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  1. LIKES 1 lower memory usage compared to doomedit 2 camera movement 3 the direction right click is going is a good direction clean but useful 4 I like texture menu just loads all the textures I select. Dislikes 1 entity inspector missing usage information. (Very helpful if it was available 2 Entity inspector missing create button 3 Entity inspectors is missing GUI, SOUND, SKIN, MODEL, preview button and preview window. 4 I miss pressing J to bring up the light inspector 5 I miss a separate light inspector that works outside the entity inspector(wht you get when you press J in doom edit Though the entity inspector does not have usage information available if it does get added it should expand on doomedits limited usage information by giving both side of the usage example: When you add a property to a target_x and trigger_y must have some other property added before it can trigger target_x. but you don’t know that until you read about it in trigger_X So I can’t remember exactly what property it was but it was like my example and I would have loved to know the other side of the usage information…anyways that is how I learned about the triggers and targets and gui and stuff. One night I sat and read the the usage and tested it in a test map. I suppose lots of us learn best when we can figure it out. Sometimes we can even learn a better way of doing something just by reading the usage information provided. And the key value information provided inside entity [like how to set gui_parm3 to name the area.]
  2. how do i add a property in the entity inspector how do i make a regular Func_door ( I tried dragging out a brush then right clicking it and clicking "ADD ENTITY" nothing happened)then ( I tried, with no brushes or items selected, right click and click "ADD ENTITY" a warning popped up saying "cant make entity no brush selected" I hope there are plans on a create button. I just now found the “ALL PROPERTIES” button. So I guess I can add properties, but I would really love to have the USAGE that is available in doom edit. Not just the block that says usage but they have lots of in_entity documentation that would be nice to have while you are working with KEY-and-VALUE stuff… And you already are planning on MEDIA button but what about a CREATE button. I just tried to put KEY=delay VALUE 1 (second) on a trigger relay and as soon as I finished it said unrecognized property and locked up the program.
  3. How does the right click work? When working form the orthographic view and right clicking on a selected brush(in DOOM EDIT) you click on whatever you want that brush to become. and poof it is there. in the radiant version right click in the same way and sometimes nothing happens. Do I change a brush to an entity or does it create entities wherever I right click. it doesn’t seam to work so smoothly. Maybe it is just me but when I try to use darkradiant it doesn’t live up to the smoothness of doom edit. If right click menu is what it is… and is not going to change then the entity inspector should have a CREAT button like doomedit has. so that when i select a newly created brush and scroll through the menu then once i chose what I want that brush to become I simply press the CREATE button. Poof there in the place of the brush it the entity. If the radiant already does this how does it? And why is it not the same as doomedit? So what do you all think on the subject.
  4. i wish i could mix and match iterface thingies....i wish i could have a DARKRADIAN that was basicaly a DOOMedit that had none of the doom3 assets. i like drawing a brush and then right clicking on it and making it into whatever i want . func_static func_door, trigger_relay, target_lock poof there it is. plus where is the the MEDIA button on the inspector thingy... drawing brushes is intuitive in dooomedit i am starting to get a good work flow...
