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  1. By the way, I know some people mentioned improving lighting skills, and I finally found an article that actually discusses some of the theory behind lighting that I can comprehend: http://www.blog.radiator.debacle.us/2015/03/lighting-theory-for-3d-games-part-2.html

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    2. peter_spy


      He kind of repeats all the stuff I got saved in presentations elsewhere (he uses some of them as quotes in his articles), but that's ok.

    3. Sotha


      I think he says mostly obvious things... but might be a good read to a person new to mission design.

    4. jaredmitchell


      Yeah, demagogue, in part 5 of the article he mentions The Dark Mod because of how it undoes the hard shadow features of idTech4, which is pretty neat.


      And mostly I had issues with other materials being circulated here in regard to lighting because they didn't really explain the function of lighting and its placement.

  2. Anyone have much experience with CryEngine/Lumberyard? I'm trying to figure out why it isn't used by more teams, and why a lot of games made with it tend to be buggy.

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    2. teh_saccade


      A lot of bugs in the engine can be "fixed " by including "-RenderProfile Max 45" in the launch parms, iirc. Idk, I use it for virtual photography / reference imaging only now, for painting or other digital image / bullshots.

    3. stumpy


      microsoft cancelled a game with them, causing the money problems, and they had to get rid of their uk studio. Uk studio is still there its just not part of crytek anymore. I heard they were working on a new engine so it might be why they are not fixing the old one.

    4. jaredmitchell


      The specific examples I'm thinking of are Sonic Boom and Homefront: The Revolution, but I think the work environments for both were pretty strenuous. The new Prey game uses it, though, and seems to be pretty solid.

  3. So, I got one of them there fancy level design jobs I've been hearing about. Actually, it was mostly because of my FM that I posted here. Thank you all for the support as I worked on it!

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    2. Sotha


      Not bad, that will put some bread on the table. Thanks for sharing.


      Do we get to know, eventually, what the project is and what part of it is your hand writing? It would be fun to support by buying and also see what you did for the project.

    3. Anderson
    4. jaredmitchell


      Oh, yeah, it's Albino Lullaby. Episode One has been out for a while now, and I'm hired to work on the next one. Turns out the project director is a big fan of Looking Glass games.


      And don't buy it on my behalf, buy it if it genuinely interests you!

  4. Finished the original Deus Ex a couple of weeks ago, which was great, so I decided to try playing Invisible War. My first play session was... less than ideal.

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    2. STiFU


      Well, back in the day, Deus Ex 1 was my favorite game. I was sooooo eagerly awaiting Deus Ex 2, and when it was finally released, I realized everything was dumbed down massively. That was not what I was expecting and I was really disappointed.

    3. Tarhiel


      Definitely try it, if for nothing else, just to see how bad it is. Deadly Shadows are masterpiece compared to that.

    4. jaredmitchell


      I played it again last night, and got out into the Seattle overworld. It's an improvement, but I still feel like the stealth is really poorly communicated.

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