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  1. Is there a way to override the ase_100 error that pops up when a horse doesnt have enough room? I want to have a horse in a stable that is smaller than 100x100. It is visoble but not reachable by the player, so messing up the AI's behaviour is not a concern for me. I just dont want that message to appear for the player when they launch the FM.
  2. Got a new question, this time about readables. Is it possible to feature an image on a readable? Like have a picture on a page in a readable book or something? Also, Ive seen a lot of FMs have books as loot items but I cant find them in the loot list. Am I just missing them somehow? If not, how would I go about making an existing movable entity into a loot item?
  3. Sure, I can add some more tenebrist/chiaroscuro paintings. I'll put them up tonight or tomorrow. I have some other stuff to compile too.
  4. Yeah its meant to be suggestive of a lightning bolt without being one. The blueprint will be clearer in the final version
  5. I do like some of these ideas. Like I said above its just a mockup and the final version would have a blueprint that isnt blue or on a Torah scroll. Aas far as the number symbols, its honestly on the simpler end of the spectrum of early modern period guild crests. Edit: I think what I will do is have a blueprint of some type of clock. The hammer will look more like the one in the sketch, ie, a claw-hammer and not this builder-reminiscent one. Good point tho about the combination spanner, I think I will simplify that. I still think a protractor would make it clearer, I think I will try to work it into the next mockup if I can keep it from seeming too mason-y, in fact maybe replace the hammer with a folded protractor, and then maybe put it to a vote to make it semi-official, make decal and banner skins for it, and put it up on the wiki.
  6. Its the same res as the ones already in the game, I checked for every .dds I made Edit: and as to the polys I didnt make the models, just reskinned the ones already included in TDM.
  7. I swear this is the last one! Detail of the coloured timber.
  8. ...and three more for good measure. I'll keep compiling the assets I've put together and upload some more in the next few days.
  9. And finally, some of the assets I have uploaded so far...
  10. For anyone who wants to take a look at the houses I've been working on for my city FM:
  11. This is just a mockup. If we go with this general design, the final version will look a lot cleaner and clearer and be better balanced. There's a few things I'd like to change but I usually don't take too much time on a mockup when things will likely change anyway. Edit: For example, I'll move the tools so they aren't overlapping with the gear, and rebalance the blueprint so that the math scribblings are clearer and more prominent in comparison with the schematic. Also I probably won't use something that looks like the Torah for it, and realistically it won't be blue either, probably a parchment-coloured background.
  12. One from Rouen. Another is somewhere in Brittany but I don't recall exactly where. For anyone interested, I compiled some of the assets I've put together. They can be downloaded at the following address: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eSsVeInHaexV7hTTBcFz_WlyFmHIDqhO/view?usp=sharing Edit: Strasbourg and Rennes are the other two locations.
  13. Mocked it up, I'd love to hear some responses before I take the time to do a full-quality version. Edit: I'm glad my old Latin professor didn't see the version I uploaded the first time before I noticed. corrected a grammar error.
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