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  1. Ah, Nameless Mod, that was another absolutely fantastic experience I don't mind recommending to anyone here. Anyways, yeah, I'm amazed at how talented people on here are, we are talking exceeding the original thief games in terms of both game mechanics and atmosphere/storylines at times, and that's truly an achievement. Keep up the great work!
  2. Fantastic to have all this in one place! Great series Sotha, especially the finale!
  3. Sweet freaking jesus. This is.. this is..wow. You are definitely one of the veteran modders here in disguise, this is just simply way too magnificent a map to be done by a first-timer. I mean, this was basically better than a fair few parts of Thief 1 & 2, a lot of of Thief 3 and quite a few of the maps I've played of Dark Mod, which are, themselves, usually of a stellar quality. Seriously, you should work in the game industry, if you don't already.. absolutely amazing job, really complete full marks, and please release more soon, especially as the storyline has potential for a sequel! My god, how I've missed dark mod and fms like this!
  4. Holy crap it's out! Fully didn't expect this for a while yet, what an amazing and welcome surprise! Thanks to everyone on the team, you guys are the best!
  5. Awesome that this mod is finally getting the attention it deserves, and that you guys are working as hard as ever. At this point I'm pretty positive it will be very embarrassing for Eidos when T4 and Crucible of Omens one day get compared and everyone realizes just how much inferior the game made by a professional team of paid developers is to a community mod effort
  6. Although I very rarely post here I'm very glad to see the community growing.. this is truly one of the best mods of all time, for any game/engine and I quite seriously doubt the new thief game will be anywhere near as good, especially considering that, frankly, the game mechanics in dark mod are better/fairer/more fun than anything any of the thief games themselves managed to produce. The custom missions too often reach the heights of the best T2 moments (modded and vanilla) which, by itself, would make it a fantastic mod, even without the amazing framework beneath. All in all, please hurry up with the standalone, so we can continue neglecting our families, friends, work and life
  7. My god, guys. This is now not just the best thief game ever but quite seriously a contender for one of the best games of all time, ever. Now we just need more cohesive mission packs to make it seem less like a sandbox and more like a game but wow.. just wow. There is simply no way Thief 4 will be anywhere near as good as this, hell, in terms of game mechanics this is eons above any thief or other stealth game ever. Now just a question.. when is it going stand-alone?
  8. That is truly awesome news. I am actually looking forward to those more than just about any retail game that's coming out till then :> It's kinda funny actually.. the no-kill requirement oddness actually works in the most hilarious way in making the endgame on expert -much- harder.. would explain the whole situation I got myself into, but don't know how to put spoiler tags )
  9. Ok, so, as you can see I registered on here just now -just- so I could post how utterly awesome this mod and The Heart Of Lone Salvation are. I haven't actually played any of the other dark modlets (heh) yet but if they are even nearly as good who needs thief 4? Seriously, the level design, puzzles, atmosphere, you remind of the best thief levels.. it's this sort of stuff that should be shown to people who refuse to play videogames to prove to them they're missing out hugely! There are but two minor quibbles I have and they are truly non-complaints almost, but still.. one, regarding both mods - loot requirements are way too easy! I mean, I easily found just about every loot piece in both mods and that totaled to almost double what expert wanted of me! Really should think about increasing this one to make it a little tougher And that brings me to the second minor issue.. both mods have 1 annoying feature - in this one, on expert, you really should take non-humans out of the equation for the "don't kill anyone" requirement (that is how it always was in thief, and it makes sense that no one will consider you a murderer if you dispense righteous justice on over-sized spiders, for example). In The Heart, the "best not anyone know you're here" requirement is just plain frustrating.. I managed it, and yes I realise it's fully optional but really it's a bit silly.. anyone for a second hears like.. an apple fall down a set of stairs at the other end of the mansion will ruin that objective for you. Also rules out blackjacking people unless they're perfectly still as even the non-suspicious "hmm I might have heard something but not sure" stance you get when following someone on anything but a completely silent surface (and in which you can still easily KO guards) STILL ruins the objective -.- To add to the silliness, you COULD bypass this by mossing out areas but that just kills the realism as the guards don't seem to care that something THAT odd happened but get their panties in a twist over some random noise at the other end of the map.. Oookay, now that that's out of the way, I have to once again say - this mod rivals the best missions ever made for Thief series and is some of the finest gaming I've had in years! Can I ask, is there a sequel planned?
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