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  1. If that is indeed possible I'd submit that as a new way to give the player options for play style. I know it would be an extra thing to have to account for when building missions, a dev could perhaps prevent the player locking the guards out of important areas by having them return to a central location once they fail to enter a locked area (key stolen) at which point a new one spawns on them (as if they've gone back to the boss and reported a lost key), you could even add in more difficulty by say once this event has occurred a certain number of times the guards all get a bump up in alert sta
  2. Like I say mate, not a criticism, it was a nice change of pace to have adversaries who weren't trying to justify their darker desirers or cover for a tragic past and so on. The counterweight to that is that they come off a bit moustache twirly. Honestly the existence of the Archive Key in and of itself wasn't a bad one, its noted several times as a very important room and makes sense it would be locked with a unique key. A little notice at the Front Desk reminding patrons not to loose their deposit box key as it also lets them into the room, throw in a bit of flavour text about how ban
  3. Just finished first playthrough on 21/07/2020 Master Difficulty; 8678 loot found, all in game sidequests completed, hidden objective part done and challenge modes found but not yet attempted. So, before I start cataloguing the usual odds and ends lets actually talk about the experience overall. It was pretty damn fun. No ambiguity the bad guys were almost cartoon level evil which is refreshing once in a while though had to laugh at the number of times... I was also not prepared for meme-ing Builders either so well played mate. Good use of keys, very few instances of them being
  4. @Dragofer Certainly, I think that will round it out nicely, cheers mate
  5. @Amadeus Not a problem, it was a lot of fun and evoked a memories of playing T2 with a notepad and pencil on my lap documenting secrets then redoing the levels after the first pass to try and get any I missed.
  6. @grayman Cheers for the prompt, the final piece has now been documented in the page two Guide Post Phew, I think that documents everything to find and discover secret and quest wise, though I might add some extra stuff in about the different ways to deal with the Assassin rather than just how to find them. Hard to believe documenting this FM has consumed the better part of the past week or so of my life. Good work chaps.
  7. @MrMunkeepants @Dragofer @Tarhiel If you come across any not included in the post Dragofer linked please let me know so I can complete the list. Even flying around with noclip (after finding nothing further combing the map one street at a time normally) I cannot for the life of me find secret 13. The clocktower is basically on the corner of Bell Street and Hill Street, with the maintenance hatch referenced in the guide list I made being on the side of the tower that is on Bell Street. Looking at the Map I don't think bell street is actually written on there but the street placard does exi
  8. @Dragofer I sort of figured there'd be a bit left to go on the usual embargo for Dev hints but never hurts to ask. I've decided to step back and take a break from the map for a few days after some frustrating hunting street by street with no luck for this last bit of Hidden Loot. I'll tidy up my compilation post on page 2 a bit more for the folks that seem to have found it useful to be a bit clearer on quest locations etc discovered.
  9. @Dragofer Oh? For some reason I had assumed the Loot up in the Clocktower was a trigger for the scavenger hunt not a part of the total so hadn't listed it. Having loaded an earlier save and picked up a different bit of Hidden Loot first, yeah it doesn't matter which you grab first, gotcha. I'll add the clocktower's loot to the list, still leaves only one to find. Care to share any hints? A street perhaps?
  10. @Celester Just been to check it out and that was not one of the secret locations I had found so congrats that puts the list at 12/13 (Updated total to reflect info from Devs) now with your contribution. Just one piece of hidden loot left to find folks. List updated.
  11. @Shaz No worries mate, yeah the keys are one of those things I personally find you have to take a risk of popping the lantern on for a second to get a clearer view of an area you think might be hiding them. Let me know how you get on with the Hidden Loot, there's a post little bit further up the chain where I'm compiling a list of all the locations I've found so far. Got 10/12 at time of this post so feel free to reference it and if you find any that aren't on there already let me know
  12. Finally completed my first full run through, highest difficulty, non-lethal ending to main quest and loot count 5535 04/07/2020 UPDATED 06/07/2020 with new bugs and Hidden Loot locations now found UPDATED 07/07/2020 with clearer instructions on how to discover and complete various side quest objectives and events UPDATED 14/07/2020 Hidden Loot List completed and map added, no further guide info to add Side Quests/Events found and Completed; 13 Hidden Loot Locations Hidden Loot Locations Marked on Map (Provided by Dragofer) Compiled bug list found so far
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