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  1. @AmadeusCheers for confirming that, was driving me nuts trying to find a way to get at the gem. The weird texture seems to have vanished upon reloading today so maybe just my install of Dark Mod being daft. 3206 loot (so still missing something somewhere) but all 5 secrets now and I see the other folks found them before me; Once again mate, tremendous fun looking forward to seeing more out of you in the future.
  2. A fun, compact mod. Good NPC variety though as the chap above mentioned they do all seem to have super senses. Got spotted a couple times while stood stock still in the dark but not too much of a problem to get around, just had to give NPCs more space than I would usually. Secrets wise spent past couple of days combing when work has allowed the time and have found three out of five only so far; I have a feeling that there is something I'm missing in the guy over the way's house from our character's place but other than the fun surprise with the chest can't find anything, though I have noticed that if you look up at the inside of the doorframe for the door that goes onto his balcony (with door open) there is a section that seems to be made of a different material. Is that something or just a texture mishap? I have to know as well, is the emerald inside the purple orb in the shop actually obtainable?
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