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  1. I thought that but then there are games with much higher system specs and resolutions than the consoles. And extra graphics tech. Take Batman AA for example. It looks good on a PS3 but much better on a PC because it's higher res and has a whole bunch of physics things possible in it that you can't have on PS3. All the Crytech stuff is higher quality (if you have the power) on PCs, isn't it?
  2. I often forget about the 3rd person in TDS, but when I'm reminded I realise again that the reason I don't hold it in as high esteem as T1 and 2; the 3rd person borked the 1st person movement. Cheat-lean, lean/sidestep falling, lurchy movement. All mentioned itt. I bet that's why rope arrows weren't included - the 3rd person body probably got trapped all the time. With regards to the system specs - TDS's were a bit unreasonable at the time iirc. T4s are very reasonable. Surprisingly so in fact. I haven't upgraded for a while and I still just about meet recommended specs. It's like the tech rush has slowed down or something.
  3. That is a very interesting video. I'll be turning all that stuff off.
  4. I think it does have undead. Beggar Queen "There are worse things that lurk in the dark than even you Garrett". And then we get a flash of what looks like a zombie. And in some recent screens there are zombie things in some corridor and all over the walls. Thief 1 and 2, to me, are characterised a lot by the excellent movement. T3 lost that and so lost that Thief feel. Thief 4 won't have it either.
  5. I like the MotY badge but even if the original doesn't have a year on it someone should really put a year on it. Are the rest of my ideas being left dead in the water or is anyone interested in modernising the site?
  6. The press release stuff a few weeks ago said that you can only stealth kill because you're so small you'll get rinsed in direct confrontation.
  7. The original Garrett is bad bad man. He's a Thief and he steals. He's not a Robin Hood character at all. He steals stuff for fences. They'll sell them on to other rich people who can afford them. Later on Garrett might end up stealing from the same people his fence sold stuff to. It's all about the fence and Garrett making money. There is no honour in it. That's what makes him such a good character.
  8. A teaser at last. Is this going to be 1st person?
  9. Yep. It's not perfect because you can't swing on them and they don't drape (unlike in TDM) but the fact you can use them to explore and maybe get lost or trapped? That's awesome.
  10. Yeah, the complaints over TDS were a drop in the ocean compared to this. But when they change everything about the game, throw out things people love about the originals (e.g. SR) and then half-heartedly bring back things we missed in TDS (rope arrows) and give bs reasons for all this - lip synching, that rambling nonsense about the rope arrows - what can you expect. It's been a PR disaster, even with the removal of XP, 3rd person and QTEs. We have to accept that Thief as we knew it (Thief 1 and 2) is dead. It lives on only in spirit, in TDM. Trends and commercial pressure mean that only a risk taking studio, like an indie studio, would ever use the Thief IP to create a Thief that harks back to the originals. But that IP is too valuable now so... It's sad, but it's reality. Tbh, the existence of TDM really softens that blow for me. That and the fact that I think we're in a golden age of indie games and arty games and I'm loving that so much that the loss of a true Thief is easier to take.
  11. Nice. Okay Biker, I've got access. Where do I put this? A new article called pre-fab database?
  12. That's not "spying", that's just analytics. Do you think that the TDM forums software doesn't track all sorts of stuff? Or your browser? I'm suggesting something that is useful for the users of this site. I agree with STiFU too - the forum has twitter, fb, g+ and more buttons at the bottom. The main site should too, though they should be Dark Modified.
  13. I'm just waiting on Springheel to get back to me. When I have access I'll start.
  14. I think you're being paranoid about Tapatalk. It's an app that provides a service. If I get that for free I don't mind ads. And it doesn't spy on users. I think someone else with a smartphone need to try it. Access TTLG with it and see how it works.
  15. RSS feeds are just for news. You can't use them to access and post in the forums. I don't think Tapatalk has anything to do with RSS feeds. I know how the mods on TTLG implemented it though. RSS feeds are a different issue. I don't have ads on my Tapatalk Pro and I've not heard any of that stuff. You don't need a customised version, just list TDM forums in the directory. TTLG is there if you search for it. Do ads on it matter? They aren't anything to do with TDM. It's just an interface. And it will solve the problems you mentioned Bikerdude. I just don't see how giving people easier access to the forums at no cost or real effort to TDM is a bad thing.
  16. RSS to access the forums? How do you work that? Tapatalk has no ads and if you have it you can remove the forums mobile version. Then you'll get the full version RJFerret, and anyone wanting a stripped down/mobile version can access it through tapatalk.
  17. Wow. Just read the bit where you were totally unreasonable to Brethren when he offered you file space at Southquarter. Just wow dude.

