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  1. Cool yeah that's my bad, the image I'm using on the screen is just too bright. Thats good to know, thanks. Out of curiosity what was your gamma and brightness set to before?
  2. Could be- I am still messing with the UI elements but if the brightness is cranked really high it might blow out that background image too much. Its something I can fix down the road.
  3. Hm can you send me your user config file? Are you using any mods or changing the core files in any way?
  4. Done. @nbohr1moreWould you mind updating this on the server? Its a fairly bad bug, I've updated the OP but here is the link to the new pk4: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u279b60l40p29cq/moongate.pk4?dl=0 - I've fixed the issue with players getting places they shouldn't be. - Fixed an exploit with secrets - Fixed a few minor issues @snatcherIve included the stock tdm_playertools_flashbomb.def
  5. Yeah Ill fix this in an update, I swear I put a clip brush there but I guess not
  6. I havent tried in 2.11 yet but I will. Just an update on this. For now I think I fixed it by: - Addressing most of the warning in the log above. Outside common errors like some missing textures and such that are part of the core. - Made sure to give my parallel lights "parallelSky " "1" spawnarg. - Deleted my .aas files and rebuilt them - Dmapped the entire thing Right now I am not getting the load error . It's a very hard problem to nail down because the console isn't giving a specific script name that it's getting hung up on (if that is even the issue similar to Amadeus's problem) AND I am actively working on the mission, creating new errors, fixing other broken things. ect. Its definitely something I fear will pop back up in beta testing though
  7. The room is suppose to be inaccessible, I think you got up somewhere I didn't intent for players to get to. Light hint: Stong hint:
  8. Yeah, it loads about 80 percent there and crashes. Its hard to diagnose because I havent touched the mission in a while and afaik, I havent added anything new to it in a while. This might just be the first time Ive noticed the crash and its just been hiding in the mission.
  9. Thanks for playing and Im glad you went loud, that was the intention or at least to tease players into killing some zombies.. Also I hear ya on the survivor, I had plans to give him some vocal lines and maybe some interactivity but I ran out of time. Maybe someday Ill go back in and update this mission
  10. Hmm okay I got the log, I dont see anything out of the ordinary but I also don't know what to look for really. It crashes about when it looks like it should finish loading. qconsole.log
  11. Im experiencing a crash on loading quick saves in my work in progress FM. What are steps for diagnosing this and figuring out what is causing that crash? Thanks very much Kingsal
  12. Having trouble sleeping? Is the moon too bright? The music too loud ? This FM is for you. Kingsal presents: Moongate Ruckus Finally, a fan mission about some taffin' peace and quiet. DOWNLOAD HERE (v2) ------------------------------------------------------- Testers: - Welly, Goldy, and Amady Vocals: The very talented Goldwell as grumpy Corbin. ------------------------------------------------------- This map, gatehouse_final.map, was based on the very first mission I ever put together back in 2014. It was originally suppose to be part of Volta 1, but didn't make the cut. Here it is now, refurbished, re-worked, graphics set to HIGH, and.... Wait... What is that... It's the music again... ohhh the music!
  13. Good to know, I'll investigate. Thanks
  14. Hello! I am going through the (painful) process of detaching some custom stuff I've made over the years from the base mod so I am not replacing so many tdm_ core files in my FMs. I'll be posting updates in here as I know a few people have used custom volta stuff in their missions. @Goldwell @Amadeus @Wellingtoncrab If you are using CUSTOM VOLTA arrows please replace this file: tdm_weapon_arrow.script - Ive updated this script with core mod changes - The only thing that's being replaced is: ARROW_ZOOMDELAY 3 // Shortened time from 6 to 3 seconds If you want to use the default 6 second zoom delay, just delete this file and remove it from your custom_scripts.script. If anyone knows a way I can change ARROW_ZOOMDELAY without overriding the entire file, please let me know asap. Thanks everyone
  15. Yeah. Maybe I'll update the mission someday if we ever get something like a "mission modifiers" feature. I have some ideas of how I could do it the non-fancy way with items or something. I don't know, but Volta missions will not have this feature
  16. Well you are in luck! Here is a list of other missions with normal save options : https://www.thedarkmod.com/missions/ *** Also for people who want to play this mission and are getting discouraged by the restriction, its only on Expert. I wish there was a way to make it a check box option, but I couldn't find a solution with the time I had. @STiFUI like all your suggestions. A modifier would be a really cool solve for this problem.
  17. Sorry if this was already reported, but Ive experienced pulling back the bow and the arrow model just disappearing. The bow will still be there, ill fire and the projectile will still launch, but not arrow on the view model. Strangely it doesn't always crash when that happens. This was definitely already mentioned Just confirming the arrow disappearing, shooting, but then not crashing, which is odd. EDIT: Ill start attaching the debugger. I have lots of guards in the mission but none of them are using the urinate animation. Does it happen randomly somewhere in the code? I can just try adding 50 guards lol.
  18. Sorry misread, thought this was post asking why that was happening. Thanks for logging it.
  19. Its a custom background. Its just a bug I never fixed and I don't plan on fixing.
  20. Do you have a single water entity behind those two pieces of glass? If so you need to divide them or the engine will consider everything in between as water and therefore douse your torches.
  21. I've updated this mission to be compatible with user mods. @nbohr1moreSorry to bother you again, but would you mind updated the pk4 for this mission? It should work fine now. https://www.dropbox.com/s/taqqvw5li22tkrb/hazard.pk4?dl=0
  22. Okay. Im gonna actually make these updates in the hazard pay thread and make sure everything is working.
  23. Interesting... hmm. As far as I know that animation is only called by a path_anim or path_cycleanim entity in a map or maybe by an authors custom script. I have seen it in missions before, so I know its been used. It could be buried deep somewhere in the AI's core code though, which would be... an odd choice to say the least.
  24. @snatcherOkay these look like good changes. @nbohr1moreWould this be something you or someone on the team can do for me? I don't have any of the update tools anymore.
  25. Damn I just had this bow crash but didnt have the debugger. Please mention me if you guys come up with a solution in here. For some reason I feel like Im getting it more than others, it might be because I use a lot of arrows when testing my missions.
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