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  1. Nicely done buck28 - good sized area to poke around with great visuals. Very enjoyable!
  2. Hmm...Initially I did try loading the most recent quick save, but unfortunately the mission would still fail - even when I tried doing different things than the attempt prior. I even tried creating regular saves at different points with the same result. That got me scratching my head. I can ghost some spots, no where near enough. I can't seem to avoid having to knock some down here and there.
  3. Gotcha - I appreciate the explanation grayman. I thought I was being to rough on them I'll wait until the revision comes out to finish, I've restarted the mission about 1/2 dozen times and seem to encounter the issue about 2/3rds of the way through. The Wm Steeles have been my favorites and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the next 5.
  4. Love the mission, but I'm getting the same mission fail chedap has been getting about killing a guard.: Can't figure it out. They don't occur after I have interacted with a guard, but at seeming random spots somewhat later. Is there a specific number of guards you wap on the head or hit with a gas arrow that can't be surpassed before the aggregate damage dealt indicates a death? I'll admit to not being good enough to ghost this one.
  5. Thanks man, I'll give that a whirl.
  6. No more quick saves for me. I was pretty far into Wm.Steele In the North (which is awesome BTW) and just got the Bad Cache offset error. A lot of progress gone there. I had previously received the error playing Gatehouse and thought it was that particular mission. Live and learn.
  7. The 1st TDM mission I've downloaded and played besides Tears of St. Lucia. - Lord Duffords was a good choice- it has a real Dark Project mission feel to it. Since I got a new machine I have been unable to get darkloader to work so I figured it was time to take a shot on TDM. I should have done this a while ago. I came here for a spoiler or two, you captured the feel of skeleton crew staffed manor nicely. A bit belated apparently - but thanks for the hard work Stumpy!
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