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  1. Yep, would sure be cool to see authors share what it looks like in action in their WIP.
  2. This is why you have to fix console warnings.
  3. Kingsal has graciously converted the highly map-specific animated grass from Arcturus' gorgeous "moonlit castle by a lake with grass plains blowing in the wind" demo map into something that can easily be used by mappers, now also featuring different varieties of grass, different sizes, 2 different wind speeds and LOD stages: I'd like to run a small beta of this asset here for mappers to try it out in their FMs, so feedback on it (i.e. animation, performance impact, looks) before it gets added to core assets would be very appreciated. I won't go too much into the details because the entity & spawnarg tooltips are part of the testing. You can grab the asset here and just drop the .pk4 in the folder of your FM, no need to unpack it. Look for the animated entities in the entity menu. Once the assets are in core you can just delete the .pk4.
  4. A legacy is something of significance that a person leaves behind when they die. These are missions grayman never finished and left behind for others to finish.
  5. Yeah I think every mapper had a huge burst early this year but is still reeling from the exertion. I do know one of Grayman's legacy missions "Seeking Lady Leicester" is about to go up for beta around now.
  6. My antivirus puts the .exe in quarantine mode every time the exe changes. It seems to be normal for antivirus programs to be extra cautious with any .exe - I haven't seen that kind of warning about locking a Windows file, though.
  7. I've made a change so that m_ignorePlayer doesn't stop the current alert from counting towards the alert score. Now the stealth statistics become +1 sightings, +5 score as soon as the player is fully detected, and seem to stay there regardless of what happens afterwards. One extra stealth score bug I noticed while testing this is that if an AI is fighting you and you duck out of sight for some seconds, then duck back into sight before the AI leaves combat mode, the time where you weren't visible is added to seenTime. Probably not as high priority to fix asap (i.e. during this beta period) as full detections counting as 0 score.
  8. If Im not mistaken, sys.wait() works by checking every frame whether time elapsed > wait time. 0.01667 seems like a risky wait duration because if your frames are i.e. 0.0160s long the engine would presumably wait 0.0320s because that's the first check where time is greater than 0.01667. So your 60 fps script becomes something like 31 fps.
  9. For some reason when I run "testmap stealth", with stealth.map in the .pk4, the console just tells me "loading maps/stealth" rather than "loading fms/bcd/bcd_stealth.pk4/maps/stealth". Maybe just unpack and delete that .pk4 after renaming the extension to .zip, so that you get darkmod/fms/bcd/maps/stealth.map. Maybe also split up the console commands into "dmap stealth", then "map stealth". You don't need to load bcd beforehand.
  10. @MirceaKitsuneA lot of the unexpected detections sound like they may be a consequence of this: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=6091
  11. It looks like this is a false alert (no pun intended). AIs that are about to enter combat will have the m_ignorePlayer flag enabled for the duration of their combat preparations (reason given by grayman: AIs ramped up to combat too quickly), which temporarily causes the alert to not be counted until the AI has fully entered combat. I extracted that area into its own test map, put the player start on that ledge and placed the guard just before where he turns around to see the player. I took a series of screenshots showing the resulting behaviour: 1) Level 1 alert (doesn't count for stealth score). 2) Increases to score 2. 3) Increases to score 3, with agitated searching and starts to draw sword 4) Full detection of the player, AI is entering combat. All score stats drop to 0. 5) The AI is done entering combat, score stats are restored and increased to a score of 5. 6) The AI puts away his sword and starts throwing rocks. Score is as before. 7) I duck around a corner where the AI no longer sees me. Now that the AI no longer sees me the seenTime stat is updated. I suppose you quick loaded around 4? I could also imagine that quickly ducking out of view while the AI is entering combat could let you get away with 0 score for that episode, but apart from that possibility it seems it's working as intended. The stealth score was evidently never intended to be exposed like this during the mission so in some situations it only updates after some delay. You can try the test map yourself if you're interested, just put this next to the bcd.pk4 in darkmod/fms/bcd, then enter this console command in TDM: "testmap stealth". bcd_stealth.pk4
  12. It looks like another stealth score bug. What I've fixed so far was: - fully alerted civilians not adding to stealth score because the m_ignorePlayer flag is never cleared for non-combatants - seenTime is not increased for AIs chasing the player in full darkness because they literally can't see the player, they're only using the tactile sense Your new case is notable for the vertical difference between you and the AI, and the fact that -if I interpret what you wrote right - the AI never fully detects the player, even after the score is wiped. Did you expect the AI to fully detect you in that position? Do you have getViewPos (console command) coordinates for that location?