  6. I wonder about one this subject from time to time too. I noticed some of the other comments earlier. So here goes. I have heard it said by my psychology teacher that according to some survey or other 80% of homosexual men admit to being homosexually molested as children. My teacher then put it to the class for discussion when a woman began telling how her brother is a homosexual: How herself and her brother where both molested as children, and how she is not a homosexual and her brother is. She finished her story by stating that she and her brother had both been molested by a older male relative. She claims that homosexuality must be genetic because both her and her brother where molested by the same man and hs did not become a homosexual from her experiences…. I didn’t say it there because she was so red in the face after revealing to our class that she and he brother had been sexed up by a relative. BUT I have got to say that I believe her reasoning is faulty. She claimed that she was not a homosexual and that her brother believes the molestation had nothing to do with his homosexual tendencies. I have got to disagree with her. Just reviewing the evidence of her story and the topic of discussion 80% of homosexual men admit to being molested as children. I must say a male and not a female molested her. Her brother’s mulestation was a homosexual one. How could she come to the conclusion that her brother’s molestation had nothing to do with becoming homosexual? I think ( If its still ok to do that) that she feels she must deny the obvious. She must make herself believe her brother has no choice. In her mind her brother must have no choice because if he did have a choice why would he chose to be so different. Why would he choose to hurt the family? In her mind she must deny that choice was his to make. She must because other wise she has got to face the fact that (IN HER MIND) her brother was a perverted freak. Not my mind you but in hers. I wonder if homosexuals do just as I would do if I wanted people to accept the strange things I think. Do they engineer there answers to society just as we all would if we enjoyed some strange activity. Lets say I liked dwarf tossing. I mean I really liked dwarf tossing. But society said dwarf tossing was freakish. If society said it was ok to toss dogs or kids would I want to change to a dog tosser or a kid tosser. NO I would want society to change. In many ways I would be just as satisfied tossing kids or dogs but I would be missing that one feeling I get when I toss a ugly little dwarf. So either I live a lie, change society, or change my stubborn pig headed dwarf tossing ways. What is easier to do change your wants or change the system that says those wants are not OK? it seems like it would be easier to change your self right no because when you change yourself you got to contend with the most important person you know that is YOU. Why change what you want when you can be selfish and ask every one else to change the rule for what is acceptable.
  7. OK I got the Blender and i have v=check out lots of tutorials and have started to create some small lamps and things i will use in my mission. But I need to be able to export them into one of the various formats accepted by doom3radiant. Problem is i have searched and searched and searched but have not found an importer/exporter that works correctly. I have set up the path for blender I have downloaded goofos scripts for ASE exporting (worked once ) couldn’t get it to work again i have been messing around with the blender 2.37 (and 2.4alpha) even tried downloading python 2.3x and 2.4 does anyone have script that they know works that has a for importing and exporting lwo or ase or md5 (actually imports textures uv mapping and all the good stuff) one that you use regularly... please forgive my ignorance unskilledlaborer
  8. I really believe that it would be advantageous for a group such as your selves to have beta mappers like me who have always been loyal thief fans since thief came out. Mappers who have been using the old Dromed system someone who could maybe help you to know some if something was missing. Some little thing that most didn’t do or know. I am that guy who goes around looking for places to climb up (crates to carry) and look down at the skybox. I am the guy who maps like dromed1. This mod is for the community of thief fans like me. You want people who map in that old style because those are the people this mod (seems) to serve. Many of them map like me: Thief 1 style. Please allow me to give your mod a look. I think it would be beneficial to both of us. I need you Mod to flesh out my little mission(to bring it to life. And I think you guys need me to say, “ it would be nice if the player could this or that.” Again thank you all for your consideration. Yours with great admiration and respect Unskilledlaborer
  9. Hello all! Thank you for accepting my application for the position of Beta Mapper. I hope to hear from you soon with your final decision. More assets is always a good thing: For me and for you.
  10. that screen shot is my work just so you know!!! not that anyone cares but i am proud of my little head thing...wife doesn't care so I tell you all...
  11. I have been working from a tutorial and have seen a few people's Blender work, faces and heads and human stuff like that . many of them are using VERTEX PAINTING(if that's correct term). Is this compatible with doom. they have some good stuff. I know that most games use skinned objects (skinned with a 2D paining) so i was just wondering what is the standard. what are some things i should know about when i start a model? ODDITY do you put in small details like nose holes and stuff like that? how many FACES (term?) are you limited too in games like doom ?
  12. OK I GOT THE Blender. it seems really fun but I wonder if the blender can be used to create models that actually go into DOOM? If so how do I do that? I made a stick figure man from a tutorial I found. After I rounded (using subsurface) him up a bit I realized that I could also pull his vertexes and give him a belly or some titties if I wanted...!!! hehehehe so what is the standard way of creating a character (AI human say a Hammer guard or something) ligature ready. Like a decent quality one does anyone have a tutorial that will walk me through creating a human that looks noncartoony.
