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  1. This guy has no clue on what it takes to learn how to master a new tool and on top of that master Level Design, a TDM mission developer is a Game Designer, Level Artist or Mapper and a Game-play developer all in one, and they also need to conform to a engine with modern tech that requires more work, we can't expect them to do a better job them a professional game company that has developers assigned to specific roles or even to T2 fms, their developers add more time to master the tools. BTW why is this thread still open and why this guy is still not banned from what i know of him is beyond me.
  2. I did heard last night in a episode of DrHouse (season 6 episode 17, when doctor Chase is on the "Knight" house) the looked door sound that you guys use, or at lest something really really similar.
  3. Argoon is not working per se on the mod he is giving moral support and ideas , the ones that are more involved in the making of this mod is a Russian modder (hero) called Harrison and Sir Random for the moment, we sure need more people on this especially doom3 coders.
  4. You must be talking about the BOD fog effect, is a relatively simple effect and i believe idtech 4 already does that, about the lighting yes is funny that doom3 is praised has the father of real time unified lighting but in 2001 Severance already add totally dynamic volumetric lighting and shadows has also real time physics, and this game was made by a defunct Spanish company RebelAct, some of the developers worked on Jericho and Dante's Inferno. By the way if you don't know already there's a English modding forum for BOD here go there and say hi.
  5. Guys another community that i also go to, is trying to revive the multiplayer part of the old Severance The Blade of Darkness game on the idtech 4 engine, but we have no experienced coders so we have some problems, first is how to make so If a monster gets within a certain distance of the player we check if contact is made with a sword between monster and player (how do you guys detect your sword is taking health from the guards? Is it using physics?). Second can you guys give us a rundown on how to import riggs to idtech 4 because our riggs are coming 90 degrees off. All help will be appreciated because we are really stuck on this. Lastly if exists in here some thief fan that also loved BOD we would love to ear from you. Most popular English BOD modding forum: http://www.arokhslai...asp?FORUM_ID=11
  6. I'm not a DarkMod team member but IMO this part of the DM license is very clear.
  7. Shadow volumes (Stencil Shadows) can't be patented period and there's many ways to render them, Creative only tried to patent a new way of doing them, for example Severance the Blade of darkness add real time perpixel/pervertex lighting and shadow volumes even before Doom3 and the Carmack reverse code in 2001, and if you only use shadow maps (that the majority of games use now) this patent don't even matters. BTW i find strange that being the patent invalid (because of prior art from nvidia) the id lawyers are stalling the release.
  8. This is what the C4 engine developer said when asked about the creative patent. So i think id lawyers will give the green light to release the Source Code with the shadow system in.
  9. Serpentine i think you are wrong about your opinion of the newton physics engine ODE is dead in the water and newton is still being updated, but i must say that newton is slower compared with the likes of bullet, PhysX or Havok but because it is more accurate and robust, newton is used in more them games also in scientific circles and so the developer didn't made any shortcuts, is physics calculations for real, for games, accuracy is not important so the other engines are full of tricks and shortcuts to be faster. For TDM Newton engine is like a match in heaven, it has all the necessary features even fracture support and is VERY robust, when i say robust i say that on newton is rare to see physic bugs like objects jumping like crazy or going trough the floor (Oblivion), and others. The penumbra guys liked it so much that they are using it again on their second game. A quote from a Penumbra developer about the physics on their new game.
  10. Hello guys, POM (Parallax Occlusion Mapping) with self shadowing imo is the best technique to simulate real displacement mapping (taking out dx11 tessellation) but unfortunately it is a very heavy effect and in simple geometry more slow them using real triangles.
  11. From the creators of Penumbra comes Amnesia - The Dark Descent their new Horror game this time more frightening them ever. To see the new teaser trailer and read about it here is a link for the game developers blog. Click me!!! Help the developers by spreading the news if you liked Penumbra and think they deserve it.
  12. Not gona happen before the physics engine in idtech 4 (Doom3 engine) is completely changed by a better one like Bullet or Newton (Penumbra used Newton).
  13. Don't know if someone already replied to this but on the normal map the hight is given from the blue component or channel so just invert the blue channel.
  14. You need to put the pk4's on the fm folder inside the darkmod folder not doom3 folders, and them install the fm on the game menu, just click "new mission" chose the one you want and them click on install mission.
  15. The site runs fine for me, it just takes some time to load.
  16. Ok you have your opinion, and i respect that, but saying it fits imo is wrong. It fists in doom3 not on the Dark Mod, why? Because when your ear it, it reminds you of Doom3 and so breaks the immersion. Nice to know
  17. Hey guys nice update Now i saw that the player had some trouble to pickup the dead body, was that intensional? And please change the Doom3 dying sound it brakes the immersion, at least for me it does.
  18. Afaik there is a option in the video options to use bloom, but for me it makes the world upside down.
  19. Looks nice especially the water fall. About my model have you tested it ingame, to see if the engine culls the peaces that aren't visible? I would like to know. About polys, 7000+ for one peace is not much if 2 or 3 are rendered at the same time, you can also disable shadows for the terrain or have them baked in the texture just like they do in Quake wars.
  20. No as i don`t know how, it is only a 3d model for you to test on your 3d app of choice. I would test it my self if i knew how to use darkmod editor.
  21. Ok, any format in particular. edit: Ok it was send in .lwo format.
  22. I think you didn't understood the Megatexturing concept, JC made it to combat the RAM problem, it works by streaming a huge texture from the HDD by chunks so a 4086 or even bigger texture would never be loaded entirely on RAM but only 256 or so chunks of it as you walk on the terrain. AluminumHaste i made a terrain to test if i could cut it in chunks without screwing the texturing/uv and i was successful using Modo, if you want i can send it to you for you to test.
  23. Yes i mean that and texturing would be very tricky indeed. But maybe the work would be worth it if performance and look of the terrain is good. By the way why aren`t you guys using the Megatexturing ability of the Doom3 engine?
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