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  1. they told me to delete the models map, maybe that is the problem.
  2. better believe it. i just thought the mods wanted the forum a bit clean, you guy's don't care neither do i.
  3. i think he is saying, TWAT TWAT TWAT
  4. Holy girls like you love tips, i have a big tip for you
  5. you could not PM me? i would like to keep this topic for the mission.
  6. apparently broken, and no time to fix it any time soon.
  7. sure thing buddy, you to. Not interested in working with some of em though, if things seem to high for some they usual'y are rubbish at looking ahead. Numerate Able to think and express oneself effectively in quantitative terms. let it be hot air those few hours i spent at those projects mean nothing but 7.1 on IMDB a few platina's and the games turned out less shitty then they otherwise would. i am not claiming to be a prodigy. yet some ppl seem to think, it must be a lie to make myself seem interesting, that shows enough about who they are. I don't know you, you don't know me , this is t
  8. i don't have any experience but i know what's good, i am not a master of technical aspects, but i can build a few things, correct a few things, i know what annoys me and usual i have good ideas, not meaning in any way, that i know what i am doing, and i spend all in all a few hours in on those sets.
  9. i am 29 and i am Justin Biebers biological father, calculate that one.
  10. back it up? travel tickets? other shit i came up with the window 7 loading glass tube with water in it Xbox one extra fans boxy shape of PS4 directed a comedy with Jennifer Aniston. (uncredited bye bye .......AAAWKEY LETS GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE no way to back it no need to back it up.
  11. I told them to take it as a template, maybe it is not exactly a template, for Thief 4, anyway, we did got off the wrong foot, and most of the time i am not clear enough, if i would tell you that i came up with making Thief 4 you would not believe me, when those 2 dev's left the office i was there, it was all about a discussion over, 1st person and 3th person, i said, if you make the game to be played from a 3th person perspective, it will suck, he said yeah but Metal Gear and Splinter Cell are bla bla bla, then the boss showed up and told em yeah 1st person takes you in to the game, 1st person
  12. the two are not connected, what i do here has nothing to do with directing a game development.
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