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  1. Live with the flow, Baby http://mir.cr/XQVH23EV

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    2. ungoliant


      ep 3 is too early. i almost dropped Steins Gate and Gintama around ep 3 each, glad i stuck with it.

    3. Airship Ballet

      Airship Ballet

      I've only heard over and over again that it's comparatively terrible. I think that's why I never got round to it. My god... I've been peer pressured...

    4. Professor Paul1290

      Professor Paul1290

      I almost stopped at ep 3, but now I'm glad I didn't. So far episodes after 3 each seem to have a rather different feel from the last, while 1-3 seem rather homogeneous by comparison.

  2. What is on your mind?

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    2. Glyph Seeker

      Glyph Seeker

      Why isn't there a spiritual sequel to Mechcommander?

    3. Xarg


      That would be awesome, I still need to finish MC1, and try out Omnitech for MC2

    4. vvGarrettvv


      shall I play today "black flag","the saboteur", "velvet assassin" or TDM ?? ..mmhh... decisions...decisions

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