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  1. You have probably already guessed it but I just wanted to say the map is canceled. Just couldn't find the time and motivation to finish it in the last years. I thought it would be good to clarify this so if anyone hit this thread randomly in the future he knows what's up. Anyway nice to see how far TDM has come. Maybe I'll find some time and motivation to play a few new missions at least.
  2. I think missions should be downloaded within the game with the downloader. If you ship them all everyone has to download everything, even if they already played the mission or just don't want to play that specific mission at all. Keep things small and simple. In my humble opinion download the core dark mod from steam (including updates) and download the missions within the game is the way to go. Edit: If new missions are available you can also announce them on the community hub to let people know about them.
  3. Than just publish the core mod on steam and let people download the missions with the downloader.
  4. Just thought it would be nice to have it all managed by others so the mod team don't need to fiddle around with it. But if it's in conflict with the GPL the workshop idea is dead anyway. And you are right, the mission downloads are very very good as they are. But I still think TDM should use the Steam update mechanism. I always hate when games have their own third party tools for things like this. Just let steam do it, so the game updates when the update is ready and you can control the downloads with the global settings. These 3rd party tools are always annoying in steam.
  5. Haven't read all pages of this thread but I think going to Steam is a very good idea. The more people you reach the more likely people are creating new content for the game. This is not just about new maps. It's about mapping tutorials, guides, walkthroughs, artworks and more. Just look at the Steam Community pages from other games. In my opinion The Dark Mod should ship as a package with the training mission and St. Lucia (plus maybe one or two other missions, there could be a vote about the missions). For other missions I think Steam Workshop is the way to go. There is no need to manage new missions by administrators. Just let the map makers upload them to the workshop and the community can download them from there. They can rate the missions and write comments about it, too. So the TDM team just have to worry about the main game. All additional missions are handled by the community. Another thing is SteamVR. It is not important now but what if VR is "the thing" in a few years? From what I know it should be easy to use and a VR mode for TDM could be nice in the future.
  6. Is there any PPC Mac which can run TDM at playable framerates?
  7. Same here. In Parallels 8 the shaders are reflective and in Bootcamp the game crashes after 10-15 minutes or so. Mac mini 2012
  8. It's a while ago since I used Linux as my main OS but you could try to run it with the oss drivers instead of alsa. +set driver_s oss
  9. Hey there, just want to ask if there is a release date for the OS X version of TDM 2.0. Thank you in advance!
  10. In the North By the way: It's awesome. Great job! Edit: I just played another map and it crashed, too. (Maybe it took a bit longer to crash) So it is not map related.
  11. Post processing and EAX are off. I'm sure the graphics driver is fine because I can play the latest Far Cry 3 without a problem and TDM doesn't seem to crash in a specific situation. It's more like after a specific time. Problemereignisname: APPCRASH Anwendungsname: TheDarkMod.exe Anwendungsversion: Fehlermodulname: ig7icd32.dll
  12. I just checked out TDM 2.0 under Windows 7 64bit so far but maybe it's a wider known error and affects 1.08 as well. The game frequently crashes after about 10-15 minutes and the error messages connects to a dll file which seems to be a part of the intel hd 4000 driver. I wasn't able to run 2.0 at OS X, because it crashed on startup with a sigfault (iirc). Can't try Linux right now. The interesting thing is that I can play the game in a copy of the exact same Windows 7 running in a virtual machine and it doesn't crash at all. So it is definitely a problem with the intel driver.
  13. Very nice! I don't think it's too clean ( I see dirt on the floor near the gate ). The builders love their buildings so they clean it and there is no dirt.
  14. Thanks for all the fixes. The TDM community is awesome! Very nice screenshots btw.!
  15. I run Linux on all my machines (except for iPad). Edit: Well, I have a Windows partition for some Windows only software on my notebook but there is no Doom 3, TDM or DarkRadiant installed.
  16. In memory of Closemouthed Shadows I modified the original version (from 2008) to run with TDM 1.07. Keep in mind that this is a very simple, old and small mission. Compared to todays missions it's crap but it was the first fan mission ever and it was the only fan mission available in 2008. Big thanks to b1k3rdude who has helped me to bring Closemouthed Shadows to TDM 1.07 (and improved some text and visuals). Download: http://www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?id=57 http://www.mediafire...xhayr66apsp2elv
  17. I mean create any property that can be used by mappers to fix the forcefields. If you have to set it manually it won't affect older missions with old forcefields.
  18. Maybe a property like "awareMass" 1/0 or something like that.
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