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  1. Hi, I walked into the city of Novigrad in Witcher 3 on one stormy night and I couldn't help myself recording a video. Reminds me so much of the Overlook Manse from Thief 3 with the rain and thunder in the night. It's a bit dark but I hope you like my video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SsazqA5ejU
  2. Hi, I started a new channel on Youtube showcasing the mods with highest and best ENB graphic mod settings possible. Also I'm making music on my own for most of my videos. Please take a look on the new Clockwork Castle showcase I did, which really resembles The Dark Mod. Part 1 - Creepy tunnels: Part 2 - Mysterious castle: If you like them SUBSCRIBE, it would help me a lot Also if anyone wants any custom made music for their map I will gladly do it
  3. I have a problem with my map where I created a glass frame around the door and by putting visportal in the door it obviously blocks the light coming from the room. Is there any way to make visportals act to the glass differently? By letting the light out?
  4. I just returned from holidays and... wow! Had no idea this topic would cause so much interest! Really happy to see this
  5. My story about finding it exactly, minus mapping
  6. Well then, looking forward to it the day it comes out
  7. I was thinking, since the mission list is growing in TDM that the download mission screen needs a bit of work. Filters for sorting out missions would be such a great feature like mission release date, name, rating (perhaps?), package size, etc. If this was discussed before, I apologise, but I'd really like to see this in TDM one day. Cheers!
  8. You are an honorable team, that's what I want to say. I hope to see this as an actual game one day or even a proper Thief series sequel not something Eidos threw at us last time, presenting this genre in a false way. Best of luck!
  9. No I haven't due to lack of time... My work and music production take most of my free time now, so there's no way I can make this project happen. That's why I'd like to find someone to make it happen.
  10. I just saw the "Thief Mod Competition" that's going on and I was wondering if anyone would like to finish this map? I can provide a storyline, map sketches and all that goes with the map. Anyone interested please PM me.
  11. I really don't like the new Thief feel. Time frame is about 100 or more years in the future, so I feel like I'm playing in 1900's - 1920's :S They're now saying "shit" and "fuck" all the time which is really disturbing. No deep mystery in this game, everything's presented to you by cutscenes. No classic ground material sound and light exposure which was one of the most original and main thing in previous games. Overall I'd say it's a decent game, but not worthy of wearing a name 'Thief'.
  12. Just found out about this and voted! May be a stupid question, but what place did TDM take in the past years?
  13. Thank you! Well I have much in mind for this map - more then one level in a map so it would take a while. Thankfully, Bikerdude and Fieldmedic are willing to help me out, that way this map may see the light of the day in the near future.
  14. Yes it's my first one. But I quit because of the rate I was making this, it'd take year or two before I got it as I imagined it, with working on it almost every day.
  15. Thank you so much! Actually I was led by my own spontanious inspiration and I spent many many hours on details, which I miss in most of the maps (it brings the liveness in, so the player can emphatize much better and feel like every single AI lives a life of his own), even if I made only couple of rooms. I had some of the map drawn on paper and some plot on my mind, above mystery (which I love in Thief and TDM) that can be revealed only if player explore the area in detail. I had 3 different atmospheres in mind with tremendous ammount of secrecy, which could blend perfectly with the plot. Though the area would be gigantic and my knowlage of mapping is poor, as this is my first ever project I got into. If anyone (or more) experienced mappers'd be willing to help I'd love to give it a go.
  16. Here's a map I was working on during the summer but haven't got it finished due to lack of time and skills. Anyone here who'd help me out?
  17. Thank you, grayman! The room of many entities I created dropped my fps quite a bit, that's why I asked.
  18. 2. Solved this one, thank you! 3. I'm using jewelry box lid, found in entity movers folder. Another is a tiny box made by myself who can also be reached through, so I'd need a spawnarg or something to guard what's inside.
  19. 1. I have many chairs in one room, and I set all of them as entity. Is this more performance consuming then if they were func_static? 2. I made my own 'pub desk door', but AI won't use it. When I set path through it it just keeps walking into it. I have a default settings of mover_door for AIUSE. How could I make an entity open it? 3. I have a jewelry box and I can reach loot inside without even opening the lid. Is there a spawnarg or something that blocks the frobbing? Thanks for your answers.
  20. All visportals I made are touching the worldspawn and door. I figured out you have to move them on the opposite side if you change the rotation of the door, eg. 0 90 0 to 0 -90 0. Problem solved, thank you!
  21. Yes. I had them inside before, and now I put them on the outside side of the door if I could say so. And it was touching the door in both cases. Left one is before - not working and right one now - working. Still don't know why lol
  22. Nevermind I got it right. I put them just on the opposite side of the door from the right picture and it works. Still don't know why though.
  23. None of my visportals are touching now and I filled only the doorframes now but it's still not working... Both light and sound "escape" through.
  24. Yeah I've checked the tutorials on Wiki, and I understand the meaning of them. The thing is everything was working just one test ago, and in the next they weren't. I cloned them all from the first one I created, so they have same characteristics (I checked). A random thing happened with chest lid rotation too, which changed from 0 0 90 to 0 90 0. I discovered that completely by accident. I made the chest two days ago, it was working (tested) and didn't change anything on it since. Bugs perhaps?
  25. Ah ok, I've red that somewhere in TDM Wiki about color change for on/off result. Though there could be a simpler command. How do I do that then? There's a couple of trigger spawnargs. Another thing happened to me, not sure if it's a bug or what.... I set my VisPortals on each wall of rooms and in between the doors. I tested it couple of times and it worked like a charm (no light scattering between doorframes and all the noise from the other rooms was lowered when the door was closed). Then I added some models in some random room and when I dmapped again and tested, it was like VisPortals were not there. Only one remained operational. I checked for leaking and couldn't find any, then again, I didn't touch VisPortals after I got them to work earlier... Any ideas why?
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