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  1. Seems that fraps works just fine. I'm still running into a familiar problem with it on Dark Mod though; after long enough in a map it seems to effectively drop to single digits in FPS until I stop recording. I'll try that, though halfway into a series I feel like it would be a tad inconsistent to change such a major feature. Thanks for the notice and advice though, it'll be going into the saboteur run. Edit: It seems fraps plays nice once I set it to a different file placement.
  2. I can't seem to capture Dark Mod on dxtory or fraps past 19 frames per second, anyone have any idea what's wrong? It was working just fine a week ago, not entirely sure what's the culprit. Fixed: Fraps works fine, once you make sure your file destination is set properly.
  3. I've routed the level, and there are JUST enough water arrows to ensure you can do a stealth score 0, all loot run without ticking off any AI with blood stains. I'll be doing a video on it in due time.
  4. It made me feel strange to notice NOBODY had done a video on the level, so I'm hoping you folks will enjoy it.
  5. Hah, Let's Plays implies I would dare to destroy your atmosphere with my voice. No, I'm not into that, it's why we have annotations. Don't take me as the common player, either, I tend to do all loot stealth score 0 runs as a form of self-challenge.
  6. What about doors being relockable like in Thief?
  7. Has there been any discussion of dropping keys like in Thief 1 and 2?
  8. Simply loved it. It felt like what Thief 3 was trying to accomplish with some of it's more aristocratic missions.
  9. Loved the level, any sequels to be done? Edit: Since nobody seems to mind when I include the video in the thread, here it is.
  10. I've made a video of the level on hardest difficulty with all loot, optional objectives and a stealth score of 0. Is posting that sort of thing allowed here?
  11. Given that the samples are so similar, I think I'm just going to let the track and copyright nature of the video be, if that makes sense.
  12. I'm aware, but I suppose what I'm asking is what avenue to take. Do I argue that it isn't actually the stock music being used? Do I argue that I technically have the rights to use the music? What on that chart do I do, under what specific excuse/argument towards the claim? You need to understand I know next to nothing about the legal or technical nature of the Dark Mod, and I'm at a loss as to how to react in this grey area. As far as I know none of you own any of the music in your game, but I can't be SURE of that either. So I figured I should ask at the source.
  13. So, I posted a video of "Let Sleeping Thieve's Lie" and something odd happened. The video was found to contain copyrighted musical material by Killer Tracks. http://m.killertracks.com/Browse/Labels/CD%20Listing/CD%20Details/Track%20Details.aspx?cdId=7244&wId=461445 I'm rather weirded out by this, and am wondering how to go about dealing with this, if at all. If the creators of the mod paid for the stock music, is it technically okay to say I have rights to use it in my video as it is from the mod? What the hell is the standing on this, if any?
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