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  1. Anyone have much experience with CryEngine/Lumberyard? I'm trying to figure out why it isn't used by more teams, and why a lot of games made with it tend to be buggy.

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    2. teh_saccade


      A lot of bugs in the engine can be "fixed " by including "-RenderProfile Max 45" in the launch parms, iirc. Idk, I use it for virtual photography / reference imaging only now, for painting or other digital image / bullshots.

    3. stumpy


      microsoft cancelled a game with them, causing the money problems, and they had to get rid of their uk studio. Uk studio is still there its just not part of crytek anymore. I heard they were working on a new engine so it might be why they are not fixing the old one.

    4. jaredmitchell


      The specific examples I'm thinking of are Sonic Boom and Homefront: The Revolution, but I think the work environments for both were pretty strenuous. The new Prey game uses it, though, and seems to be pretty solid.

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