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  1. Hi all. My new FM is about ready for beta testing and I'm looking for some help. Sign up here and I'll reach out in the next couple of days.
  2. What type of leak is it? Is it an entity that leaks to the void, or a visportal being dropped? Have you tried looking at the pointfiles (File -> Pointfile)? Then CTRL+SHIFT+k to follow them to the leak. Also, this is the thread people usually use for help (ignore the 'newbie' in the title, everyone uses it):
  3. I used setKey() instead of setSpawnArg(). Not sure what the difference is but it worked.
  4. Do you mean the edges on the cylinder? You can round those out just by fiddling with the Patch Tesselation in the patch inspector:
  5. I've seen this before too - with that exact same texture. I set up a brush with that texture side by side with some other brushes/textures and only that one had the problem, ruling out a general DR bug. I thought I was going crazy. Something is wrong with that texture, or it's a DR bug with that particular texture. Or something
  6. Agreed, except to say that a new player shouldn't have to even know or care what the hell a cvar is. Time for things to move on a bit...
  7. Well you don't need to change the name of the entity, only the ambient/ambient_light spawnargs on it. That's what I did anyways. I did actually try the 'switcheroo' trick first, but kept getting errors about multiple entities with the same name even though I was removing the old one first. No idea why. Then I tried the spawnarg thing and that worked so I left it at that.
  8. Thank you - feature request here: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=6273
  9. I needed this functionality as well, but I found that simply updating the ambient spawnargs on the location entity (via a script) worked fine, although like you said you had to leave and come back into the room. Anyways, getting slightly off topic :-). @stgatilov does the original ask make sense? I'm never sure if we should wait and hope for the dev team to see these, or just add a feature request to the bugtracker....
  10. Currently if you are implementing EFX in your map, you need to maintain an .efx file: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Setting_Reverb_Data_of_Rooms_(EAX) If you are using presets only, all this is is simply a 1:1 mapping of location entities to an EFX preset. Doing this in a file is kind of tedious and error-prone, as you have to check each location entity in your map, and then check the file to make sure you got the location entity name correct, or didn't leave one out, etc. Would it be a worthwhile feature request to be able to just set the EFX preset with a spawnarg on the location entity itself? Something like: "efx_preset" "WOODEN_SMALLROOM" Also, the location entity has other zone-related information, like ambient sound, ambient light, etc. It would just make sense to have the EFX here as well. This would only make sense for the presets, since you just need the preset name. If you wanted to do anything more complicated, the file could still be used. If both are used for the preset, one could take precedence over the other (the spawnarg pehaps). I don't think anything would need to change in DR either, as it's just a new spawnarg on the entity.
  11. Agreed. I have an Epson that is at least 10 years old. I would estimate that about 50% of the time when I go to print something, it doesn't work. Either a paper jam, or some mysterious ink problem or something else that only a series of rebooting, cancelling/retrying print jobs, fiddling with buttons or jiggling things can fix. After which, I still won't know what the problem was. The frustrating thing is, it just won't die and we don't use it THAT much that I can justify getting a new one (and the last thing I want is another printer). I literally fantasize about taking a baseball bat to it.
  12. I've been using the FBX to LWO converter on my current project. I only noticed it because it was in Greebo's Github account and I happened to need it at the time. It's pretty straightforward to use: https://github.com/codereader/FbxToLwo I didn't know it was integrated into DR . I guess that's the File -> Import/Convert Model option?
  13. Thanks - I've raised bug reports for both issues.
  14. To add to this, the wall safe version without the combination lock (safe03_wall.pfbx) has some issues as well. If you place it in your map and then rotate it 180 degrees, when you unlock the safe the clasps around the lock both shoot out to the right. Now, normally when this kind of thing happens with prefabs, you just go and tweak the 'translate' spawnargs to correct for the rotation. However the values for the clasps are only '-2 0 0' and '2 0 0', so only 2 units in opposite directions. That doesn't account for them shooting off what looks like about 32 units in the same direction (see screenshot). So, there's a couple of nice looking prefabs added here for 2.11 but it appears they are both unusable either due to bugs or lack of some knowledge. Who knows about these? @Dragofermaybe?
  15. I also had a scenario in my current map where I wished the location system could be triggered by an AI (although I can't remember what it was now ). Or maybe allow the location entity in the room target something once the location is entered by either the player or some other entity so no scripting required? Potential new feature request maybe?
  16. I would have thought that if it's included as a core asset, the script objects should be bundled with the game. There is no comment on the prefab itself.
  17. How do you use the new security safe prefabs? I've added 'safe02_standing_combination_lock.pfbx' to my map. The number wheels have a spawnarg called 'slot', which I'm guessing is the unlock code for each wheel? If so, it looks like the default combination is '123'. When I play the map and set that, nothing happens (the safe doesn't unlock nor does the wheel become frobable). What am I missing?
  18. What's the conclusion here regarding fall damage for unconscious body? I just tried it as well, and basically can't get a body to die, or even take damage after tossing one from 600 units up. Is it safe to say one shouldn't rely on this mechanic (say for a mission objective)?
  19. Some of the loot is in secrets, but not all of it. In the first post of this thread I gave hints for the secrets. Also, a good chunk of the loot is related to one of the mission objectives, which should lead to solving your other problem. Hint:
  20. What are people looting from bodies? Isn't it usually just either a key or a loot pouch? If you are going to sneak up to them and blackjack them anyways, isn't it easier to just pickpocket them first? Auto-looting chests on the other hand - that would be convenient. But I guess some chests have been painstakingly stacked with hidden loot items, etc. I personally find that tedious (even though I've actually done it in my maps for some reason).
  21. Yeah the blackjacking sitting AI killing them is a known TDM thing. There doesn't seem to be a good workaround except not having sitting AI (or at least not in chairs with backs close to a wall).
  22. I just gave them a quick try. Pretty neat. One thing though - if you fire multiple arrows they have a cumulative effect (i.e. the area gets progressively darker or brighter), I guess by creating a new light each time? This causes the framerate to tank. I suppose as a player you wouldn't really need to do this, but just thought I'd mention it regardless. Also if there is a concern they are overpowered, maybe consider lowering the time the effect lasts - I didn't time it but it seemed much longer than you'd need to just slip by a guard or whatever.
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