM's. Then have a tongue-in-cheek hunt for screenshots on crappy things in maps. It would be beneficial as a lesson on how NOT to do things. Now the big problem is how to do this without making anyone angry.. I'd probably give some crappiness-votes for a few maps with insanely ambitious detail and open areas which results in bad performance on a quite new hardware. It's not all about graphics, but a delicate balance between graphics and smooth performance and this seems to be very easily forgotten by even the experienced mappers. I'm prone to think that experienced mappers actually stumble upon this more often, although they specifically should understand the harsh reality of performance vs. detail. Somehow I tend to prefer frames-per-second over visual quality, as long as the visuals are not totally 'boxy' and the mission in itself isn't totally crap. That's a really nice grill you have there, by the way!
  21. Whoa! This is what happens when idiots make decisions on topics they do not understand at all. Awful. Theory: one might expect that since the internet is a very dendritic system, almost every page is linked to each other through some route. Does it not then mean that if you put one link and thus consent to the content behind that page and then consent all the links behind that one. Ultimately you're consenting to all the possible pages in a dendritic matrix of zillion web pages? Well, it is a good way for lawyers and judges to keep themselves and their buddies employed and amass nice amount of wealth. But really, maybe some sort of civil insubordination case to oppose madness like this should be in order?
  22. Heh.. I suppose the ruling party is the only faction that has the appeal for totalitarian goverment, for obvious reasons. The ordinary citizens have to obey because it guarantees their survival. Have a nice day citizen! Or else!
  23. Heh.. Ouch. Gotta make the lavatory holes bigger and deeper next time. Nice (and humiliating) way to stash particularily annoying unconscious guards.
  24. Heh.. I'm no woodsman. +9 minutes of work.
  25. To save time from doing boring foglight testing I basically checked the parameters from good lookin' existing work. It was from Fidcal's heart of lone salvation. If it works, don't break it.. ;-)
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