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  1. snd_pcm_writei 4096 frames failed: Broken pipepreparing audio device for outputsnd_pcm_writei() reports broken pipe (underrun) while sending 4096 frames. Retrying but also sending 1024 duplicate frames first. Try increasing 's_alsa_underrun_extrafill' if this persists. Thats my error, sorry for posting it here. I keep hearing noise in the background and it does not sit well with the game. Can you please provide a step by step solution on how to fix this as it seems to happen only on TDM ? Had no idea where to hunt for the s_alsa_underrun_extrafill, but found it in the Darkmod.cfg. Change its value from 1024 to 4096 and the game works properly. I am a doofus to not have tried this method earlier.
  2. a Merry xmas to all and a very happy and better new year also
  3. Are all these games capable of being run on Ubuntu same as TDM ?
  4. Yeah tried to delete it and relaunch. As i stated earlier the video and audio did not work properly because it got deleted, after it was deleted, I launched it and the file got downloaded, but now the screen resolution is not working and had to restart my system 2 times to make the screen resolution go back to normal.
  5. Truly sorry but i have no idea of codes or how to place/implement them into the folders
  6. - Operating System Play Linux - CPU Intel Core i5 - System RAM 12GB - Video Card Nvidia Geforce 9500GT - Video Drivers (if that info is available) Got Nouveau, removed nvidia and its working superbly - Experienced Performance, Steps you had to perform to get it running or problematic driver versions, etc. Just installed the game and its working smoothly.
  7. 1) How to enable English subtitles ? I am a bit hard of hearing and was hoping I could have the subtitles also which seem useful while the conversations takes place. 2) Any method to auto-save for every 15 min as we play ? Sometimes I get pulled too deeply into the game and end up forgetting to save. Its my mistake but was hoping there would be a method to auto-save. 3) Where are the save game files located ? I may have to delete the game folder and re-download the full game, especially as I ended up deleting the Darkmod.cfg and now the game's video and audio are not working properly. It happened while I was searching for the save game files which I prefer keeping a backup of.
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