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  1. Checking checking checking... You are right. https://pp.vk.me/c604519/v604519354/27dcf/P85tJInESXs.jpg Silly me. Due to drastic sloweness of my editor I had turned off plenty of elements at Filters menu last time I launched it. A year ago or about.
  2. The steps are: https://pp.vk.me/c604519/v604519354/27db4/z3Acumzw1s4.jpg https://pp.vk.me/c604519/v604519354/27d89/ET6xf1oL-4I.jpg https://pp.vk.me/c604519/v604519354/27d65/0tAt1sh-a38.jpg https://pp.vk.me/c604519/v604519354/27d43/w8LecfxuXW4.jpg https://pp.vk.me/c604519/v604519354/27d21/nXPd0rMpmOM.jpg https://pp.vk.me/c604519/v604519354/27cf1/FwTCCpfOhBw.jpg What's wrong, exactly?
  3. Okay, I see the patch (it looks like "Not found"), but when I apply a decal texture to it, it disappears again, that it, becomes fully transparent. Is it OK?
  4. I did as adviced and the selection just cancelled... No patch to apply any textures to... What am I meant to do then?
  5. Oh, sorry, sorry, that's not the pic, not that pardon me
  6. Okay. I'll post it later. Is it very hard to make a trigger like this: 1) The Watch is friendly to player; 2) There are public and private areas; 3) If a guard sees player being in a private area he became hostile. This would be great if I could have only that exact guard becoming hostile (and spreading this hostility over other guards he meets) but it's okay if the whole fraction will change to enemies.
  7. I didn't know about layers. Sounds good. Mmm... this may be OK... My story is no longer than one map... I would like to build one big, detailed and athmospheric map.
  8. The problem is, I don't want another just-a-playable-map, I want to make a cinematic story including cutscenes. I doubt this can be done by one man himself. Even the concept-proof "Saint Lucia" map was made by a team. And it's just... just a very cool, detailed and polished map. There aren't many scripts, the whole thing's about design. There aren't moving trams or something (that I would like to implement). Sorry it would be better if I added this to my first message I have shared too liitle information, that's why people decided I need help in combining walls together. I will maybe provide some more schemas and the map later in a specific topic.
  9. No, I have managed to do a little better. You see, when I open say "Tears of Saint Lucia" in my editor my PC stucks forever. And it ain't so huge, just my PC is damn old))
  10. I can't manage complex terrain, this ain't "build the whole map". There is a straight street and I can't make a freeshape making it a bit rough AND realistic. I have already built a small map. My map isn't small though. It even isn't properly displayed in the editor due to large size. I can surely build some small parts of it as separate maps and paste it later...I'm curious, how was it made in House of locked Secrets: separate copies of some parts and teleports between them? I need to have the map dramatically changed (including changing global light, adding fog, changing skybox, removing buildings' parts, adding corpses and removing some living characters). I believe this could be achieved making two different copies of this part and teleporting between them.
  11. Hey. Is it possible that someone could be interested and help me? I could share the details in a private message.
  12. LoL! I was frightened like a puppy but then amused like a child when the Bad Man bashed into the room, opened the other wardrobe (if you know what I mean), comically moaned in despair and left. I don't need any coupon, if I can still buy this novella I will. Obviously the one who mastered this FM can't write a bad book. Geez! What a cool stuff. If you are interested, I had an idea about creating a FM having daylight and a non-criminal (well, at the beginning) hero. I even scribbled a scenery and some schemas. But I'm lacking mapping skills (e.g. complex terrain and scripts. I prefer to do more general design stuff). Also, my PC is a bit outdated and runs editor extremely slow having a big mess of objects in it. I know what to do, I know what is it about but still didn't make it Maybe it's not hopeless trying to get some help&cooperation in the forum? Huh? Yeah, sorry, this must be in an other topic.
  13. God bless it man! When the Bad Man had knocked at the door I nearly shitted myself! Me, having played Thief 1 old mines&tombs levels many times!..
  14. Hey. It's been awhile since I was here last time. Few days ago I continued settling my map with objects again. Can I post some schemes or shots here or in a nearby topic to get experinced users' remarks and criticism?
  15. It may depend on where the game looks for shared libraries and where they truly are. For example it may search them in /usr/lib while they are in /lib.
  16. If I set a button spawnarg 'locked', it's still frobable and clickable, but doesn't do anything, right? (I need exactly that behaviour.) Oh, just test it, Luke
  17. THis is obvious but, d**n, I had nicely shaped a patch earlier and it's looking like crap. Who can say the brush won't?..
  18. No. I just marked 3D view with red, because the blueprint on the picture wasn't so hard to see. Maybe it's because of a big grid size, and that triangle doesn't fit into it.
  19. It must be half of a pyramid. It's difficult for me to shape a brush like this.
  20. I couldn't get it asked more precisely. Thought that pictures would say more than tricky speaking. See, I've formed a triangle with vertices and in the drawing it looks like nice triangle but when rendered in game it looks odd and clumsy.
  21. Re: patch vertices transforming https://pp.vk.me/c627723/v627723788/5a01/HBV0JXx9kCU.jpg https://pp.vk.me/c627723/v627723788/5a09/24KgJovGo4Y.jpg https://pp.vk.me/c627723/v627723788/59f9/UpXqG0jSAaM.jpg and https://pp.vk.me/c627723/v627723788/59f1/OwDjU8eoxsQ.jpg https://pp.vk.me/c627723/v627723788/59e8/lZex6UU61Ds.jpg Why?
  22. I'm selecting a button model in the model list and then I'm not able to convert it to elevator_button entity. The corresponding option is grayed. And when I'm trying to create an entity from scratch, it says I had not selected a brush. Why? Aye we have! atdm:mover_elevator_button! Oh, it's okay. I could only convert it from Entity properties tab. I thought it's okay to RMB and Create entity, too. It worked in other instances before.
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