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  1. I makes me feel uncomfortable to know that it has been 6 days since someone has posted anything in this part of the forum. D:
  2. Will this mod use the same form of sword-play dynamics present in Thief 1 and 2? For instance, when swinging a sword within the game, the sword would accurately impact and come to halt when colliding with another hard object, be that object a metal torch holster or a contending guard's sword. Of course many games have done this, but in Thief it was very accurate and it gave the game extra depth; you didn't have to "guess" where the sword would strike by utilizing previous knowledge of unrealistic game mechanics (like most games), but rather you could apply realistic gaugings to estimate where the strike would hit.
  3. I think, deep down, everybody wouldn't mind having something like this in the game if it were to be implemented correctly. There are many mundane things that could have been implemented in present games, and yet nobody would fret about them as they would have no negative impact on the gameplay (and they might even be neat for a while). For instance, (And I understand these are drastically rediculous examples when compared to your idea) I don't think anyone would mind having the ingame capacity to do such things as rip grass out of the ground and flick it in the air, or perhaps pull coins and jems out of their loot-bag and spin them on some surface. Surely, no person would deplore such things.. But, as overburdened modification developers, I think the team is just reasonably trying to eliminate all instances and outlets of extravagant work, and it's easier to criticize the negative mechanics of some idea than to state this. Modifications have extremely limited resources as their developers are 99% of the time encumbered with other works of everyday life (and I expect you already know this). Of all of the games and modifications I have followed, none have EVER lived up to even their core, initial outlines delegated; the finished product always turns out to be about half (and sometimes, but rarely, three-fourths) of the original blueprints. To be honest, and I don't want to sound as if I'm not confident in this modification's ambitions, I would be pleasantly surprised if The Dark Mod resolved a product on par with the complexity of the past Thief games.
  4. woah

    Rope Arrow

    I'm quite positive that you would let go of the rope before it tears your arm off, be the process a conscious move or one out of involuntary action as a result of shere pain or bodily damage. And even if someone had accumulated damage to themself from such a stunt, the dislocation of joints or simple physical breakage would undoubtly cause someone to let go, involuntarily. And in a situation where the intent is to swing from one end and release grip at the other (which is really the only reason you would perform such a feat, anyways), it would be idiocy to rap the rope around in your body in a method that would make the release of grip even the least bit complicated; release of grip needs to be precise and, therefore, any substantial impediments should be avoided. If it is someone's intention to swing from one ledge to another, one does not and cannot restrain themself to the point that an arm would rip off in place of them losing their grip; it has to be simple to let go.
  5. woah

    Rope Arrow

    Well, what I'm referring to is the situation where you're hanging at the top of the rope, and thus suspended without anywhere else to go but down. Often in Thief, I would be caught in an urgent situation like this where the only cover available was up above in the shadows of the ceiling, and therefore I would utilize a rope arrows to hide there. But it bothered me when the AI would nonchalantly walk right by the rope and simply mutter something along the lines of "Well that's odd." In the "undumbing" of AI that seems to be a crucial part of this modification, I believe that Artificial Intelligence within the game should notice abnormalities like ropes miraculously draping from the ceiling and, furthermore, should take much more significant actions in relation to such things. But, as the AI gets smarter, some of the player's abilities also need to be extended, as it becomes excrutiatingly frustrating for the player when they are inable to perform simple abilities that would relieve them from an otherwise detrimental or inescapable situation. I, personally, believe that the ability to "reel" the rope up and out of the AI's view is one of those simple abilities, but such a capacity would only be one of significance and worthiness if the DarkMod Development team plans to render the AI more responsive to the bizzare, dangling ropes that drape in the clear view of these AI characters in Thief games. EDIT: Separated into two paragraphs for better read-ability.
  6. What book is that? I'm looking for something good to read nowadays
  7. woah

    Rope Arrow

    Understood, and I entirely agree that there are much more important things that should take precedence over extravagances like such Another question I have, though, is: Will AI within the game notice dangling rope arrows and become suspicious (and perhaps possess the common sense to look upwards)? If so, will the player have the capacity to conceal such a suspicion (For example, retaining the ability to reel the rope upwards, around the arm)?
  8. woah

