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  1. I believe it was called "Thief 4: Dagger of Ways"?
  2. That's not what I was talking about, but I HAVE heard of Thief Simulator.
  3. I hope the community lasts as long as Team Fortress 2's.
  4. Well, the title says it all. Since most of the missions in the Gex series were based on stereotypes of certain types of TV channels and movie genres, and most content creators barely have any idea of what they want to put out anymore, is a new Gex game worth it? Maybe a Walking Dead inspired level, or a fight across a methhead-infested desert Breaking Bad inspired level, but it would probably mostly be beating the shit out of the Kardashians and Late-Night television hosts.
  5. Someone should re-rig and design the creatures cut due to using Doom 3 A.I. Spider Queen and Ghouls sound dope.
  6. I heard from a few scattered sources that instead of the Victorian-inspired only a few centuries in the future of the medieval steampunk time Thief 2014 was in comparison to the original trilogy, there was supposed to be a modern-day type reboot/sequel of the original trilogy, where you played as a modern burglar, but one who ALSO gets entangled in supernatural phenomena. Has anyone thought of trying to make that, but as a different name than "Thief", since Eidos probably still wouldn't want to let someone use the idea despite them abandoning the concept?
  7. I hope that, as an orc, in the next Elder Scrolls, if it takes place in Hammerfell, you can reunite the Goblin-ken of Ogres, Orcs, Goblins, Gremlins, and the Troll warbeasts into a single hammer of Orsinium and Malacath.
  8. This is just the human population, what about the Beastfolk population, or those citizens who have been raised from the dead by Necromancy? Even discounting zombies as mindless monsters, there also seems to be a fair amount of still somewhat self-aware ghosts, haunts, Necromancer liches, etc.
  9. So, I have enjoyed watching Team Fortress 2 gmod videos since they first started to gain relevance. I was always a fan of Half-Life and Valve. Then, I heard about JOJO, but never watched it. After hearing about this weird conspiracy, I think I will. I saw a TF2 video that combined JOJO references, TF2, and a meme about these twin brothers with freakish plastic surgery called the Bogdanoff Brothers. They look like Handsome Squidward. Anyways, apparently there's a (hopefully) joke conspiracy that these 2 weird looking rich brothers, who are apparently big into sci fi, control the Rothschilds and are manipulating the world economy for some sort of fiendish plan straight out of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Can anyone else confirm anything about them?
  10. I just finished the PS4 Remake of MediEvil. Full run, unlocked classic graphics version. And now I'm full of nostalgia from my happier childhood times playing the PS1. I have ps4 Oddworld, but am going to buy the dlc mission for full story before finishing, which will require save scumming for me, knowing my skills. I also full finished Spyro Reignited, so I feel full of childhood nostalgia. Reminds me of Team Fortress 2 map "Deathrun Playstation", all this nostalgic happiness I'm feeling, it's like being on the gas at the dentist. I'm going to take a walk, it's still early and I was born on October 11, so I'm feeling extra nostalgic-drug-daze from how beautiful the day is. Just wanted to share my happiness.
  11. Is there an equivalent to India in the Dark Mod world? Is this world like Warhammer Fantasy was, a low-fantasy take on our own world's history, albeit this one doesn't have Elves or Dwarves or Orcs or Halflings?
  12. Ross from Accursed Farms, of Freeman's Mind fame, said during a pet's play of CarnEvil, that good old games whose makers are out of business should be able to become public domain so the story isn't lost forever. Same as books.
  13. What is going on in the rest of the Dark Mod world at the moment? We know that the Horselords are preparing to sack the Empire, Menoa is trying to colonize the new world, what are the far eastern nations dealing with at the moment? Or the African equivalents, or native new worlders? Is there a magical australia equivalent?
  14. Kurshok


    What about a fan mission where you steal the recipe for some blue drug from 2 familiar looking and sounding drug dealers?
  15. Perhaps Eidos Montreal should listen to the classic fans like the ones here next time. If they pull their heads out of their ass...
  16. It had Moor type guards, and I also heard Ghouls too.
  17. Hey, did you ever find a story on r/nosleep to make a horror mission about?

