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  1. That's the Epic goal
  2. I can confirm all is working as intended ! I've literally unplugged the GeForce from the monitor input but I'm getting some solid 55-56 FPS in TDM (in the scene above) With NO wizardry in Windows at all, it's just there.
  3. Dual channel yes, but the limitation resides in the IMC and PCI-E management as you say. Still more speed (latencies are already low in my system) in the memory section could gives more clear results.
  4. Maybe you don't know but the last iterations of Windows 10 on multi-GPU systems automatically choose the "best" GPU for the rendering (in D3D11 and lastest OpenGL applications) enabling the possibility of an Optimus-like configuration on desktop systems too: the active AND single-showed desktop on the monitor connected to the iGPU (the "integrated" GPU on the processor chip) where the output of the "real working" (typically dedicated, on the classic PCI-Express card) GPU is eventually routed thanks to the framebuffer being copied through the main System Memory. The results (so you can see the actual overhead of the framebuffer copying/swapping process ) Pure Dedicated GPU (GeForce 1050 Ti): "Optimus-Like" configuration (Intel HD 630 + GeForce 1050 Ti) Not bad! Only a 9.5% of performance hit on a system with DDR4 2400 (so with better RAM modules and IMC you can reduce it to 5% I think) Of course you can always force the rendering GPU through the dedicated interface in "Display Settings -> Graphic Settings"
  5. When the light is ON an edge:
  6. Of course, I was only saying "Sweeney is more grounded"
  7. Carmack is only "wrong" being such a visionary. He's too much ahead of his time. Sweeney is not Carmack is a cleverness powerhouse.
  8. lowenz

    Unreal Engine 5

    please remove this thread, let's use the STiFT one
  9. RTX (Nvidia exclusive)? No, but maybe DXR.....and maybe there's a dumbed down version limited to screenspace (see CryEngine solution). About graphics technology: https://gpuopen.com/ (every technology with a sample)
  10. lowenz

    Unreal Engine 5

    -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC5KtatMcUw
  11. Move them to the experimental section, no problem! And yes, they're taxing the system and it's why I've accepted to set them to "medium" with the minimum radius (0.5). It'a a good choice for everybody with a recent but not "top of the line" system, together with SSAO set to "low". These 2 can really gracefully soften the scene.
  12. Current AO with "Low" setting has the same 10% performance hit on NV and AMD GPUs having maxed out the rest (Soft Shadows on Medium, no Bloom).
  13. About the SSAO: https://gpuopen.com/fidelityfx-cacao/
  14. And it's a good idea! Ah, maybe move the "language" choice to a "game" section along with the "gameplay" elements.
  15. lowenz

    2016+ CPU/GPU News

    Can't see the power consumption of CPU+Mobo. In the TOMHW article it seems higher than Intel system ('cause the mobo).
  16. That is what I've thought, but maybe for performance reasons only. Other reasons? Still more choices for the ones loving the original look&feel vs John P. work.
  17. Happy 16th birthday? Original Textures but ESRGAN rescaled (see the thread on TTLG forums), just a bit of Ambient Occlusion HBAO+ (nVidia GPU) No Bloom, MSAA 4x
  18. Well, me. 'cause it's how a Windows 10 era application is meant to run (and really, there is no more input lag)
  19. FBO Resolution set to 2 (brazier still aliased!): VSR (virtual 4K): Brazier is of course "correct" with VSR thanks to the downsampling.....(ah, it's only working setting the Windows Desktop resolution to 4K - I don't think it's a TDM issue, but a generic AMD OpenGL issue with VSR). Performance hit is pretty the same.
  20. AMD SSAA is limited to D3D9. Not working in OpenGL. So I can't compare FBOResolution=2 to SSAA 4x But of course I can compare VSR downsampling to FBOResolution......
  21. More close image - multisample 4x (in-game setting). Please enlarge: You're sure it is not the sorting?
  22. 'cause it's the perfect match to SSAA 4x? Will test the SSAA forcing (if it works) ! So it's not an issue about the brazier+fire sorting when it comes to rasterization?
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