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  1. Hello. I just downloaded DarkRadiant and The Dark Mod game, and have begun working on a map. I already have some (limited) experience working on Enemy Territory and Urban Terror maps with GtkRadiant some 10 years ago... just getting back into the swing of level design, now with DR. Could someone please tell me where (which pk4 files) the shaders are?... or is there a guide to the shaders, values and the common textures posted somewhere?... I don't want to pester folks here with every question I'm bound to have (like the differences between the various "no draw" and "clip" textures/shaders, etc
  2. @SNOWY Yes!... THAT's the way to give this game a prosperous long life. I'm a (very rusty) amateur map-maker (Enemy Territory and Urban Terror) from years ago, and am just-now beginning to re-learn those skills... I want to be able to contribute material to the community. The KISS principle should always be kept in mind as a guiding rule for development. Also, changing the subject... It would be so nice to have, as an option for map-making, multiplayer team CTF or other objective-based team-vs-team challenges. I think it would be hilarious (in a good way, both funny and fun) to be
  3. Thank you, GREEBO (and I imagine, co-developers?), for all your hard work and also for having the patience to help a newbie/noob with his question. Sincerely. Years ago I got into Enemy Territory and Urban Terror, and made a number of (simple) maps, some of which were used on a few public servers. Then Life got in the way (as usual). Now, I'm trying to get back into level design. Very rusty... I tried GtkRadiant 1.6 - it's a good upgrade to version 1.4 (what I used to use) - but now suffers even more from a certain scalability problem... There are (I'm guessing) about twice as many textures an
  4. I was just at the DarkRadiant website (about 4pm EST), and the link for the Ubuntu Linux Debian package goes to a page that, apparently, does NOT have version 2.9.0 - at least, I can't find it on the page: https://packages.debian.org/sid/darkradiant Can anyone help? Either point me to a webpage that has version 2.9.0 for Linux or alert the developers to update the download page (it's just an oversight, I'm sure). Thanks.
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