    1. jtr7


      I didn't know you were aware of our private conversations over the years. Heh, you have no context whatsoever to go by, and cannot begin to grasp how very civil I was considering his demeanor toward me. He was one of the first people to rip into me over his own projected insecurities. For him to PM me was never a good thing for anyone. He knows that. He also knows we do not get along and that I want nothing to do with him, so his goodwill gesture is putting on a show for the ignorant...

    2. jtr7


      If there was anything genuine and kind in his dubious offer, it was too little, and far too late. It makes no sense outside of creating fodder for the biased. He'd have to be a bigger idiot than I realized, or amnesiac, to think this would actually be well-received by myself.

  18. I've tried to edit Wikipedia with regards to UK university info that I know to be true because I attended and know loads of people who have! And it always gets reverted back to the wrong info so I just leave it.
  19. Yeah, check it out on the main TTLG page. www.ttlg.com I don't know why it wasn't done sooner (well I sort of do) but it's there now as the latest news. I had to bunch it together with a news reminder that Thief 4 is on its way because it's all Thief news, innit? But TDM gets top billing because, you know, it deserves it more.
  20. Yeah, they have the IP and brilliant examples of how it should be done with Thief 1 and 2. I just think they lack the vision to do it properly, or perhaps just the creativity. It's sad really, especially as we're posting here - the last true bastion of hardcore stealth lovers. I'll tell you what amazes me - that no studio (afaik) that is doing a reboot/remake makes a concerted effort to engage with the fans and really ask them what they want. I know EM went to TTLG a little bit and EM forums a little bit, but apart from removing stuff due to clear backlashes (to the XP, the QTEs and the 3rd person, which we should give them credit for) they didn't really engage. Imagine if they'd got a couple of people to come here and really ask what makes Thief!
  21. If there were more sections I'd agree with you Bikerdude. I think that layout will be find for News, Team and Media. Forum is obviously forum and I think that Download is the meat of the page - people need to get TDM and missions! The whole idea is indeed so you get all the info at once. The Main section now has repeated info from the News page. Content is king, but content organisation is queen. Spring - the functional difference between having it all on one page is it's all loaded at once. The stacked version is a compromise for smaller screens, but very few people these days will use it. Even an 13inch MacBook Air won't need it. For the majority of users they'll get the side by side version. Tapatalk is a mobile app for connecting to forums. Here is the list of forum types it uses: http://tapatalk.com/activate_tapatalk.php There is an app for every major mobile OS and it lets you browse whilst using very little data because it doesn't load stuff like images. TTLG has it and it's really easy to set up - you just include a script.
  22. Yeah, perhaps the About section isn't necessary. Putting it where the latest missions panel is makes total sense. Re: The Download section. What is it you don't like about the stacked version? Is it that you can't necessarily see the missions straight away? If that's the issue you could have small submenu under the main menu that just scrolls the page down to the missions, and buttons to scroll to back to the top again in the Missions panel. You said you weren't that keen on the other ideas. The forum degrades nicely for mobile but enabling it for Tapatalk is a small job and it means that the many, many people using Tapatalk will find the forum. Oh, and I like the Missions page more for the screenshots than anything else. It also shows how many missions there are without people having to take the DL plunge. Informing your audience/market is always a good thing.
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