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  1. thank you. i played around with the driver, but it doesn't help. i like to play q3 two or three times a month and there's no problem there. but i will have to reinstall my OS next week, so i hope this will fix it
  2. i really liked this mission. everytime i saw a guard who i could blackjack, i was cheering i haven't used a flashbomb since thief 1
  3. the gamma doesn't change. strange thing is that i have absolutely no graphics-tweak-overclock or whatever program installed. and i have no problem with other games. and i also reinstalled the game, but the problem stays.
  4. thank you for your ideas, but i use the thedarkmod.exe (was in the readme) and a have a gamma bind in a convenient place. it's not too bad, i enjoy both new missions but i am working on some video ideas which are impossible to try out
  5. - done - yes - no - i have the newest official driver for the ati radeon hd 5700. i have no problems with quake, fifa or f1 2012.
  6. hi guys, great new version! but i have one annoying problem: every 2minutes (sometimes even just 30secs) the gamma changes to a very dark picture. if i click at the gamma-bar in the menu and move the value a tiny bit, it gets back to normal. it doesent matter if im ingame or just in the menu. i played every official version of tdm and i didnt change anything about my system and i never had this problem before. any idea?
  7. very nice atmosphere, lighting, graphics... but you should have listened to the beta testers and gave the player more hints on where to go. but still a great mission.
  8. i can't believe you were a virgin great gameplay and appearance it would be a perfect mission if the story wouldn't be average. but i would give it 9 out of 10 points i don't know much about mapping, but i hope there will be a new version with a performance tweaked market place. i also tried the mission on a very new and expensive gaming computer of a friend of mine and still the frame rate dropped extremely.
  9. great job, toni. i really enjoyed your first FM. i hope the story will continue i found everything except:
  10. thanks fidcal, I'm so stupid. I had the alpha version in a folder which caused the difficulties
  11. I was bored and wanted to replay the oldest mission, but since I have started the mission I can't start any other missions. When I click on "start a new mission" in the main menu, it goes directly to the objectives of thief's den How can I get rid of the mod/map again? I have played every mission until now and never had such a problem.
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