  13. I also find broadheads and thrown moveables quite impotent for distracting AIs - unless they go right past the AI's heads the response isn't much more than a "huh", on "challenging" hearing. They sure made a racket in Thief.
  14. I vaguely remember a spawnarg in the func_animate entityDef that might be useful. Otherwise an approach is to copy the idle .md5animation and replace its 1 frame (joint origins and angles) with the desired frame from the desired anim. You'll need to add that anim to the model's modelDef (or just overwrite an existing .md5animation).
  15. I've added my old 2015-2016 WIP Of Brambles and Thorns to the abandoned repo. It's a large mansion mission set in the woods, suitable for a spooky or detective story, a faithful recreation of the real-life luxury hotel "Halcyon Hall"/posh girls' school "Bennett College", at least with regards to the exterior. You can find lots of historic material on the internet and drone-recorded videos of the whole exterior on Youtube. Architecture is mostly done and some sparse interiors exist. There used to be more interiors, but they were lost during an incorrect backup overwrite - screenshots of some of those interiors can be found in #2 to #10 of this album and in the .pk4's screenshot folder (which is the reason why I personally have little motivation to recreate them, rather than working on my new & original WIPs). There are also some old versions of my custom assets - would be better to switch to the improved versions available in core assets. This FM would be suggested for someone with intermediate mapping experience due to its large size.
  16. I've opened a ticket to ask for .obj model render support to be added to DR so this can catch on better. Support for a universal model format is very significant when obtaining models from online repositories. I'm not sure - the ideal would be if models automatically switched to LOD versions if any are available, and if the stages are in the same file this would be easier to achieve. But I think it's still going to require entityDefs with hand-calibrated distance values. Could still be convenient, the same way how having the shadowmesh and collisionmesh in the same model file is more convenient than having a _cm file somewhere nearby.
  17. I've recently searched the internet with the aim of finding importers and exporters for all model formats used by TDM, both for older and newer versions of Blender and any other common modelling apps. Here's the result: As a precaution I've made a backup of these importers and exporters on TDM's FTP server in case these links go dead. I won't provide download links to them here so we don't compete with the authors' links, but if at some point in the future someone isn't able to model something for TDM because the right import/export scripts don't exist anymore they can contact a team member. If the original authors want their work removed from this backup they can post here, send a PM to a team member or write an email to the address found at the bottom of this page: https://www.thedarkmod.com/team/ ASE Blender 2.80+: Orbweaver and chedap's importers and exporters for ASE & LWO, should be regularly updated (ASE importer only imports geometry, no materials or UVs) Link Blender 2.79b: Orbweaver and chedap's exporters for ASE & LWO Link Blender 2.79b: JediAcademy importers and exporters for ASE & MD3: Link Blender 2.76b: JediAcademy importers and exporters for ASE & MD3: unknown Blender 2.76b: Motorsep's updated importer for ASE (download link access has been restricted): Link LWO Blender 2.80+: Orbweaver's importers and exporters for ASE & LWO, should be regularly updated (2.79b scripts no longer available): Link Blender 2.80+: douglaskastle's importer for LWO: Link Blender 2.79b: ken9's importer for LWO: can't find the link anymore, used to be on Blenderartists.org MD5 Maya: idTech and greebo importers for MD5: Link 3DSMax: Berserker importer and exporter for MD5: Link Blender 2.80: KozGit importers and exporters for MD5: Link Blender 2.79b: Nemyax importers and exporters for MD5, made for 2.66 and still works for 2.79b: Link Blender 2.72: RPGista's guide for MD5: Link Blender 2.66: Sotha's guide for MD5 (access to the link for Arcturus' rig has been restricted): Link MD3 Blender 2.79b: JediAcademy importers and exporters for ASE & MD3: Link
  18. Not if they can use TDM 2.11 dev work as an excuse and never formally announced their participation...
  19. That's easy, just ask a bunch of devs to upload their test maps and work from there. I actually had an idea for a contest where the community submits mission ideas and the best ones get distributed randomly among the contest participants.
  20. Not really, I think it was horrific for the AI more than anything else. Well, maybe a small segment of the playerbase enjoys spooking our AIs.
  21. That should already be possible to enable in the settings, i.e. under "movement".
  22. Alright, looks like this fixes it: clearing ignorePlayer when the AI enters the fleeing state:
  23. Thanks - looks like if you alert civilians anything less than suddenly they get into a pre-combat state for one frame where the ignorePlayer flag gets enabled, so my check for the "fleeing" state comes too late. It should be solvable by instead checking whether the AI is at all capable of fighting.
  24. Any first post advertising a link is highly suspicious.
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