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  1. I reckon if there's a high likelihood you'll be put in a strict 14-day quarantine should you test positive, or if you know sooner or later a double digit % of people in your area are infected and you therefore wouldn't want to go go outside at all for anything (including shopping), then you wouldn't want to find yourself without enough toilet paper to last however long you're staying home.
  2. @STRUNK alternatively you can create a new filter for speakers: let it "hide" anything with the "classname" "speaker". Also, when you say green blob do you mean the little green box, or the big sphere showing its radius? If it's the latter you might accidentally have toggled on a button for showing speaker volumes, the button is at the top of DR's window.
  3. Wouldn't it be enough just to have a speaker playing that sound? You can either set "shakes" in the soundshader (as you've done) or "s_shakes" on the speaker to let the screen shake whenever the sound plays - I've used that in Down by the Riverside mission 2 for metal stress sounds. Can't think of anything else that a func_earthquake entity would have to offer. (Requirement for "shake" or "s_shake" to work is that the sound is in .wav format, not .ogg like most TDM sounds)
  4. ERH+ has sped up underwater swimming speed for his underwater WIP Seed of Lodestar, so it is possible. I don't know of any, but I know there's a wiki entry suggesting to put forcefields into rivers/canals, and a lot of T1/T2 OMs and FMs use them. Going by Goldwell's experience it might no longer be feasible to swim against strong currents in existing maps now.
  5. Prey-like portals look more like a camera screen showing a different area of the map, while what Geep has been working on is how to play video files ingame on screens. It's certainly interesting, but not really related.
  6. I still see the following issues in SVN: SVN: Beta 2.08 has some additional issues, will make a list of them later on. (i.e. the werebeast is covered in "shader not found").
  7. SVN only has a 64-bit exe now, TheDarkModx64.exe, so that DR complains every time I change the FM project because it can't find TheDarkMod.exe. Are we getting rid of the 32-bit .exe for 2.08? In that case we'd need to rename the 64-bit exe to stop DR from throwing that error message.
  8. @JackFarmerCould start with giving it a proper surftype15 by uncommenting and changing the description - there's a list of them here. You've made only one image file, but are defining it as both a diffusemap and a bumpmap (aka normalmap), I can't see how that could work. Making normalmaps is fairly technical, so you could maybe just point to an existing bumpmap i.e. from a painting.
  9. I especially liked these ones: A couple hundred bug reports have been processed so far and bikerdude has been spending time working around that vertex limit. @Bienie and I have started fortifying the map with additional readables with @Amadeus acting as our editor, but with a map this size there's still loads of potential for more readables, so any creative writers would be welcome to step in - we have a Google Doc in one of the Discord server's channels. Plus the main storyline has been planned out by @Melan but still needs several important readables. So it's a bit of an indirect response to your question.
  10. And please make the old font the default if I may ask, I saw a few more on Discord who preferred that too. The new one is more technical looking.
  11. As for 2.08 features, I've been involved with: spectrum spawnargs -> restricts light interaction depending on spectrum values of lights and entities (nbohr1more) areaLock spawnarg -> forces an entity to stop rendering when its visleaf is closed (duzenko) drawSortOffset spawnarg -> change the order in which surfaces are drawn, useful for multiple transparent surfaces, especially in fog (duzenko) xray subview -> changes appearance (skin_xray) of specified entities when seen behind this surface (duzenko) func_liquid -> rectangular water surface that physically simulates invisible drops falling into it (stgatilov)
  12. The context fix for Intel HD 3000 still doesn't seem to work fully; switching to the full 2.08 beta build from this thread made no difference.
  13. That'd also be a good idea - you could place a force field in the cabin that immobilises or pushes the player downwards and gets toggled on whenever the player has the gold bar in his inventory or is holding it.
  14. I think the main issue with that mission-failing gold bar is that it's strewn in along with numerous other loot pieces. That makes it easy to misclick onto the gold bar, or even just forget that the new objective forbids taking it, considering that players have been conditioned to quickly & thoroughly clean out safes in other missions. That all makes it possible to fail the mission without realising why because it all happens so fast. I think this is the key message to take onboard for future missions. It could maybe have worked if the mission-failing loot had been more clearly demarcated, i.e. the safe contains nothing but these alluring heavy gold bars, while the much lighter real loot is scattered about the cabin (in fairly visible places). Though really I think there should be compelling story-driven reasons for a mission to fail, i.e. you can't afford the alarm going off if your mission is to rescue a hostage / you can't murder the person you're supposed to shadow etc. Even then, it'd probably be better to find a softer punishment than ending the mission, i.e. the abovementioned hostage gets moved to a heavily guarded location (similar to the Lord Regent in Dishonored).
