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  1. ROFL @ Intro. Never thought about calling it my "blackjack". Always preferred calling it my "shortsword", lmao. (and i do love backstabbing with it)
  2. Don't get upset, nobohr... I barely noticed it, so immersive it were! (i was listening to my albums and studying at the same time, too, so perhaps you could team it up with other activities, so it wouldnt be so much a time loss) Btw, does anyone know if the cell with the dead man inside, at the very beggining of the game (hardly a spoiler) is openable?
  3. Actually the "bes" there in my name is supposed to emulate pagan spelling. And it took me a some minutes to figure out that possibility, and lots more minutes jumping into nothingness till i got it right =/
  4. Diego! Como foram suas férias ? (p/ mim 2 semanas =/ !) Quando vamos ter o prazer de ter uma FM tua? Qual seria o estilo (terror,aventura,etc).
  5. This reminded me a lot of Lost City in T1. I experienced, though, unfrobabble lot, noticeably in the . I also had and still have, throught the mission, an incredibly low FPS rate (only one? hopefully). Two questions: I have yet to finish it though, and on my way back ill explore it more throughtly - other than that i pretty much mopped up the objective list.
  6. What stumpy said is right - even with my glitch rendering all weapons unusable, i managed to get past that part. hint: it is not meant to be a "leap of faith" like in Assassin's Creed (wich was plain laughtable)
  7. Okay stumpy, followed ur advice (and thanks for the spoiler, i wouldnt be able to find that out with this glitch im experiencing). My overall expressions were: you're officially my favourite author to date (perhaps landing a little behind Springheel in storytelling)! Lost City, Constantine's Mansion, Krellek's Labyrinth, Shalebridge Cradle, The Mages Tower, this one, with a little twaking, earns a place between those many of my favourites. Critique: you could do something more to earn the players simpathy, make em feel like theyre in the characters skin, thus improving immersion (not sure what would do the trick, though). And a little digressing: Did anyone else notice the backside of (red) spiders looks like a demonic face? I was more than once scared when i mistook it for a floating demonic orb LOL
  8. My TDM starting screen shows TDM 1.02... and i experienced similar troubles with Glenham Tower, but only after quickloads. All other missions ran fine. Could it be that my update was partially corrupt? (and I´ve checked my keyboard mapping, so thats not the problem)
  9. I think im experiencing some bug... just started this mission and all my weapons (items on the lower left corner) are unusable... just my sword and blackjack show up but im not able to swing them for good. Is this how it was scripted, specifically? Anyone else experiencing it?
  10. Now something in that same room (i think) comes back to haunt me - ?
  11. Well im glad to know none else had any technical trouble =D I completed it yesterday anyway, in one shot sessions (Wasnt that difficult to plan and then ghost my way towards the goals after reading all these spoilers). Gotta say, this is one of the few missions ive seen in TDM with that sophisticated scripting (wich, alongside with the AI having conversations with each others and making puns while on patrol, were my favourite features in the forerunner games). Thumbs up!
  12. Hi, just started the misson but im having technical issues - whenever i quicksave (or do a named save) after i load it the game will suffer an abrupt fall in FPS, and it woudl also freeze/crash often. Things that have made me think this is in fact some kind of glitch is that, among others, rope arrows become unusable to me after i deploy them- and i have been able to "knock" those rafter-like pieces of wood sticking out of the tower with an arrow (is this how it was meant to be?lol) =/ Wonder if im the only one?
  13. Fidcal, if you allow me so, id like to try giving a "smart-assed hint" (always wanted to do so!) -
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