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  1. Am I the only one who distinctly wants to see a guy with a cane in his own house and have to piece together, looking at signs made of bumps, that he won't see me, merely hear me? You could even include some kind of cipher the player would need to figure out based on braille. Seriously considering making a new thread for this. Semi-relevant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdNcJFG6Xdk
  2. It looks like I'll be the first person to cover the game on Expert with S-Rank.
  3. edit: wrong thread, delete this post please (I need to stop late-night posting)
  4. Try out Shadow Warrior, it's by the guys who did Hard Reset.
  5. Ideas that anyone here is free to have, just credit me if it ends up being used, I suppose. Levels of bodily decay. The Dark Mod zombies are visibly dead corpses, and that's fine, but it's either that or partial skeletal enemies. I've never seen a hanging or broken jaw, or a zombie that's visibly shambling despite a broken leg. The most unnerving zombie aspect I've seen are arrows I can pickpocket from them, and nothing has quite matched that since, so I'd like to see that topped. Hints of their durability are quite welcome for the implication-basis horror.I would love to see a level featuring zombies not as "acting" monsters but entranced and wielded in a disturbing manner. I don't know if this fits lore, or if there even is a set of rules regarding how we depict the undead, but what I'm thinking is a room of zombies that simply don't move, standing in place, moaning and simply waiting as though their master put them there for later. The thief's challenge isn't to get past them due to light, but simply to avoid touching them in a tight, confined quarter filled with them. Red strobe lighting exploited to the best extent we could. I feel like whenever I see a zombie asleep it's a bit of a cop out. This is coming from someone who has admittedly not played every level, however. Would love to be proven wrong on this count.Crowds of zombies. I've never seen more than five zombies in a room together and I feel like nothing would be creepier than slowly slipping through a dozen zombies all standing still in a room for whatever reason.Blind zombies? I don't feel like blind AI is done enough in stealth games (and I feel like there's a dark comedy to it that we aren't eager to admit to), and it's the kind of thing I think Dark Mod would be able to excel at compared to any other game. Notes alluding to someone's lack of sight, or ropes around a house. Context clues pointing to blindness in an AI with sensitive hearing that won't see you is something I have yet to see in a game outside of, for whatever reason, Hitman Absolution's suit level, my least favorite mission in the entire game.Sorry that turned into a request only semi-related at the end but it's one I'd really like to see. Hope some of this helps on some level.
  6. I wouldn't advise it unless you're a fan of Metal Gear, but I'm one of the people that enjoyed Ground Zeroes for being shorter and more well made overall. Phantom Pain just doesn't feel finished, at all. Wait for a sale, because what is there is pretty fun, if unpolished.
  7. Any particular genres? And are you limited by gamepad or not?
  8. Am I the only one who feels like the AI is way, way too blind for how big the world is?
  9. In the process of playing through MGS 3 again I really do have to say that between Thief, MGS3 and Chaos Theory I don't see why so many modern stealth games fail to emphasize sound so well. I must confess that until this recent challenge run I did I saw MGS 3 as just good, but on replay it's simply great.
  10. I figure I'd put my videos of one of the best stealth games ever made with no sense of shame. There aren't enough minimalist runs of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater in my opinion.
  11. That's a webcam, it doesn't produce sound.
  12. Admittedly I'm not sure, it's one of the following, though.
  13. To be frank I'm kind of ticked because someone actually donated this to me under the pretense of making a video series, and this is putting a gap in it. It's all right for a five buck Thief clone on Steam, though it's only really worth your time if you've tried the Dark Mod, Thief 3, SC: Chaos Theory and want even more. Still better than Thief 4.
  14. Negative, it appears on general basis. As I said, seems to be totally random.
  15. I posted a pretty serious issue in the technical support section of the forums, and it's been 6 months since the last update (which was admittedly quite nice), so I'm rather worried that this is going to be something I'll have to handle manually to do videos of what is otherwise a rather nice game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KdeQdYZ7VQ This seems to happen at random, during game play, menus and cutscenes. Not sure why, and I think we can all agree the sound bugging out is a pretty big deal for any potential videos. It tends to stop happening given time, but this is something I'd have to play around in my series. And no, this doesn't happen in any other game.
  16. It seems that it can only do so much; I was given an update that triggered a massive blue screen of desperation for me despite using the plugin.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CDgzy9zvdA It's taking a while to get to this level, so I figured you'd want to know that you reminded me of a song. Once I return from the trip I'm on, I'll be recording the route I've made
  18. I'm not sure if I'm valuable enough, though I'd like to wait until I'm finished up with the earlier Penny Dreadful missions. I'd like access, if only to help in the future, if it's quite all right.
  19. Edit: Oh whoops, this is actually on the wrong Penny Dreadful, my mistake. If someone could delete this post that would be nice.
  20. I can safely say after playing both of your Dark Mod Talbot levels, Melan, that you are the only one that emphasizes vertical design this damned much. That is not a complaint.
  21. Seeing as how this is generally speaking the "Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory" thread (feel free to rename and edit posts as needed, eh mods?) I figured I'd make this post here. Two of the main developers from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, the greatest stealth game ever made next to Metal Gear Solid 3, Thief 1/2 and Hitman Blood Money, walk through the best level in the entire series and explain their thought and developmental processes. There is a lot to learn from this video.
  22. Everyone here is paranoid of lawyers, and rightfully so, due entirely to how fragile things become when you involve actual intellectual property and turn what is legally freeware into a fan creation. It's much more comfortable overall to not exist on the whim of a bored lawyer who feels like he needs to validate his paycheck.
  23. That's because it's average. It's not great, not bad. I would recommend any given game out of the Hitman trilogy and any of the other two Death to Spies games first, but the game is made of small, memorable aspects that will end up saving it into a memorable place. If you're okay with a simplified Hitman game that has interesting levels, like killing several saboteurs on a USS Aircraft Carrier during the height of the cold war, all under the nose of the Navy within, you'll probably like this game. This game and Snake Eater are the only damned things that scratch my itch for 1960's espionage.
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