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  1. If not already done, check if your graphics card and other components are still nicely in their slot, also do this for every cable. My pc wasn't totally dead yet, but your first description sounds familiar to me, the reason of it was my graphics card has a loose contact.
  2. Master ist wohl weniger der Meister, sondern eher "der Hohe", "der Erhabene", "der GroƟ-", usw., also der Obermuckl.
  3. That's funny. I stopped playing TDM because the player is almost invisible to the AI.
  4. It would feel more lively if guards/residents would occasionally take a break on their route when passing other AI to have a little chat with each other.
  5. Hmm, do you use 11.01? When I press ctrl+z and directly afterwards open a new page by either typing the address in the address bar, or clicking on a speeddial, the opened page doesn't show any images. Don't know why you have to generally disable the image display, that makes no sense.
  6. Yes, enabling Opera Turbo sends all your traffic through their proxy servers in order to be able to compress the images. Not everyone's cup of tea... Here are two possibilities to turn off image loading: 1. adding a button - copy/paste the link below, click it in the error page and you'll be asked to add the button to your existing ones and a window will show up. Drag and drop the item "Disable display images" to a browser bar of your choice. It will let you switch between images/no images. opera:/button/Enable%20display%20images%20%3E%20Disable%20display%20images%2C%2C%2C-383776252 2. by keyboard - you can take any non-predefined key you like to do this. Press Ctrl+F12 and click on the second-last entry on the left (I don't know the english words because I'm using the german version) Duplicate the default keyboard configuration item and edit the new duplicated one. Then click on "Application" category and "New" on the right. Enter your hotkey-letter on the left and fill the right field with "Enable display images > Disable display images"
  7. You could save bandwidth by enabling "Opera Turbo" http://www.opera.com/browser/turbo/ And even more of course, if you'd choose View->Images->no images
  8. So how do you know which is the correct name in the mission archive? For "Return to the City" there are mirrors with "return_to_the_city.pk4" and others with "Return_to_the_City.pk4". As my installed one is all lower case, renaming and reinstalling it should then solve it, I guess?
  9. Directory structure - directory fms.txt Darkmod.log - Darkmod.log.txt (I manually installed Lockdown part 1 this morning, but it never showed up before.)
  10. The ingame "Online Mission Archive" lists some missions I already have installed, but doesn't indicate them as an update. Chalice, Crown, Outpost and Return to the City seem to be the "old" versions. Looking into the file "missions.tdminfo" I found the following lines: tdm_missioninfo 2490 { } tdm_missioninfo 2490_chalice { } tdm_missioninfo 2491 { } tdm_missioninfo 2491_crown_of_penitence { } tdm_missioninfo 2492 { } tdm_missioninfo 2492_outpost { } [and for return to the city] tdm_missioninfo return_to_the_city { } Maybe there is some relation to the folder name? Furthermore I don't have any folder 2490, 2491 or 2492. Also, Lockdown part 1 didn't show up.
  11. I think it's a great idea, but why bother disabling them? You don't have to read them and you can drop them, right?They should not automatically become top inventory item, though.
  12. Wow, what a nice experience. Please keep on building, I can't wait for a continuation. Only weak point is the two or three floors with the passenger elevator don't quite fit to the excellent rest regarding design, tension and fun.
  13. I'm having some issues with this mission, can you confirm the zip-file checksum or give another algorithm one, before I download and install again for nothing? checksum rift.zip with MD-5: 8A874CCD8F93749A82788546E606E27C
  14. I don't know if I understand what you mean, but if you're asking what to do with the text in the spoilers: 1. Create a folder called "guis" in your doom3/darkmod/ path. 2. Create an empty textfile in it which is called "simpledialog.gui". Copy the spoilered text under simpledialog.gui in it and save. 3. Create an empty textfile in doom3/darkmod/maps/ called "simpledialog.script". Copy the spoilered script text in it. Watch the ending isn't .txt but .script 4. Do like above but with a file called "simpledialog.map" 5. Start darkmod open console, dmap simpledialog, map simpledialog, et voila (hopefully)
  15. One of the best darkmod missions I've played so far. Kudos to you!
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