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  1. In the case of the 2 Steele missions I’m working on now, solution 2 is impossible and would result in using solution 4, which would end the Steele missions at WS5. which would be a shame, after years of work. I explained the situation to stgatilov. Hopefully, GUI changes will be done in such a way that they will allow for the customizations I need. If it appears at any point that the answer becomes ‘no’, then my work on Steele ends immediately.
  2. As long as the new stock GUI provides the same experience as the custom GUI.
  3. The existence of the "DON'T CHANGE" line means "don't change". It doesn't mean "ask for permission before you change this". (What it truly means is "if you customize this GUI, then be prepared to update your mission to include future changes the devs make to the original file".) I have no idea if dev changes made over the years made their way into the customized files.
  4. I'll PM you with my needs. Since posting them here would expose the storyline, I prefer my needs stay private, so as not to "give away" what's going on.
  5. Yes, shadows are necessary. I'm not sure how not painting moonlight on surfaces already painted with non-moonlight would improve the scene.
  6. Having participated in the recent discussion about moonlight problems, I wandered away somewhere near the end of the discussion. How did this end up? Is there a simple new way to properly show parallel moonlight? I searched this forum, and also searched the Wiki, and can't spot anything that answers these questions. Thanks.
  7. I'm in the process of creating WS6 (Baleford Museum) and WS7 (The Builders' Forge). I hope to release them simultaneously in the next 6 months, health permitting. I'm at the point where it's time to install the voices for a few conversations and monologues. If you're interested in providing some voice acting, please let me know. Experience isn't necessary (new voices are ALWAYS welcome), and I'll walk the inexperienced through the process. Just make sure you've got a good setup (so we don't need to manually filter out background noises, for example). I won't be doing any po
  8. Through some digging, I've located the 13 secrets. I'll PM you the item coordinates.
  9. I haven't taken over maintenance of the list. I think mission authors have been responsible in the past. Contact the usual suspects (not me) if you don't have permission to update Wiki pages. Then you can manage your mission info.
  10. stgatilov's suggestion that a "last update" date over a year old would remove 40 missions from the list. Leaving 7. So, to me, the list is misleading. "Wow! Look at all the missions being worked on!!" Well, not really.
  11. Tentative release date? Year, at least
  12. I remember the first time I was asked to look at a problem pre-beta in this map. It took a couple minutes to fix the bug, but over 20 minutes to dmap to check the fix. whaaaaa??
  13. In the WIP list, there are many very old missions that I suspect have been abandoned at this point. Still listing them clutters up the list. So we can get a much clearer view of what's in the works (and actually has a chance of being released), could mission authors remove from the list missions they're no longer working on? Thanks!
  14. 2 Hours in and I have to say this is a Most Excellent mission. Lots of nooks and crannies to explore. And so beautiful to look at.
  15. Congratulations to the team, especially Bikerdude. Looking forward to playing this one.
  16. Though I'm not available to debug elevator problems, I can make a suggestion that has nothing to do with moving AI or trying new elevators or moving buttons, etc. Back when St. Lucia was getting a facelift, the guards refused to use the small elevator in the mission. Nothing I did involving the elevator or guards would solve the problem. Then I noticed that pathfinding, which likes to calculate distances and reachability between the centers of AAS clusters, was setting the center of a cluster at the bottom floor of the elevator high up on a worldbrush piece of door trim. Way up off t
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