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  1. Yessss that fixed it! I set the 'preferred graphics processor' to 'high performance NVIDIA processor' instead of 'auto-select' and it worked. The lights are back on. Thank you so much. Somehow I did get a deja-vu feeling of some sorts, like I had this or a similar issue before and fiddling in the nvidia control panel fixed the issue... It must have been some time ago since I cannot quite remember what it was exactly.
  2. Ok so I deleted darkmod.cfg and started the game again but the issue remains. My install path is C:\Games\TDM. It was in program files before but I moved it since i had some read-only issues in the program files folder. But both before and after I moved it I had this issue
  3. So I am playing TDM 2.06 on a windows 7 notebook with latest windows 7 updates. It's an acer aspire 5750G with intel core i5 with 6GB of memory and a NVIDIA geforce GT 520M for which i downloaded the latest updates
  4. If I set r_useFBO to 0 the FPS goes down to 1 fps but there is no change in the visuals
  5. Update: If I use r_showlights 1 I see no lights But if I use r_showlightcount 1 I get a colourful picture with different lights hitting each surface and if I move closer to a lantern post my light gem will light up. This doesn't happen if I set r_showlights to 0 again
  6. Hi I have a weird issue with playing the mod. All lights except for the ambient lights are not working. See attached image. This happens in all the missions I tried today. The light gem doesn't light up and guards cannot see me if i move closer to a light. If I use the lantern the light gem becomes bright but there is no light in my surroundings from the lantern. So I reinstalled tdm completely and I updated my nvidia geforce drivers but the issue remains unfortunately. Anybody has an idea what causes this?
  7. Hi guys, I want to buy a new monitor for playing TDM. Right now I have an acer aspire 5750G laptop with an HD LED LCD screen but It sucks at showing dark screens. Are there specific types of monitors that work well for the dark mod?
  8. Divergence of E is zero? Then where does the epsilon come into play? I know that the displacement field has epsilon and E in it.
  9. They are EM-waves that travel along the surface yes. In the direction normal to the surface they decay exponentially and they don't transfer any energy unless another object is placed in this evanescent field.
  10. A physics question: Can anybody explain the second equation in this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surface_plasmon_polariton#Dispersion_relation It is supposedly a relation for the continuity on the interface between two semi-infinite solids. But I can’t figure out where it comes from. I’m not that familiar with Maxwells equations and I know some of you are interested in physics
  11. It's very simple. TDM has its own missions (2 of them) and the rest is DLC. If anyone is having a hard time recognising this is a game they're making a fool out of himself.
  12. I changed the topic to 'corrupt (quick)saves' because it's not only about quicksaves but regular saves too.
  13. You can rotate a rescaled model: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Resizing_Models For some reason there are two articles on the subject of rescaling models and there are no cross references in it. This is the other article: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Rescaling,_Resizing,_Models_in_Dark_Radiant#Rotating_Rescaled_Models
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