  15. In the testmap the frob stim has ID #1, while the frob response has ID #2. When you delete the frob stim the frob response keeps ID #2, and it looks like the S/R system doesn't work if there's no ID #1. That looks like a bug. If you start from scratch and create only a frob response that'll be ID #1 and it'll work. Here's your test map back without a frob stim: fakebook.map
  16. That's good to hear - but you don't need to give the book a frob stim, only a frob response. This is because the frob stim comes from the player's action. If you give the book a frob stim it'll emit "frob" to surrounding entities, and if they have a frob response they'll react as if the player has frobbed them. Similarly, trigger responses only need to receive a trigger (i.e. from a trigger brush/objective completion/script) to perform their effects. You can get very diverse effects in response to a trigger event thanks to the S/R editor.
  17. @JackFarmerYes - the fake book is frobable and has a S/R towards frob that frobs the real book and deletes _SELF. It'll look like you added the fake book to your inventory, even though it was destroyed and passed on the frob to the real book that's far away in your blue room.
  18. @JackFarmerwhat you can do is make a fake func_static book - frobable and bound to the bookcase - and give it S/R to frob the true book that's in your blue room + remove _SELF. I'd like to ask you to use a different video hosting site though - i.e. Youtube - because I could barely see anything due to severe video compression, and it takes a full minute before the video starts playing.
  19. This looks great, I'll be sure to take a closer look at this at a later point. For now - if you want your .pk4's to overwrite stock .pk4's you only need to name them so they come later in the alphabet. So z_TDM_HD.pk4 or tdm_z_hd.pk4 in the main darkmod folder would do the trick for making this apply universally to FMs (unless the FMs provide their own versions of the files). And yes, it'd be appreciated if you provided this as a .pk4, which is simply a renamed .zip.
  20. I hear that quite a lot in recent times. I suspect it's also the official reason why carneval was permitted to take place in the most populous region of Germany (while Venice has called off theirs this year). Now several German carneval-goers have been found to be infected. And I've heard that communication from the health ministry to general practitioners has been scant. It's somewhat more "panic"-causing for me that the government doesn't take such basic measures when it's clear the virus will soon take a foothold in Europe.
  21. A sound or visual alert that's just enough to cause an AI to stop what he was doing adds 1 to the score ("suspicion"), while a full visual detection adds 5 to the score ("sighting"). Inbetween those extremes the AI searches for the player and a score between 1 and 5 should be added ("search"). If the AI just grumbles a bit while carrying on it's still counted as a suspicion, but nothing is added to the score. As for bodies, it counts every time an AI discovers a body, so a single body can be counted multiple times. IIRC bodies don't add anything to the score. The code for calculating the score for "search" events is more complicated and doesn't always up the score right away. A few posts higher up demagogue, one of the devs involved in the stealth score, provides a breakdown of how it works.
  22. Could clone & modify the scriptobject of the atdm:gui_message to create your overlay on a higher layer number and see if it overrides the cursor then. But the default 10 is already very high, so I think the chance of success is low. You can have interactive elements on an ingame GUI. Probably can look at briefings of the type used by my missions to find a functioning skip button.
  23. @Geepyou could try triggering an atdm:gui_message entity that calls your new video GUI
  24. It might be a way of translating "Ich werde mich an Sie zur├╝ckwenden", which literally means "I'll turn back to you". In this context, "revert" would mean going back to the state of looking at & talking with me. In Danish something similar is going on with "jeg vil vende tilbage til dig med resultatet", meaning "I'll come back to you with the result". "Vende" means turn, while "vende tilbage" means return.
  25. @JackFarmer If the flame entity is def_attached to a torch you can trigger the torch to toggle the flame. If it doesn't work for a torch, then I 100% know it will for an oil lamp like atdm:lamp_oil_wall_hanging_lit. Can start with that lamp entity and modify it to your liking. If you want special properties on the flame, i.e. custom light_radius, you can use "set light_radius on flame" etc. spawnargs. Check the name_attach spawnarg on the lamp/torch to see if the def_attached flame is really called "flame".
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