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  1. I see what you mean. This is why texture compression or at least downscaling would be a good idea. Hopefully a way around it can be found someday. If not I can live with this being a mod, especially since you only need to put the pk4 in and that's it! Just hope there's enough guarantee that it can be maintained. Maybe it can become an official addon, still separate but maintained by the devs? I probably should not throw so many ideas at once again xD
  2. Not yet but I can see how that would be a good idea. I can use sys.getcvar() to read any setting correct? It should be a piece of cake to make it more configurable and possible to toggle then, should do this for the next update. In the meantime this is experimental anyway, so the pk4 is recommended for players who wish to toy with the concept.
  3. Judging from the screenshots, I honestly feel this one should be merged into vanilla TDM and replace the originals, or at least some of the textures in it should. Occasional low-res textures are an annoyance and such a patch is super welcome IMHO. I'm kind of afraid to try it because I might get too used to it and not want to give it up if an update ever breaks them
  4. I'm glad this thread exists since I absolutely have a nomination to make. Every rock model found under darkmod/nature/rocks uses low-res images that look almost like Minecraft texture resolution, you can count the pixels with your finger. I saw some of them in-game as well and the low resolution is definitely noticeable. It shouldn't be difficult to see what I mean... They're models but luckily using generic stone textures. Thus they should be possible to improve with a new image which may even be allowed to tile a few times.
  5. After some amount of work I'm happy to be able to share my Christmas gift for TDM! Or at least half of it, considering the other half is still only in design phase. I created an addon that implements detailed player functionality, inspired by the first DeusEx game (The Conspiracy). It's NOT a mission script but an addon, meaning you place the pk4 in your TDM directory to enable the system and it will automatically work in each and every FM. Note that due to using tdm_user_addons.script / user_addon_init() it may disable or get disabled by other addons you have installed... this is a desig
  6. Hmmm. Can you try giving the room a window, ideally visible in the mirror (behind it), which leads to an opening textures with portal sky and a sky box? That's the only specific I can think of in my setup that doesn't appear here.
  7. That's weird and makes things complicated then. I don't see how it could be map related unless I'm doing something very unusual, so more likely it's some graphical setting I may have enabled. I'd rather not share my super unfinished map just yet so I'm not sure how I can further help on the mirror bug. I'll think on it in case anything comes to mind. I love the way that furniture looks! Thank you for another very welcome asset contribution
  8. I also found another issue, super minor one this time: The default citywatch AI (atdm:ai_citywatch_lesser) periodically spam console warnings about pickup_eat_righthand and AIUSE_EAT. It's also from my FM but I'm using a default entity which seems to be erroring out on a builtin animation. As far as anything relevant that's map specific could be involved, I can share the spawnargs I customize the two AI with in case one may be relevant: pos_attach5 hand_l def_attach5 atdm:prop_winebottle def_head atdm:ai_head_citywatch_clothcoif def_vocal_set atdm:ai_vocal_set_drunk_citywatch_01 drunk 1 si
  9. I don't see how this can be a mapper fault since everything else works fine and my map has no leaks, only mirrors are broken and not rendering the ceiling of the room. I wasn't using my WIP map for testing purposes either: I permanently switched to the 2.09 Beta, both to have the the latest version as well as help test it... incidentally I chose to take a look at my FM today for other reasons when I noticed this. If I see the issue in another FM I'll be playing I will submit its data. I'd recommend looking at any FM that uses the mirror shader and seeing if the same issue occurs. I rememb
  10. It's a FM I'm working on and unfortunately not public yet nor anywhere near being ready for it. Luckily I developed most of it on 2.08 and can say for sure I didn't notice this issue a few weeks ago: I only did again today and wondered what might have happened, then realized I was on the 2.09 beta and it's likely that.
  11. New bug found. 2.09 seems to break mirrors... quite literally Screenshots taken from two different rooms, the map is freshly dmapped with no errors or leaks or other geometric issues visible directly.
  12. Even r_postprocess_desaturation was turned off? That one sucks since it helps with the rustic effect and 0.05 was a very reasonable default. At this point I think I'm going to create my own cfg aiming for more hyper-realistic graphics, where I'll play and try to come up with nicer looking values for those settings: I wanted to tweak the bloom and such to make it more realistic anyway.
