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  1. I see Way for me to misunderstand the point...
  2. I noticed OrbWeaver talking about the weak water stepping sounds, so I decided to try something out. Give these a listen: movement_water_01.ogg movement_water_02.ogg movement_water_03.ogg movement_water_04.ogg I tried to eliminate the sharp splashes and make it more of a wading sound. I'm not entirely satisfied with the result though.
  3. I tried to make sure all the material used is CC0, so no credit necessary, but I will do a double check in case you want to add this to the core.
  4. Thanks, glad to hear it! I'm still very much learning myself, so I'm hoping I can make the guide a bit more clearer in the future I fixed the link, thanks for pointing that out.
  5. I guess they could be compiled into packages, sorta' what I was looking to do with extra SFX. Also, here is something I just made. Now this is basically nothing but a stretched out sound texture, very slight variation in pitch for a duration of a few minutes. Humming
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm getting there - slowly! I'll keep working on it, hopefully I'll hit the sweet spot soon.
  7. Is this closer to what you are looking for Biker? I've been listening to T1&2 ambients and tried to do something more in that style. Breaking and Entering
  8. Having spent some time fiddling around with the audio side of mapping, I decided to compile a few sounds into a single package that can be used by other mappers. The amount of sound effects supplied with TDM is already very good, but a bit more variety can never hurt right? These sound effects are edited from original recordings or Creative Commons 0 material and are free to use in any way you like. Here you can see the full list of contents: To use these, simply download the sound add-on package and extract it into your root TDM folder. The files come with correct folder structure and a pre-made soundshader file. Keep in mind that if you use these in your FM you need to supply the files you have used and the .sndshd file alongside your mission - otherwise the players will not be able to hear the sounds. I'm hoping to compile a second batch of SFX somewhere down to road, so if anyone has requests or feels that specific areas of TDM sound effects are lacking, post in this thread and I'll see what I can do.
  9. Glad to hear that the guide has been of help. Report back here if it helps you get any results! @Buck28: Sorry about that. That line was a placeholder where I was going to link a guide to creating a soundshader, but I couldn't find one for the life of me. Fixed now.
  10. Composing Ambient Tracks for Dummies v. 1.0 or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make the Ambient This tutorial shows you my method for creating ambient sound without any previous musical talent or experience in using audio editors required. The guide will be fleshed out as I learn more about the process and everyone is welcome to contribute. Feel free to add your own comments and suggestions in the thread. These are type of ambient tracks that have been created with my methods: Haunted Ground Home Asleep Creaking What tools do you need? Audacity (Free: Win/Mac/Linux) Freesound.org (Either sign up for a free account or get one here) A good pair of headphones 4-6 hours of free time For best results follow the tutorial twice: once following my directions exactly with the samples I provide, and then a second time picking your own samples and making your own choices in how to modify them. With these simple tools and a bit of patience you too can produce your own ambient track with relative ease. Just don't expect to become Eric Brosius overnight. Remember to save your project between between sections, and don't worry about completing everything in day. I. Planning and preparation II. Choosing the ambient base III. Effects in Audacity IV. Applying effects on a track V. Trimming, copying & pasting VI. Layering VII. Adding Instruments VIII. Adding Fade-ins and Fade-outs IX. Adding Instruments pt. 2 X. Mixing, Looping and Exporting
  11. I'm working on writing a description of my workflow in Audacity. I only have so much time to work on this, so I decided to dump a rough draft here. Once it's finished I'll make it a separate thread, but maybe Sotha can get something out from this already:
  12. @Goldwell: Thanks man! Great job. Here is another one. This one should loop straight out from the box. Nope, it doesn't. Oh well!
  13. I'll try to make it loop a bit more nicely. I already tried to make it so it would loop, but as you can hear my lack of skill is showing If anyone has experience in making a song loop, feel free to give a hand. I can try making something for the commoners and nobles too.
  14. Thanks! It's nothing but sound effects distorted and layered on top of each other: a few random piano hits, a sample of a woman singing opera, opening and closing a wooden drawer and clicking a ball-point pen. I got the samples from freesound.org and used the free Audacity software to put it all together. I'm completely tone-deaf as well. But after mucking around in Audacity for two nights, I'm now pretty confident that anyone can create a custom ambient given a bit of time and patience. Writing a tutorial sounds like a good idea, I'll get to it as soon as I have a bit more time in my hands.
  15. Here is something I attempted. Keep in mind I have zero experience with creating ambients or music of any kind. Home asleep
  16. I've compiled some CC resources including SFX for mapping, I'll rummage through them later this evening and post relevant stuff here.
  17. Thanks! The cliff face is a large patch with the jagged_rock texture and another patch with ivy_bush_hanging stacked on top. It doesn't look quite as good from other angles, because I just wanted to try and copy that photo in TDM
  18. @Biker Really cool, tried to do something with that. Image one Image two
  19. Thanks guys! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. While it only took two weeks, it was a very intensive two weeks. I happened to have a week off and Airship simply never sleeps, so were able to put a lot of work down each day. Hopefully other mappers will pick up on the idea as well. While I love nothing better then a large, meaty FM, having smaller missions to supplement them would be lovely. The long "dry stretches" between large FMs can be hard on more impatient players like myself!
  20. Alright, here you go. This is a super simple way to make an AI follow you on command with zero scripting required. Download follow_test.map (save this in your darkmod/maps folder, dmap and play normally) This is how it works: The bell item targets a trigger_relay, which triggers the bell_sound attached to the player as well as the start_conversation node (atdm:target_startconversation). The start_conversation triggers a conversation called Follow Player that you can view through Map > Conversations... in the Dark Radiant menu. In the conversation I've set Orton, our poor hapless servant, as the only active actor and given him the following orders: 1. Say a line 2. Walk to the player (player1 entity) 3. Say a line Now every time you ring the bell, that conversation is triggered and Orton will walk to you. To prevent him from wandering back to his starting spot once he reaches you, I've added an unreachable path_corner in a separate room that he is targetting.
  21. I've been playing Dark Mod with a controller for a while now using a program called Pinnacle Game Profiler. Absolutely amazing piece of software if you want to use a controller in games that don't natively support it. If anyone is interested, I could share my configuration for TDM.
  22. I can also look into this at some point. I've been thinking of doing something similar for a map anyways, so I'll get back to you if I manage to rig a simple way of doing the AI follow stuff you need. That way you (or anyone else) can use it as an example.
  23. Can path_corners be created during gameplay through scripts? For a simple follow-AI (for example someone being escorted) you could have something like a custom whistle item in the player's inventory, which when used runs a script that creates a new path_corner (and removes the old one) and assigns that as the target of the NPC being escorted.
  24. Thanks Lux for taking the time to give all that feedback, much appreciated! A few points: Thanks once more to everyone so far who has provided input. It's feedback like this that helps mappers to get better!
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