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  1. Yep! I'm still just pouring out lights at random while working on this map, so whatever occurs to me in the process gets made, cool or not.
  2. Maps! Excitement! Video for those of you capable of playing webms.
  3. Yeah sorry, no, that's water. The room's flooded somewhat. For reasons.
  4. I'm sticking to the mod's structure and leaving the oil lamps specifically unfrobable, while the smaller electric ones are frobable directly. It's obviously pretty simple for mappers to allow a light source be triggered by frobbing, so I think that including variations to that effect would prove a bit superfluous. Since it's no trouble either way, I figured it made sense to stick with that's established.
  5. Not posting much, but still working away! I'd neglected to add links to all the recent stuff I've done, so I went back and did so. Still going strong working on lights, having moved from electric lights to oil lamps. -Streamlined the OP (incidentally I cleaned out my messy Youtube channel on an impulse. Gonna start re-making videos, including the demonstrations of things in this thread). - Added "desecrate" ambient to ambients. - Added links to new bottle models and skins - Uploaded (but haven't linked) the modular used to create a Coming Soon™ mission. - Uploaded (but haven't linked) this on-going collection of lights
  6. Sure you didn't use the old version of the page before I updated it? That's the old link, and it definitely links to the new one now.
  7. or maybe because a quick google of his name reveals nightmare fuel
  8. Haha. I think that might be as unironic a tweet as Kamiya has ever put out.
  9. There are already broken bottle models in the mod, and the skins I made work with them. Considering the amount of junk models in the mod already, I think it'd be a bit redundant.
  10. Okay, cool, so I spent an informative couple of hours fiddling with material files and also fixed the necks of both bottles. All the super redundant textures are gone, and I added empty, translucent variants as well. Are these colors still okay? For people who don't know, I'm largely monochromatic so I have to ask others. Normally I'd ask my wife, but she's bringing home bacon.
  11. Welp, here's what I got done tonight, around ample breaks to avoid going cross-eyed from all the file renaming! (I fixed that sneaky mistake since taking the screenshot) ^ That's variety covered, at least. Were there any specific types of bottle anybody wanted to see?
  12. Haha! I didn't notice it, no. It's a real (public domain) label from the early C20th, apparently. I've already done a few others, though. Before I make different bottles, the idea is to just add variety to what's already there.
  13. Sure! I'll do some models later, but for now I bashed out some more vibrant skins for the existing models (with a new label).
  14. They were actually built pretty low-poly. Every cylinder had 8 sides maximum, often fewer, it's just because there are a lot of them. They're intricate-looking steampunk gadgeridoos, so even if made efficiently they end up breaking 1k when made into tris. Still, there are a few core lights that break 1k, and even some that break 2. My models obviously have super-duper low-poly shadow meshes, and the tris themselves haven't proven to be a huge performance drain in the past. I've been replacing lights in my maps with these, and the FPS counter stays the same. They're not intended for inclusion in the core game anyway, so I'm none too worried, and I'm sure I'll get more efficient as I keep learning regardless.
  15. I'm up to like five lights. It's simple, but good practice! Here's the most recent one.
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