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  1. Hm, is it raining (outside of the church I mean)? If so, then something is maybe wrong with my TDM installation or settings... I always thought it's just an upcoming thunderstorm, since there wasn't any rain outside. And yes, getting the feeling that it's raining outside whenever you're in a certain section of a building would be awesome (very light rain sound when you're in a church, a bit louder when you're searching an attic, etc...). Oh, and those wonderful windows from "A Noble Home" should be default for any mission with rainy weather.
  2. Wow, that second pic... I want to walk around... no, I want to live in that building! Looks so good!
  3. Hey mappers, you're in need of a custom-made ambient track for your new mission? Got some fantastic track provided by your voice talent, but said track is suffering from hum, buzz or anything? Well, you may have found the right place. I'm offering tracks, assistance and solutions for lots of audio/music related problems. Custom-Made Ambient Tracks I can produce tracks for (almost) any kind of mission. Just give me as many details as you can, and I'll try to write/produce something that fits your mission. - Tell me about the location, the interior of a room (or even better let me see a screenhot, if you're cool with that) - Let me know about the style of the mission - Tell me what has been going on in that particular room (spooky library, busy hallway, attic full of secrets...) - You need a track that is less ambient, but a tad more like conventional music? Let's talk about it. Discretion is guaranteed, as we don't want to leak any information about upcoming mission. Just post your request in this thread, and we can do the rest via PM. I'm just hoping that this thread gets bumped to the top every now and then, so others mappers can use this service too. Custom-Made Intro/Briefing Music Not availabe yet.... I'll write a few words about this within the next few days... Audio Restoration Sometimes it's just not possible to get a good-sounding, noise-free and clean recording, so you gotta make do with the tools you have at your disposal. In that case I can try to polish your audio file, reduce noise, improve speech intelligibillity etc. The outcome of such a "forensic audio activity" heavily depends on the quality of the source track. I'll have to review each case, but usually I can predict if it's worth the effort or if it's a hopeless case (and you should try to re-record the track under better cicrumstances). One important thing: Please do not make me download huge 24bit .wav audio files or large screenshots. My mobile internet connection has a horrible traffic limitation, and I need every single MB for my work. Please take that into consideration. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Glad you find this useful. I appreciate the appreciation, ha! Looks like there are two things I gotta do: 1. I will revisit that test-template soon, and make a couple of full length ambient tracks free to grab for everyone. We can talk about uploading/distribution in this thread. 2. I'll start a new thread where mappers can ask for stuff. I'll explain in detail how they request custom-made ambient tracks, small pieces of music for intros/briefings, audio restoration (in case they are working with a voice talent who's got only simple tools at hand) etc. edit: "custom-shop" thread is up and running: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17186-ambient-tracks-audio-restoration-custom-shop-for-mappers/?do=findComment&comment=372726
  5. Just built some small template on my audio workstation. Here's an example showing five tracks in a row. Those are what I'd call "generic tracks", not too much going on, can be used almost everywhere. I could do plenty of those, it's not really time-consuming. http://www.file-upload.net/download-10672957/ambtest.mp3.html Then there's that other kind of track, like I mentioned above. Mappers could place orders: "Hey, I could use a track for a really big library, where the player must find evidence of a murder/crime/whatever that happened a long, long time ago." In that case I'd try to create a track you can easily listen to for 10 minutes or more without getting bored, and maybe the track would have some rather sad elements in it, because of the bad thing that happened in that place long ago. Or orders for very small and important places, where you find a clue, a switch, or anything. Or big busy places with plenty of guards. Or whatever.... Kind of hard to explain. Think of the mapper as a film director, who's trying to create a very intense atmosphere. Something like that.
  6. I agree, some of the tracks are indeed getting old, even if they are well-crafted. Well, I'll fire up my machine today and upload some demos/samples (as Sotha suggested) and we'll take it from there. I've seen some tech specifications - stereo 160kbps ogg - for ambient tracks. Sounds reasonable to me, so I'll use that format? Got some decent tools at hand, so hammering out new tracks every now an then isn't much of a problem. I'd say it's just a matter of inspiration... I'm talking about those kind of loops that have a relatively strong musical quality to them, think Widow Moira's House in T3... I think I should try deliver that kind of tracks, too. Those might not get used that much, but when applied properly those can intensify the game-play quite a bit. Anyway, I'll see what kind of tracks I'll do in my first test and then we can talk.
  7. Hey Taffers, quick question from an audio guy who just signed up here. Is there still a need for ambient tracks? I had countless hours of fun playing TDM, so I thought I'd invest some time and contribute music. In case anyone needs some custom-made ambient tracks for their next mission, just let me know. Maybe I should've started a new topic - "Ambient Tracks On Demand" - but I thought I'd better post this in here. Okay, that's all for now.
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