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  1. screenshot is F12 and they are saved in the darkmod folder (wherever you installed the game) ...\darkmod\screenshots\
  2. I managed to get the video capture working: https://youtu.be/BKYVq4jgy5k Turning on mirroring in vorpx was the key as was using Dxtory to record the video. Unfortunately I could not get it to work with any of the free video recorders I tried (Shadowplay or Openbroadcast). FRAPS sort of worked, but it locked the game's framerate to the recording framerate so it isn't ideal: major judder unless you record at 75 fps. Maybe there's a way to turn that off in the paid version I don't know.
  3. I listened to the sound samples for the advanced method and was surprised by the large difference between them. It seems the default is IRC_1005 and it is not nearly the best match for me (thought it already works quite well). The instructions only mention 44100 tables in the advanced method, does that mean it won't work with 48k? Thanks
  4. I just tried it. I'm happy to report that the positional audio works not only when rotating your avatar with your mouse/stick, but also when just turning your head. Very nice! Btw when writing the batch file to test the OpenAL installation, don't forget to rename TheDarkMod.exe to stvoy.exe if you changed that for vorpx. It took me awhile to realize that.
  5. Hi, thanks for the detailed instructions. just one snag I hit, for this instruction: change "#hrtf = false" to "hrtf=true" (remove "#"!) There is no line "#hrtf = false" in the ini file, but there is "#hrtf = auto". I assume that is what I change instead, or should I add a new line? [EDIT] I changed auto to true and that did the trick. This works very well!
  6. thanks, I will definitely try that out.
  7. sorry for the late reply - I thought I had subscribed to this thread. According to Fraps, I'm locked at 75 fps. Gameplay is smooth most of the time, but I have run into the occasional area where there is judder (mostly outdoors). I turned v-sync OFF in the game, but set to ON in the control panel. When I set up the game I had my desktop set at a custom 1280x1440 @75 Hz. Without that I couldn't get the aspect ratio to stick. Oddly enough, I don't need to keep my desktop at this setting to run the game - it was only needed for the initial setup. Coincidentally, I also settled on 0.92 zoom, so we must be doing something right! Also using 1:1 pixel in vorpx and r_fovRatio is 0.889 in the cfg. After a lot of fiddling, I lowered the 3D separation to 0.26. People look the most natural now (at 1.0 everything looked small). This setting seems to be analogous to a slider for IPD, so ymmv (mine is only 58 mm). The actual IPD setting in vorpx doesn't do anything. my specs: Win7x64; 4670k @4.2 GHz; gtx 780Ti; 16 GB ram @2133 Mhz Turning off post processing fixed the lighting anomalies due to bloom and now everything looks fantastic. The only issue left is the skybox - the moon and stars are only about 10 feet away, so don't look up. I played Crucible of Omens all weekend; it is excellent! Looking forward to the consumer Rift as well - should be fun. I'm sure Ralph will be quick to update vorpx.
  8. Thanks for the tips bucklebean. It worked well using your first method, but alas only 2D. I then tried your star trek method with geometry 3d and was surprised to have no problem with framerate. Unfortunately, I could not get the FOV right, it was a distorted mess (very stretched horizontally). I fought with the resolution and aspect ratios, but the only thing that fixed it was to lower the zoom level in the vorpx menu to 0.6. That removed the bad warping, but resulted in a letter-box view. I'll give it another shot tomorrow when I'm fresh. [edit] just noticed that: seta r_mode "-1" keeps resetting itself to seta r_mode "3" could that be problem? [edit] Problem solved! I missed the part where the custom resolution also had to be applied to the nvidia control panel, not just the darkmod.cfg file (this also stopped r_mode from reverting). It looks great now! Now I'm going to be late for work...
  9. Well that's interesting news about vorpx and open GL support. I had tried this about a year ago with an older vorpx version with no luck. That's good you at least got the 3D working. I will have to give it a try.
  10. That was a great mission. It had an interesting map and the addition of the crown objective gave it that extra panache. I enjoyed figuring out the riddles too. I played it on expert and it was very challenging eluding the guards, especially those with torches! I found gaining access to the 2nd floor a bit frustrating, but perseverance paid off.