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    2. NeonsStyle


      I've lost those links now. Send me the link and I'll take a look Kurshok. 

    3. Kurshok
    4. NeonsStyle


      Hmm, Interesting mythology. I'm not sure if we could use it though, as in creature based horror stories

      you generally have to see the creature at some point. I can see how it could be done, without seeing

      the creature, as a back story to fear based actions (aka the murderers mentioned). I will look more into

      this channel. I've always wanted to do a really good horror story in TDM, and I have been building a library

      of awesome horror sound effects to go with it. As yet, I have no story for it. I'm still working on my Venice mission which will probably not be ready before next year, and my next mission after that I definitely want to be a horror mission. 

      So we'll see. Thanks for the info, this is just the sort of thing to inspire a level designer. I have an author friend who might be able to come up with a story. No promises, I'll see if I can do something with it; otherwise, it's an interesting direction to point me at, mythology. I've read a lot on mythology over the years, and I'd not thought on it in TDM. 


      See how it goes. Thanks, in the mean time, if you find any stories you think will fit well with TDM and are horror based, then I'd love to see them Kurshok.





  18. lore wise, there is reference of moors and saracens, and a city of mages and a crystal storm city. I suppose ghouls could be added back into the game with a modified zombie aesthetic like they were when the game was a Doom 3 mod, as ghouls originate from middle eastern myth.
  19. I saw someone suggest a Thief movie that was fan-made, and I thought, maybe the fine folks here would know about setting up either a Thief or The Dark Mod Machinima series? I could be a voice actor, and the show could be a multi-episode series relying on some comedic moments of sneaking past dumb guards, horror scenes, sneaking past undead and monsters for suspense, flashback stories of the history of certain treasures, just making the plot interesting. It could follow a recurring cast of a group of burglars and thieves in the criminal element, or each episode could follow a different group. It would allow for some episodes to end in horror.
  20. I would love a Machinima series of Thief, made with SFM, set in the original trilogy's time or modern, but expanding on the magical nature of the world whilst also keeping the steampunk Victorian elements.
  21. A woman from Straight Up Films told me that they are no longer. asking the Thief film, and another company is now making it. They didn't say who, though, and I lost the message amongst my many in my emails and messages in my job search.
  22. A lot of times they don't put out a demo. It's like they know the player can judge the movement and look of the game on whether they'll buy it, and as such, will only show photos or video of gameplay without showing how clunky the controls are.
  23. More and more, it seems like the gaming industry is forgetting about the number one thing about games: not being the absolute prettiest, but being fun and replayable. But then again, if the player is frustrated with a game he feels is bad or which is not fun to replay, they are more likely to shell out more money at a later date like a junkie looking for a perfect fix, not knowing the supplier is watering down his drug on purpose. It's kind of sick. I look back at all these old games I used to love that would now be considered "outdated", which are more fun than the utter shite things they release now. Spyro, Crash, Gex, Resident Evil, Thief, System Shock, these deserve remakes, because they are good, but they also deserve sequels that still fit the feel and gameplay of the original game, albeit with maybe some new abilities or weapons, new levels, bosses and other enemies.
  24. Let's forget about copyright for a moment, and let's say someone made a video game that was like Ravenloft, where different places of horror from different dimensions are mishmashed into a dimension of horror. What if someone decided to artificially do that with video games? What sort of games would you like to see in it? I've had this idea for a while now, but never shared it. Imagine Raccoon City & the Arklay Mountains, moved next to Silent Hill, and past that, Mount Massive Asylum from Outlast, and a few mountains over is Castle Brennemburg frim Amnesia, then Innsmouth and Yha-Nthlei from the original Call of Cthulhu game at a seaside area. I originally got this idea combining a server in The Matrix I read about online for the matrix mmo, then combined the idea with Ravenloft. What do you guys think?
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