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  1. We've been running the WS6 beta test for 6+ weeks now, and no one has reported the overflow problem. I suspect (hope?) the current state of the beta is such that the overflow will no longer appear. I'd be willing to release under these conditions.
  2. Apparently the in-game loader can't see updates if the mission in question is currently installed. Install a different mission, and the update becomes visible. Seems like odd and non-intuitive behavior.
  3. Years ago, we had a request that the console show the name of the currently-playing ambient sound shader. If it’s not a stock TDM song, you can ask the map author where he got it.
  4. There's no new WS4 available through the in-game downloader when I use the latest SVN build (built by me).
  5. No. As focused as I am to stay on my task at hand, I missed that there was a repaired version. Will check when I can. The *.map file is all that changed?
  6. With the latest SVN build, I get this error playing WS4: The Warrens: "ERROR:idMoveable 'Cylinder2': cannot load collision model models/_roth_gen/voice_cylinder_06f5f4bb48a4828a.proxy" I thought the proxies were working around this?
  7. The trigger will occur according to the rules on the wiki
  8. Sorry to hear this. Do you have any savegames during the time you're ascending the tower, working your way up to the disassembled clock mechanism? You'll probably have to back up a ways, then go complete the chest objective and proceed up to where you meet the priest, before you do anything to him. Just so you know, you can choose to KO the priest or kill him. Each choice gives a slightly different cinematic. Good luck! Thanks for playing.
  9. Glad you enjoyed it. It’s nice to have folks playing it after so many years.
  10. You can use the DR model scaler to create new versions of modeled entities. I don’t know if it will work with AI. Don’t use the ‘rotation’ spawnarg to change size. No longer legal.
  11. It’s a thieves highway mission. stay off the streets
  12. Internal Development->TDM Mission Beta Testing There's no thread there yet for WS7; I'm creating the pk4 now.
  13. I'm looking for beta testers for the next William Steele mission. Testing will be done on TDM 2.08. The beta testers for WS6 - Baleford Museum are encouraged to sign up for this one as well. WS6 segues into WS7, and it's important that the transition be tested to be sure it makes sense. If you're inclined to sign up for WS7, and you didn't test WS6, I encourage you to complete WS6 first. Testing will be managed from the Beta Testing forum thread. Thanks!
  14. Go look at how I created this in Cleighmoor. It uses location entities, spawnargs on the AI, and scripting. Search for “breath” in the ws3_cleighmoor.script file. You need to mark location entities as warm or cold, also, so a puffing guard stops puffing when he comes in from the cold.
  15. Ok, that's enough of watching the "warming hands" effort unfold ... I hope this helps. warming.zip
  16. I found a telescope in The Accountant 2. It's not a TDM asset, so ask Goldwell about borrowing it?
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