  11. Definitely in the top 10 tdm missions. I also really enjoyed your novella "Shadowcursed". It's not my usual genre, but it was very well written and it was fun to read about Bolen's background. Thank you!
  12. I like a nice bank heist and this was two for the price of one. I found both missions to be satisfyingly challenging on "hard". I like that you are not afraid to try new things. Having to pay the cleaner to fix your indiscretions was an interesting way to deter kills and knockouts without banning them outright. I appreciate having the option in case you come across a guard that just needs killing. Unfortunately this mechanic didn't seem to work in the second bank and I ended up causing quite a bit of mayhem before the night was over (3 kills and several knock-outs without penalty). This reduced the challenge a fair bit, although it was still satisfying in its own way. There were enough clues scattered about the 2nd bank that I was able to locate all required items except for the Client List. I had to resort to the forums for that. Knowing where it was didn't help me much though - the guard(s) in that location seemed to have especially keen senses! That was the most challenging objective for me and very rewarding to complete. There were just some minor bugs such as a couple places where my avatar got stuck after climbing on top of a desk or barrel, also the rain in the courtyard was extremely loud. Thanks for the enjoyable missions, I look forward to the rest on the campaign. Also thanks for the rope arrow
  13. I hadn't played a mission since about Christmas time and I sure picked the right one to jump back in. Excellent through and through. I just had one moment when I didn't know what to do next to proceed, but a look at the objectives showed me the way and things ran pretty smoothly to the end. The readables had a really interesting back-story and it felt like part of a larger campaign. I liked that you needed to read the clues in order to advance and then you still needed to think and hunt around a bit to complete objectives - the clues did not spell it out. The guards were the right amount of tricky - I used my 1 allotted knockout although it could probably have been better spent elsewhere The visuals were very good and I liked the layout of the place a great deal.
  14. Re. the chest. I'm not having much luck with my limited resources. If someone else wants to give it a try...
  15. hmm... I have another door that sounds less swooshy and more creaky - I'll see if I can get some good sound out of it.
  16. Thanks. Yes, after listening again with fresh ears they do sound a bit muffled. It seems I went a bit heavy on the compression and reverb. I can easily fix that.
  17. It always makes me edgy when I pilfer from a chest - I think a guard has just entered the room as the sounds of the chest opening and closing are the same as the door. Anyway, I have some good mics and recording software so I thought I'd try to make something different. I think it sounds like an old creaky wooden chest now. Is this something you could use? I have two different opening and two different closing sounds. Let me know if you need them louder, softer or with less reverb, etc. or if you just plain hate them. It's my first attempt at sound effects, so I don't have any expectations. Here are the mp3 (the wav files were too large to let me post here). I could provide other formats if required by email or dropbox. [updated with cleaner sound] chest opening1-1.mp3chest opening2-1.mp3chest closing1-1.mp3chest closing 2-1.mp3
  18. I'm loving the William Steele series so far. Excellent map in this one with challenging guard patrols to get past - especially the ones with the darn torches! I played it on the hardest setting and found the difficulty to be perfectly balanced. I ended the game with every guard on alert and had to use every trick in my bag of goods to make it out alive - very exciting!
  19. It's been awhile since I was able to use mines and rope arrows in a mission. That was a lot of fun. I like how you handled the restrictions in the hard setting - it still allows you to have fun, but keeps it challenging (kill only your targets, only 3 knockouts allowed, no harm to civilians). It was an interesting map too with the varied areas - there was never a dull moment. I spent a lot of time trying to enter the manor from outside through the main entrance, but it didn't seem possible on the hardest setting. I also liked how quickly the AI would notice my rope arrow - you had to use it quickly - no hanging around. That added a bit of realism.
  20. loved the ending - scared the bejeesus out of me. I was expecting something, but not that!
  21. I bet you closed the cage door behind you when you entered as I did. I found you can only frob them when the door is open - even if you are inside the cage. Excellent mission btw! Any hint on how to kill Alberic? I finished the rest of the objectives, but am stuck at that one.
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