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    Clepo ergo sum, 'nuff said.

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1. Clepo ergo sum! Devoted thief - if it's not nailed to the surface, it's mine. Even then, it's still mine, eventually. And what's yours is mine, too...you just don't know about it yet. If there is only a chance to steal in ANY game, I'll do it. And I've never stolen anything in the real-life, lol. 
Ergo: gamer. Not "gamer girl", ffs, gamER. Can't count all nights spent on gaming and falling down the bed with first morning light...deeply satisfied.

My favs -> Thief: Deadly Shadows, Thief (2014), FMs for Thief DS and Thief Gold; Kenshi; Dungeons & Dragons Online (Spellbinders - semper fidelis!); Morrowind; Vampyr; Vampire the Blood Masquerade; Fallout; Civilisation; Diablo; Doom...

2. Insatiable bookworm: started at age 4, never stopped. Balzac, Dostoyevsky, Chekhov. Pratchett, Erkison, Morgan. Sapkowski, Brzezińska, Kossakowska, Ćwiek, Grzędowicz, Ziemiański...

3. Dancing. That's the whole world to me and way of expressing myself for over 20 years. Will be swinging my legs at my own funeral, too, probably. 😉

4. Writing. Yep, usually in Polish when I play with words for the amusement of myself and those unfortunate readers. 😉 Worse, that I do it in English, too. 

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