  13. thanks all i found that blender and i think it will do for now.. going to go make a stick figure now.
  14. You ghastly ghostly people must have lived under high-tension power lines. This conversation reminds me of a discovery or learning channel thingy I watched about a doctor who was able to stimulate people’s brains with low frequency magnetic fields. Basically he constructed a device that would emit electro magnetic fields in various places on the head (sounds like quackery). When the subject laid in a chair much like a dentist chair they laid back and put on the blinders. The test was what if any result would be found when the subjects where subjected to several different wavelengths of a electromagnetic field. Most of the subjects described what is termed “feeling of presents.” This is that eerier feeling that you are being watched or that someone is in the room with you but neither is true. The doctor asked the subject periodically how they felt or to describe how they felt and the subjects would often say things like “I feel like a hand is coming up through the chair to grab me.” Many of the subjects felt spiritual thing “like Jesus is here with me. Many said I feel like you(talking about the doctor) are standing close. Many said things like my grandmother is watching me from heaven. The doc discovered that people’s frame of reference was causing them to interpret this “feeling of presents” in the various ways. If they are religious they see Jesus. if they are Ghostbusters they feel extra haunted. Your brain is not reliable. Your mind and your senses can be bent by drugs, radio frequencies, and even geomagnetic disturbances. “Because,” said Scrooge, “a little thing affects them. A slight disorder of the stomach makes them cheats. You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of an underdone potato. There’s more of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are!” As for blue light on the wall I have seen similar this is not ghosts like I thought when I was 7 running past my dark room. It is merely a defect of the optic nerve. It is a GHOST on the retina brought about by sudden change of light or by temporary damage to the cones of the retina. Did you know that people often see blurry colorful masses at night? Why? The cones and rods are burned out by the end of the day. They are replaced every night after a good night sleep so nothing to worry about you won’t go blind. Ah sleep its cool and dark at night.
  15. 3d modeling question To all those who are modeling objects and people and junk: Stuff you are doing looks great. I just wondered what apps you all use for that stuff. I know nothing about that sort of thing but would be interested in learning at least some basics. So what Apps do you guys use. I hear a lot of talk about 3dmax but is that on may need to create really cool people and objects. Do you have Any advice for a guy wanting to get started 3d modeling on his own. Like what programs or Apps you all use. What is the run of the mill program (you know the one most modelers use)?
  16. Hey recruiting Did you get anything yet?
  17. Hey recruiting I tried to send you and email but it didn’t work. Something wrongs. The email address didn’t work. Did you receive anything? Do you have any other instructions?
  18. I love thief I whish there was more of it. I wish I had a bucket full of cd roms fool of fanmissions for thief 123 I don’t care they are ll great. I love the environment the conversations are funny. I like the smoke and even when I see the mirrors I still enjoy the game. When it gets really old I wonder around finding crates to climb up on top of facade buildings and look down at the skybox floor. I download fan missions to ce what others thought up. I admit the game isn’t as fun anymore when I played it streat. But now I play it just to know what other fans are thinking about what funny little tricks they are dreaming of at night. I love thief and always will. Not just for what it once did to the rithme of my heart but for what power it has: the same power canvass has when touched by oil. I love the thematic feel of a mission’s architecture. Each mission is like a short story. Its Like a beautiful limerick. A place to be free for a moment. A place to be free from the fact that I lack the funds to even visit a place like these let alone to buy thieving tools and a time machine. I will most likely have this alone to flesh out my dream home. It is a flower. Under close examination it is flawed and it is old. to run and hop and shoot is not enough. We love to discover, to journey, to admire, to create, to mimic and to convey. We love to share our thoughts and to say wouldn’t it be great if. Thief and its legacy has given us a way to express that “wouldn’t it be great if---.” It should lend itself, as it always has to such ideas as “wouldn’t it be great if the scouting orb was a rat that could run around,” Or “Well mom, remember my dream of owning a big house on a hill and how I used to wish for a living room with a plaster lion in it from Mexico and how I always wanted a large twenty four seat dining table in a dining room with original oil paintings by Michelangelo and Rembrandt and remember how I always wanted a rotating bed with pink chiffon and zebra stripes and remember how I used to chit chat with dad about always wanting a bathtub shaped like a clam and an office with orange and white stripes and remember how much I wanted an all red billiard room with a giant stuffed camel and how I wanted a disco room with my own disco dancers and a party room with fancy friends and remember how much I wanted a big backyard with Grecian statues, s-shaped hedges and three swimming pools? Well, I got that too." I love thief and always will.
