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  1. Yeah it seems to work fine - just completed the mission and the stats look OK too (spoiler alert): Happy to keep digging though if you can remember anything else that might have been strange?
  2. when you say 'register' do you mean the pop up messages, or in the stats at the end? I just quickly noclipped through it and the pop ups all appeared OK (although a horrible z-fighting issue seems to have appeared around one of them..)
  3. I've removed the orphaned quotation mark. I agree with @datiswous though that there is duplicate information in this page that is already in the HUD page. Why do we need information about the breath and health indictors on the lightgem page? Also - your bug reports. Has anyone given any feedback about the value they provide? (EDIT: nborh1more just replied about the bug reports as I was typing this). I'm not trying to discourage you, on the contrary it appears you want to contribute and I would hate for you to be spinning your wheels.
  4. I know right? They sound like a cross between Idi Amin and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Where? Not saying it's perfect, but I would have thought most of these would have been filtered out in beta. If you want to send screenshots I can start fixing them for an update... EDIT: If there really are 'zillions' and you do in fact wish to send screenshots, please send in Discord..
  5. Hi, The ship rigging was made climbable at the request of a beta tester to help avoid the guards. As for the other stuff:
  6. sure happy to have a look but probably as a separate piece of work as it won't be the same part of the code. Is there an open bug tracker issue for it?
  7. Sorry what I'm suggesting is the location spawnarg would take precedence over the file only if both were populated. I'm not sure anyone would actually do this, but say they had a 'carefully created EFX def' in a file, and then wanted to override that after some event in-game by setting the preset spawnarg on the location entity.
  8. Any reason for this? Right now precedence is given to the spawnarg, as this would potentially enable us to do dynamic EFX.
  9. Hi @nightchild and thanks for playing! Regarding your question: Stronger hint:
  10. Sorry you didn't actually finish the mission - I didn't think it was terribly complex navigation-wise (at least I was told it wasn't in beta). Regarding inaccessible areas, if you mean...
  11. Thanks Snatcher that is very kind of you. A note about the latches: it turned out both @Wellingtoncraband I were working on them independently and he got wind of it and we decided to collaborate. He was inspired by Dishonored whereas I was fresh off from playing The Black Parade, both of which featured latches. I was using some (rather pedestrian) DR-crafted models for the latches which I promptly ditched in favour of Welli's far superior models. @Dragofer did an initial draft of the script object for the latch which I expanded on to support a bunch of other features. We were hoping to get it added to the core mod but there are still some hiccups with it (for example AI can't use it as you pointed out). I'm very happy we got them working because we needed an alternative to the lock-picking/key hunt thing.
  12. No I don't think you're missing anything, the lift should just work. Did it ever work? If so, when did it stop working? I'm wondering if some AI fell into it and is blocking it or something? Can you try to noclip around it and see?
  13. I too have an RTX 3060 Ti, but don't have these issues. Maybe share the rest of your configuration and it might make it easier to narrow the issue down? What OS is it, what's the rest of the hardware config, etc...
  14. Version 3 now available: Changelog: https://github.com/FrostSalamander/lt3/releases/tag/3.0 Download #1: https://github.com/FrostSalamander/lt3/releases/download/3.0/faffairs.pk4 Download #2: https://drive.proton.me/urls/Z0ZWGGRHWG#tVoIh1bm1WjU @nbohr1more can you do the honors please?
  15. Basically what happened is this: with the new layout of the jewellery shop in v2 I adjusted Jerry's path nodes slightly this causes him to bump into the chair at the desk where the key is when the chair moves, it sends the key flying. It could end up on of the floor or God-knows where else - it probably can clip through the floor as well or disappear completely So as a fix I: made the chair non-moveable and monster-clipped around it so Jerry won't get as close to the key made the key non-pushable (so it doesn't go flying when AI get near it) There is something strange about that key - most moveables don't behave like that and don't require any adjustment to account for strange physics. EDIT: to be clear, the fix will be in v3 which I will publish later today.
  16. Yep can confirm. If Jerry (or the player for that matter) gets anywhere near the key it goes flying off the desk. Think it must have come up now because I adjusted his path nodes slightly. The fix is in, will release tomorrow.
  17. Just checking a couple of things: And is this stove messed up on purpose? Looks like the whole thing should be shifted to the left a bit and the pot is stuck in the pipe...
  18. This was super, really enjoyed it. Although I somehow missed about 1500 loot and 2 of the secrets. I can't quite put my finger on it but there is something old-school TDM about it that gave me a really nostalgic feeling. Great example of a small and focused FM and hope to see more from you!
  19. Hmm probably the AI knocking it off the desk, or it simply fell through. I'll create a bug ticket for it and will maybe address it if I do another update. Thanks!
  20. Just finished this. As others have already said, it's a pretty good first mission indeed and I also really liked the start area. Looking forward to your next one! I did have similar issues to others about the ending though:
  21. Version 2 now available for download. The main fixes are these pesky frob issues. I wasn't able to determine the cause, but assuming it was something to do with the scripts, I've rearranged things a little bit so they are no longer needed. Also I would normally wait a while longer before releasing a fix, but this issue seems to have affected a few people. Apologies again, it never came up in beta for whatever reason. @nbohr1more could you please add to the mission database? Changelog: https://github.com/FrostSalamander/lt3/releases/tag/2.0 Download: Github: https://github.com/FrostSalamander/lt3/releases/download/2.0/faffairs.pk4 Proton: https://drive.proton.me/urls/JPRPJQH8Z8#Pl2a52TQy0WA
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