    Rope Arrow

    I noticed that, in the news post, it was indicated that it is currently possible to swing on the ropes implemented in The Dark Mod. I'm not sure if the team has already implemented this, or has been planning on implementing this, but I figured it would be of great convenience if one could shoot a rope-arrow whilst holding onto the rope, and thus entertain the ability to jump and swing from the deployed rope from the player's initial position. Midst clutching the end of the rope airborne, if the player does exceed a certain directional speed while the rope is not, lengthwise, fully protracted, then the player should fall from the rope (just as, in a real life situation, where one is falling on a rope not yet entirely drawn-out (and thus not yet following the peak arc of the rope's circular and most outward potential), one would lose hold of a rope once the directional-force of the person clutching the outward-extreme of the rope had exceeded the person's grapple threshold). Does this seem feasible?
  9. I pray to god the selection-highlight is not a disgusting turqoise blue like in Thief 3, but just a shade lighter like in Thief 2/1.
  10. woah

    Good Headphones?

    What model are they and when were they released for purchase?
  11. There's an immense plethora of headphones available out there, and I've finally come to the decision to buy a nice set. I've been looking around a lot, but I am unable to find any up-to-date or broad-encompassing resources that can provide me with necessary information in making a reasonable and educated decision in my purchase. Searching on google these days (or any search engine for that matter) has become increasingly tedious as advertisements almost altogether obscure and suppress good resources (Gone are the days when the first or second link drawn in google are your intended desire). Therefore, in addition to spending hours sifting through ad-related crap in google, I was hoping that my fellow forum members could assist me in making a good purchase. What I'm potentially looking for: - Foremost: Exceptional Sound Quality and Bass : Bass is less important to me than the actual decency of the sound. I'm looking for something that is extraordinary with music, gaming, movies or any other form of audible media. - Ease of Portability : One of my biggest concerns with headphones--or any portable device for that matter--are the difficulties and hassles that precipitate from lugging them around. I was hoping to purchase something not very burdening. But, if it comes down to it, I would not want to sacrifice quality over ease of cartability. - Non-Earbud / In-Ear : They injure my skull contents and are extremely uncomfortable... - Comfort - Possibly Noise Canceling - More than $60.. Even if your recommendation does not meet the above criteria (with the exception of the categories of Good Sound Quality and Non-Ear-Buds), I do not mind the posting of it. Recently released headphones are a plus, but--even though I prefer the former--I don't mind hearing about a 2-year-old set that is still working and "doing you well." I've had bad experiences with buying recommended, several year-old items, though.
  12. Really? I specifically remember guards speaking such things as "Alright, Where are you?" and "Come out, Thief!" with the inception of any sort of audible, be it a loud footstep or even a thrown container of some sort. Perhaps in the actual game code there were certain levels of guard alert, but in the game's presentation it surely wasn't so.
  13. woah

