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  1. Brushes and patches, wich intersect eachother.. The shadows of the non door bars seem fine but the patch bars leak light trough them maybe pull it apart and not let them intersect with eachother? Yeah it is fixed now but also more patches...
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WXYxfqP79xN7SCec9 Why are the bars in stripes? or will this issue resolve in the final compiling of the map?
  3. How do i sample a texture in camera view, and apply it to a selection, (FOUND IT IN THE HELP SECTION)
  4. It is kind of to late i checked every map named and grouped them i never used layers anyway i build in segments, spent hours on it and now i don't feel so good 4 hours of flying trough maps pfff but they work and i can use them that is the most important now
  5. Been away for a long time, installed my older desktop got all my files off of it, now i see that i have 690 files with all different names, some are the same only a previous verson of another map, so i need to sort all my maps and rename them proper, can i delete the -ass - bak - proc - cm - lin and darkradiant files, can i just keep the map files and work from those? for testing and renaming... I don't know what each file does and if it will be created when i dmap and such
  6. Thank you works perfectly, still wonder why the regular build don't work..
  7. I have the same problem, grey screen turns to black music plays and if i move my mouse i hear the clicking of the menu but no image. AMD A10-6800K 4.00 GHz / screen 1920 x 1080 / AMD R7 370 Gaming 2GB / 8GB DDR3 It was working on my shitty laptop upgraded for TDM and darkradiant then i get this
  8. I know a mirror needs to be between brushes, but nodraw solid or caulk on the other sides seems to give errors when dmapping
  9. Hello there fellow builder I will eventualy release some maps but i don't have room where i stay to place my desktop, i will save up for a strong gaming laptop, sold some dvd boxes and an older laptop, few months of saving and i am there in the meanwile i can create some work on my current laptop, i have all the time in the world
  10. And i need some help anyway long story short, ended up in the nuthouse because of some problems with the real life keepers, I am still part of the illuminati but all is divided in half and since i tried to finish/''started up the fight''... i was the one being forced out of money and in the nuthouse, now i am back. I almost finished a map but then the trouble started, i still have it on a pc somewhere over at my mothers plus 500 of hours of work divided over maybe 50 other projects, and now i am back, if my laptop can pull the weight. I submitted my map after 3 day's of non stop working but it still needed work, on the plus side someone here said it was the best they had seen, that was a positive note to keep going, i will finish it one day. never stopped thinking about the Dark Mod or even dreaming and comming up with concepts, and then forgetting all about it when i drift back off. I went back to the tutorials to relearn and to my surprise i started building and pushing buttons without thinking about it like a second nature, but i can't for hell remember how to manipulate textures, i can apply them.., some help with that plz i am sure i can do most the scripting, but the basic of tasks i seem to have forgotten. Been reading the old topics, damn i must have been under alot of stress
  11. they told me to delete the models map, maybe that is the problem.
  12. better believe it. i just thought the mods wanted the forum a bit clean, you guy's don't care neither do i.
  13. i think he is saying, TWAT TWAT TWAT
  14. Holy girls like you love tips, i have a big tip for you
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