  13. I remember seeing it a few times but forgot exactly where. The only example I remember now is from today while playing an old FM called The Creeps: You should hear it with the double doors on the floor leading downwards when trying to open or pick them from outside (tiny FM so easy to find).
  14. I didn't think of forking the inventory menu to add my functionality, but now that I think twice I might just do that. Especially since one of my other dreams was adding a DeusEx type grid inventory thingie... prolly too complex for me but it would resonate with making my own copy. Thanks, will keep in mind and consider that option. I'm afraid so, would have been surprised if it worked any other way. That's why the engine can ideally leave as much as possible up to the scripting system, though of course basic functionalities must remain hard coded. I wish weapons were removed from the
  15. I think I may have found my first bug. And I don't remember noticing it before this beta so it might be specific to it. When you interact with some doors (trying to open, trying to lockpick, clicking noises while lockpicking, etc) the sound is heard at a very low volume, I'd say twice as low as it normally should be. Something tells me this has to do with the door entity being seen as sitting on the other side of the vis portal it's closing, thus the engine is likely culling the sound coming from that door due to forgetting doors should make an exception to this rule.
  16. Maybe I will use one? I was ultimately planning to have the player inject himself with different arrows to randomly enhance a skill in that arrow's category... the selected weapon would be checked when the use key was pressed, given no item is also selected and nothing in-world is being frobbed. This idea kind of sucks though. Still leaning toward using loot as skill points instead. But even if I use a GUI I need a button to open it up! And like I said a custom key bind won't work as I also have to give it a default value and add it to the main menu which would require hacking into the ex
  17. In my case I plan to use it for a plugin I'm making. Not disclosing too much about it at the moment... only thing I decided to say is I'm planning to include a skill system that lets you upgrade the player to enhance abilities, by which I mean the few abilities I can use the script system to modify. I need a way to let the player issue a command for upgrading various skills, and I'm not fond of making a full GUI for it just yet nor adding new keybinds which would have to be placed in the main menu as well.
  18. I see. My understanding was this is a system used to store flags in a single integer as information that could be extracted from that number. Like if your number is 5, you'd know that with powers of two it could only be 4 + 1, thus it must contain bit 1 and 4 but not 2 or 8 or 16. My understanding may not be complete though.
  19. Got around to replaying this great FM again. It was fun to enjoy it after so long, especially now in the age of soft shadows and sharpness filter. Interestingly I felt that this time it exposed some underlying limitations in TDM particularly how AI handle panic.
  20. Yeah this is a bit confusing. And indeed I should be able to simply print what .getButtons() says while holding down different buttons, that should give me the necessary result. 76 seems wrong though as it's not a power of two, IIRC that's how bits work.
  21. Now I can confirm everything works perfectly. Thanks again for all of the help!
  22. So using the .getButtons() example, how do I get _impulse51? That seems to be using a bit: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. Is it known which bit that impulse is?
  23. Latest DarkRadiant Git master is still doing it I'm afraid (Codereader's origin). Fresh CMake setup obviously, I run "git clean -dfx" before each update. Cannot find the main module in any of the paths: /archive/mircea/Games/Quake/TheDarkMod/DarkRadiant_GIT/build/install/bin/../lib/darkradiant/modules/; /archive/mircea/Games/Quake/TheDarkMod/DarkRadiant_GIT/build/install/bin/../lib/darkradiant/plugins/ The path changed since I'm now installing to DarkRadiant_GIT/build/install which is the logical directory to use.
  24. So there isn't a reliable way to check if the USE key is being pressed? In its case though what userbutton would I try to go for... like which of the bits is the use key? Maybe it works, but sadly it feels a bit unreliable from what you're saying.
  25. Now it seems the issue has changed slightly: ./darkradiant: error while loading shared libraries: libwxutil.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory It's the same path issue though: Linking lib64 into lib fixes it, so DR is still looking for the non-64 lib path somewhere. If need be I'll use -DENABLE_RELOCATION=OFF next time, checking if this final path issue can be solved too. And also maybe move the install path to /build/install then... the original /install is indeed a Git directory but for some reason it drew me to think that's where I should be installing
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