    Lcd Monitors

    I absolutely depise LCD's. Be it an overpriced $1000 or cheap $250 screen, I've never come across one that does not ghost in gaming or movies. Perhaps I only notice this because I'm am accustomed to CRT monitors, but I cannot really see any reason why one would want to buy an LCD over a CRT--other than the fact that they are smaller and lighter (But the frikkin thing is usually stationary anyways, so size and weight shouldn't really be much of a concern). From my personal experience, CRTs excel over LCDs in almost every way. They're a thousand times "smoother" when movement is taking place on screen, have better image quality, are clearer, are a hell of a lot cheaper, last much longer, and are not nearly as fragile. The list goes on and on. The fact is, the whole LCD craze is just a bunch of marketing and consumer hype. It is very similar to the dilemma currently transpiring in the MP3 player field. Obviously, there are many Mp3 players MUCH better and cheaper than those god damn iPods, but it's the image people want and prioritize--not necessarily the quality. Certainly, one of the most effective marketing schemes is to instill the idea that it's what you own that distinguishes you as a person. Just try educating your average, docile media-deadhead on the advantages of the higher quality, but unfortunately unpopular, electronic devices currently on the market; your consolations will only fall upon dead ears--they won't even register.
  14. This is exactly my concern.
  15. I just thought I'd bring back this thread instead of making a new to discuss the update. The In-Game characters look great in the screenshots provided, but they have no expression of anger/stress in their assault. Is the Dark Mod still planning on implementing facial expressions for the characters?
  16. Well, this is awesome news. I've accumulated 5 referrals through a trading forum, and thus they are shipping me a Playstation Portable! To think people pay $250 for those things, yet I'm getting one for $1... I think I'll shoot for a PS3 next. That should sell for a hefty price
  17. Yes, I've succumbed to the whole pyramid, advertising scheme thing offered by some websites. I had previously promised myself I wouldn't, but--being a poor college student that I am--I couldn't resist signing up for the PSP one. In addition, many of my friends have actually received "free" items from them--not one has been layed off. These include PSPs, Ipods, and even 27" flatscreen TVs. But the intention of this post isn't to bug the forum members here for referrals, but, more or less, find a way to get them. This is not an advertisement post; I'm not going to put my referral link here. Though, I will post it only if someone requests for it in planning to sign up themselves (I'll admit I'm desperate). Up until now, I've tried Conga lines and just bugging my friends, but both aren't really too effective. For one, everyone is quite skeptical about the whole thing, as it doesn't really seem to be realistic--they think it's some sort of scam. Also, not many people have the patience to go through and sign up for an offer, then cancel (even for the absolutely free ones, or when I promise them I'll pay them back through paypal). I don't really blame them, though; I'd be impatient and skeptical about something like this too--and I think the websites are designed to promote this (as the websites don't actually make money when someone completes all 5 referrals and their own offer; they depend on people getting discouraged and giving up). Likewise, I have yet to be able to find a good Conga Line. All of them that I have seen are pretty much stagnant (including the one I'm in now). Also, the fact that the line needs to increase by a factor of 5 (As the PSP offer requires 5 referrals) for each person to get enough referrals is quite daunting (this is obviously why they call it a pyramid scheme). In other words, its going to take a hundred more people to sign up for the conga before I can get all five refferals, as I'm in position 20. So this is where I hope the members of this forum can help me. If anyone has had experience with these things, or--even better--has actually completed one, I'd like your advise. Even if you're unfamiliar with them, perhaps you have an advantegous suggestion that could help me out. Again, this is not an attempt to advertise and get some referrals. Truthfully, the only reason I want a PSP is to play the Twisted Metal game available on it. I'm a die-hard fan of Twisted Metal 2, and the PSP Twisted Metal game was specifically based off of Twisted Metal 2. Once I get bored of it, I'll probably sell the thing to someone at school and make a profit. By the way, and if you're a fan like me, did you know that they made a PC version of Twisted Metal 2 with Online play? Unfortunately, the game didn't get enough advertising and it never took off. I can only imagine how awesome it would have been if it had, though. Also, if you're just getting into one of these things, avoid OfferCentric websites at all costs. About 80% of their members don't get their items at all. They douche bags look for even the slightest reasons to disqualify you (IE: A referral of yours used the same IP address to subscribe for something). To make matters worse, they wait until you've finished all 5 referrals, and THEN tell you what you've done wrong...
  18. We're all born to reproduce, despite the fact that it will cause the end of us. You can't really blame people for succumbing to such a thing, as it is basically the reason why we are all here. Who you can blame for something is those who capitalizing off it by instilling insecurities and overzealous expectations. Of course, that may be just an unintended method of extreme natural selection. Ah, well. I try to avoid most of it altogether. The media has turned the whole process into a depressing cesspool of nonsense. Also, the prospect of impregnating another is daunting to me. I would never want the responsibility of raising a child, let alone could I stand living with someone for the rest of my life--or even 10 years of it.
  19. Well, if you do create some sort of AI recognition of silhouetted players, it wouldn't necessarily need to be implemented in an exactly realistic form. Thief doesn't disapoint me in that it is unable to simulate a mirrored instance of reality, but, more or less, that there are many situations in which I find it rediculous how unaware and blind the AI is--and thus the game presents itself as no real challenge. If such a feature is extremely discouraging to the player, I would first see to that the AI's recognition system relative to such a situation is not too sensitive in its responsiveness, and then tone it accordingly.
  20. Well right, I didn't actually store it, just initialized some variables for the simple computation of the GCF; my teacher likes to refer to "storing" in the sense of declaring and initializing variables. In fact, I haven't even learned how to store data computed from a class in a file yet. No idea D:
  21. Well, I'm sure my algorithms in the program are inferior, but I formed it in a way that avoided wasting memory by averting storing every singal factor of each number. All I know is that it had a lot of 'if' statements...
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