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  1. I edited the original post for a better description.
  2. Okay, my idea is up under Fan Missions.
  3. Hello, since my gaming computer crapped out, I am unable to play the Dark Mod, and since I was never a computer engineering genius, I don't know if I could design a map even if it were to be fixed. Therefore, I shall instead contribute my ideas to the forum for those who are more talented and able to actually make use of them to make reality. Consider this me being a "ghost-writer". The first mission idea I have is a standard Lovecraftian sea monster story simply titled "From The Depths". In it, the Thief (you can make him your own character if you already have one, such as Corbin or Thomas Porter) hears from some warty,flabby fat sailor drunk off his ass in a seaside tavern in Bridgeport about how some sort of freak storm literally wrenched a galleon from the depths and flung the stinking wreck out of the sea and into the Flooded District. Soon after, reports of strange beastmen are reported in the flooded ruins in southern Bridgeport, and of how they seem to be guarding some sort of magical artifact. The artifact in question is the skull of an infamous necromancer, chopped apart and flung it the ocean for his hideous experiments on fetuses. Imagine using stem cell regeneration and mixing it with necromancy to create some sort of genderless, pasty white, technically undead, lamprey-mouthed, leechman that reproduces by ripping in half. Something kind of similar in appearance to the Freaks of the disliked on this forum Thief 2014, but with no eyes and a gaping jawless circular mouth. The skull of the Necromancer seems to have fused with some coral, with the upper right half of it having mutated into what looks like a human heart covered by an exoskeleton of blood-red coral, and small pearl-like eggs that spawn albino leech-looking Leechman larva are "birthed" out of the remaining eye socket like a demented birth canal. The creatures are weak to fire and holy water, so the Builders have managed to hold them back. Bodies of undesirables and criminals can be found shriveled and pale, drained of blood and raised as zombies. Your client, a mysterious member of the nobility, hires you to get in and steal the skull from its blood-nest in the half-biomass-covered wreck of the galleon in the flooded district. Additionally, a ritual can be done to turn the entire flooded district's water into holy water by lighting candles at Builder shrines around the area, causing all Leechmen and the weird meat on the ship to disappear in a screaming burst of flame, revealing a door that had been covered in undead biomass that leads to the galleon's treasure chest. Anyone have any critiques?
  4. Well, alright. Springheel, I think I'll follow your advice you gave me about a year or so ago, and make a Fan Mission topic where I write my plot for a fan mission so if anyone else has the time to make one but can't come up with their own plot, they could use mine. Or maybe it was someone else who said that to me.
  5. Yeah, but there's a setting that links all of the Dark Mod missions together. It all takes place in Bridgeport, and the leading faith is The Builder Church. I can't just pull some lore out of my ass without Springheel's consent and make references here and there to things which might not be canon, right?
  6. I don't currently have a working game computer. That's why one of the first questions I asked when I joined was "will this game ever be ported to PS4, due to compatible software?" However, after a few of my ideas here were well-liked, I d agree that I could write down some plot ideas for fan missions in the Fan Mission section, being sure to label them as "ideas" and not actual missions. Would anyone else agree to reading my mission ideas and giving me critiques?
  7. I'd like to see more types of corporeal undead. Ghouls could just be a faster, more feral and possibly demonic zombie. Maybe a zombie torso, or a headless zombie, or a bloated waterlogged zombie. Maybe a zombie plague mission, where you have to sneak contraband past a checkpoint in and out of a plague ward where zombies are held back by Builders, and bitten peasants are systematically slaughtered.
  8. Well, I'm not sure whether it would fit in with the setting, so I wanted to get some community feedback.
  9. References are made to demons in the wiki under Ghouls, Giant Spiders and Necromancers. However, no examples of demons are in-game. Since there is no overarching main vI'll a in like The Trickster in the game, I suppose demons are a bunch of independent monsters in a demented horde, like in Doom. Therefore, an idea for a new faction could be Demonologist wizards, as opposed to Pagan nature magic, Holy Magic by Builders, and Arcane Magic by the Mage Guild. Necromancy, I don't know if that fits in as a demonology art. Y'know, psychotic murderous cultists, summoned minor demons, and major demons should be prevented from being summoned as a mission. Maybe they're actually infernal, maybe they're corrupted nature spirits made violently insane from all the pollution Bridgeport puts out, who knows.
  10. No, I just wanted to see what people thought about more Thief series inspired factions.
  11. Any ideas on what they would worship, what with a lack of a central Pagan and Beastfolk god in The Trickster in The Dark Mod? Perhaps a Lovecraftian entity, or maybe a less horrific Ancestor God similar to Neptune?
  12. The game has a builder church simular to the original series, Inventors Guild instead of Mechanists, Werebeasts inoted of a united army of Truckster's beasts, fractious tribes of unaligned pagans instead of a monoculture that worships Trickster, a Mages Guild that is under more scrutiny than the one in Thief, and Necromancy seems even more widespread in The Dark Mod. So what I want to ask is, what do you guys think should be a Kurshok replacement in the game? A similar backstory of a race of Fishmen who have a dying civilization? Or should their civilization still be going strong deep under the sea, with a civilization that mirrors land civilization, with Sea Monks and Sea Bishops like in actual European Myths?
  13. She was rather tight lipped. I hope this doesn't kill the series. Maybe some original fan will buy the series off of Eidos and make a true remake, word for word, of the first 3, and bring the series back to its roots, if the movie isn't horrible. I hope for the best and fear for the worst
  14. I called up the studio, Straight Up Films, which plans to make a Thief movie. They said it would take a while to finish the movie, but they did give me some info. When I asked whether, and these are my words, "Will the movie be based on the new one which fans of the series said was OK but not as good as the original trilogy, or the original 3 with more horror and fantasy aspects like zombies, werebeasts, and mages?" The lady on the phone said "The better one". So either they've learned their lesson and will make the movie be based off the original 3, or they haven't learned a damn thing.
  15. I'm back! And I did something everyone here might be interested in...
  16. Hiding in a bush? What are you, Sean Spicer?
  17. Is it just me, or is flanderization a lot like Alzheimer's, only for fictional characters? I mean, that just gets me thinking of this gag Filthy Frank did while reading the same youtube comment 5 times in a row for an Alzheimer's gag, y'know? Like, imagine Daffy Duck sitting in a retirement home, in the corner of the room in a wheelchair, going "HOO HOO! HOO HOO!" every few minutes, when the joke he had made was a few hours ago. I dunno, just felt the need to say this spiel because I had an idea for a movie like Roger Rabbit set in a Toon Town, where when a character gets Flanderization, it's like figuring out you have a genetic disease that's incurable and WILL eventually kill you, and since it's genetic, your family would get it as well.
  18. This sounds like a load of conspiracy nut bullshit.
  19. To be honest, Thief 4 wasn't that bad on its own. Only in comparison to the first 3 games was it stank
  20. Hey, the Tomb Raider movies were good. And I liked Ratchet and Clank.
  21. Does anybody know if the Thief movie is still going to be made, or did the blunder with thinking a new game based off the movie would be made result in Eidos Montreal saying "You're fired"? Does anybody know? I really want for there to at least still be a movie.
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