  19. I want to start using this mod. I see you want some screenshots to us to prove our worth and value as beta mappers. Is this not true? I just wonder does doomedit have a command to dump a screen shot If so I would love to be a beta mapper and would post some screens of my little mission I am working on in doomedit right now. I have no old dromed stuff because I never posted any of it to the web and have a new computer. All the old stuff is gone. Love to be of assistance if I could.
  20. Are you guys making light objects that already shed light: Torches candles and all that.
  21. My question is about lighting. In Dromed and Dromed2 when you place a lit object (torch) in a room that object would shed light into the room with some default light setting. Now my question is do lights in DOOM3 Radiant (DOOMEDIT) do the same? if I pick such n such light, lets just say a desk lamp or swinging light, does the light object emit light? If so, where to I find light and lamp objects in doom that are already lit? Lamps, desk lamps, shoplights, chandeliers, any thing please. If not how do I get a object (streetlamp or swinging lamp) to be lit. I like how the lights in Dromed are already to go. All you do is plop them in and they shed light into the room. So far I can only put those right click then click “light” things in and that takes a lot of work to get one light set up so it looks like it is coming from a specific object. Plus those lights are very cubeish. Can some one please help. I know how to get basic light into my mission I just don’t know how to plop in an object that is lit or plop in an object and have it cast light like you could do in Dromed. Help Help!!
  22. "Tribal" or "barbarians” I like those. They sound good and ruthless. Maybe out of love for Medievalradley they could be called the Anglos. Hehehe On the other hand Barbarian sounds too “Conan the _”. Beside, doesn’t “BARBARIAN” have a meaning like one who doesn’t speak Latin or Greek. I think it is Latin… any one know? Barbarian sounds good at first but then those of with kids will have “Dave the barbarian” theme song in our heads all day. I love this thread. Hey I would look into an ancient language like Greek and find a word or a few words, Something that sounds good and is close in meaning to what you feel these people are all about “ (I am not saying I think they should be Greek but maybe a good place to find a cool name) So here s a small list hope its inspiring Agathosioi = the good ones [men] or[people] Adelphioi = the brothers [feels like brotherhood] Kalosioi= the beautiful [ones] Ponhrou = the evil one Ponhrioi = the evil or the evil men O kakos anhr = the bad men Oi sophrones= the wise men Oi duskolosioi = the bad tempered men sounds better as just Duskolosioi Or just use a made up name for them . Anyone speak klingon… they make up nice words.
  23. That was all very neat. I wonder if it would me a good idea to start this thread fesh. If that is possible. I wish to ask a questions regarding Pagan. Will the Pagans be a polar opposite of the Builders like they where in thief ds? I always disliked how the universe of thief was Pagan vs. Hamarites. Maybe there could be a different way of thinking about it. the Pagans could actually be bad or evil not just opposing flavor of humanity that is just as wrong or just as right as the Builders, while the keepers balance them all. Maybe they could all have separate agendas but they are not opposing ideologies. You know not polar opposites. That is trite.
  24. What is this about pagans or racist? That MedievalR guy sounds like a kkk card member! White power and all that Ramirez from thief1was not northern European I don’t think that name sound Nordic. Yeah man you are just a hater racist
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