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  1. I'd enjoy putting that together. Would be difficult to find everybody's stuff, though.
  2. 1) Anvil of Dawn 2) XCOM: UFO Defense 3) Silent Hills 1-4 (they all rank equally in this context, though 4 is controversially my favorite) 4) Icewind Dale (and all the other classic Bioware RPGs, really) 5) Unreal Tournament '99
  3. Sure it is! You just didn't look closely enough.
  4. Fiddling with the smoothing groups did it, thanks! I hadn't added normals, because I didn't want to go through the hell that is UV mapping with a model that was ultimately broken. Looking good now, though!
  5. Oh hi. The halloween rush burned me, so I've turned to modelling for a while. Last night I went a-googling, found a picture, modelled it and turned it into a light entity within a few hours. I was pretty happy with how it turned out, but, of course, there's a problem. I found this. With it, I made this. In-game, it looks like this. I thought I modelled it pretty well. So what's the deal with this?
  6. Ayyyy, well done everyone! also thank you for going through all those calculations
  7. It is! I don't think it's really something that you can spoil, though: it's fairly apparent that it's not entirely straight-faced the moment you read the first note.
  8. It's a question of tone, one that I chose intentionally. I can do subtle! I just went for something weirder, because a fortnight is nowhere near enough time to construct a locale and premise that can support a serious tone while also drip-feeding it to a player over the course of a huge mission. I couldn't do what I wanted to do with a serious tone, so I did it as a bunch of openly campy vignettes instead. It's supposed to be weird, supposed to be puzzling the player, supposed to be this short, sweet, carnivalesque trip through nowhere, because two weeks wasn't enough to do it justice otherwise. Pretty much everything written is ironically hyperbolic and openly cliché. You're supposed to be aware that you're playing a game, that this is weird, that the person writing to you is a bit off. It's not supposed to be immersive, or outright scary, rather it's meant to be weird and confusing, same goes for the Silent Hillish industrial corridor that couldn't and shouldn't exist, and the mansion at the bottom of a mine shaft. If it didn't work for you, it's a shame, but it was done intentionally. You didn't like the tone, that's fine, not for everyone, but a lack of restraint and subtlety isn't the result of incompetence in this case, nor is it absolutely necessary for every mission to take itself seriously.
  9. I'm innocent! You can see me build the whole thing here, other than messing about with triggers and targets. I used my own prefabs in places, and I'll probably re-use parts of this jazzed up for any builder mission I decide to finish. Otherwise, all new, all started for the contest. As for Christmas Carol, that's entirely your own connection. While I know the story, I've never actually read it or seen any films. I saw a production of it years ago, but that's it. The premise basically just arose from me wondering how best to unsettle the player. I could have relied solely on jump scares or undead AI, but I wanted to do something different. I ended up focusing on player agency, making it about the person at the controls rather than the person being controlled. I wanted the player to have the reason they booted up the game questioned, to be called out on turning it on to steal things and kill people. "I don't blame you, it's what you do, it's why you're here, what else should I expect of someone who booted up a game about sneaking and stealing?" I wanted to tell people off for what came naturally, question and subvert what they understood about the game. It's a bit artsy fartsy, but I think subversion of expectations is a brilliant way to knock people off balance. It's a bit undeveloped, meaning I only ever really poked at the fourth wall rather than breaking it entirely, but through chastising the character, I had a go at the player. Even the character is a much more morally upstanding person than the player: they don't want to steal, don't want to rob the dead, but the player's like "oo! easy gratification!", and obviously booted up the game to get their fix of shiny stealing in the first place. By the end, I wanted the very essence of TDM to be questioned; I wanted to have confused and questioned the player enough that they'd think twice about stealing all the loot, turn their expectations on their head and have them go from someone ready to steal to someone ready to be a better person. It had that effect on a lot of people, so whatever the scoring I'm really happy with it! So no, not Christmas Carol, but I can see the connections. Like I say, rather than the contest itself, I'm simply glad that people had fun with it, and on a secondary note, that it had the intended effect.
  10. Putting the crown back is one way to end the mission. All you need to do is leave once you do. Thanks Dema. I was obviously going for something that was categorically un-thiefy in places, so I got a few gameplay complaints. I felt that it would be a wasted opportunity to create a normal mission with undead AI, so I went with something different. I'm glad that the majority of people enjoyed it regardless. I reckon that with a few more weeks to work on it, it would have ended up a bit more defiant of expectations. My initial plan was to use non-Euclidian space to get around, but found it would take far too long to figure out. Teleports were a solution I didn't want to use, but had to given the time frame. That said, there are actually very few teleports: most of the cuts to black are just lights turning out and popping up elsewhere to lead the player on.
  11. Yeah man, that was the last straw. I've got a condescending video in the works as we speak.
  12. It already has a description, just an intentionally vague one. Screens Someone got in troouuuuuble. Thanks!
  13. Oh god. Would somebody mind changing the title for me? im so tired Wait, nevermind, got it <3
  14. Mystical Merry's Metaphysical Mapping Co. Spooks You Again! Thief's Remorse Screenshots Title: Thief's Remorse Theme: Spoopy Release: 2015/10/30 Mapper: Airship Ballet Build Time: ~28 hours My God. I'm genuinely begging you. Next year, either don't challenge me to make a halloween map in a fortnight or sedate me, because, like last time, I'll leave it for my two free days and do the whole thing in one go. It's bad for me. You're killing me. Uh, anyway, here's a spooky halloween map. There's sneaking involved, but it's something more of a rollercoaster than a traditional sneaking map with ghosts. I really wanted to go out there with this mission, since getting a bit creative with Exhumed last year made me realise the potential for some more abstract, bizarre stuff that could be done pretty easily in TDM. It's full of scripted spooks, events, and even requires you to pay attention to what you're told! Depending on what you do, and how much of a monster you are, there's a whole four different ways for you to come out of your trip to Nowhere. It's pretty big, surprisingly so: I got more and more ambitious as I went along, just like I always do. As a result, well, I'm the only person who tested it. So, uh, I'll be around for bug fixing. I mean it's totally playable without issue from start to finish, but I haven't gone around trying to break it in order to release it before Hollaween. Above all, have fun! Download links remorse.pk4
  15. Well, I mean, it's happening, but it's mostly just scripted stuff so there's nothing to show.
  16. He can see everywhere, including behind himself, within the space of a second .
  17. It's just idle head turning spawnargs set to extremes. It's a case of setting them to look somewhere every 0.1 seconds, and then restricting the angles they can turn to look, as well as constraining the head and spine joints so it looks more like twitching than all-out flailing.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Efzf7Ge6s1I&feature=youtu.be I'm calling dibs on the Jacob's Ladder effect. Nobody else is allowed to do it now. It's basically law.
  19. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhokay
  20. Awesome. Direct your peepers to the beta forum!
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