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  1. Sorry, seems I mistook something from a bit of a different game level for your FM, when it comes to the 'device on the roof'. /sigh ... insomnia can take its toll at times. As for the guild, I suppose I assumed there would be more to this: Also, I can't remember which crate it was, but mantling onto one of the crate with wine bottles in it caused me to be stuck - could only lean, stand etc, but not move or escape that point, so had to quick reload. Also, it is possible to step beyond the boundaries of the FM: Excellent FM, love the freedom to explore and the little sid
  2. Excellent mission, visually impressive, nice atmosphere - loved the rain on the glass roof in the theater! A couple questions though: Also:
  3. I D/L'd the mission from the download page, installed them manually, started the game and they all registered fine. When to the in-game 'download missions' page to check for updates etc, and realized that for missions with long names the * or # for 'update' or 'translation' cannot be seen. Is there a chance the * and # indicators can be listed at the start of the mission names, with one or two spaces between them and the FM titles? I've no need to download missions for new languages, and doing so just wastes bandwidth - if that's even a concern for the hosters any more. Thanks for reading.
  4. Excellent, indeed! Loved the visuals and the feel of the mansion, as well as the basement and related areas! Perfect level of difficulty for the 'early' guards, a bit annoying just how reactive the 'later' guards were (almost unrealistically so, compared to the 'early' ones). Would be 'excellent' for all catagories, if such a poll had been included in this thread! As per the grates: A few things to perhaps fix, but aren't a complaint so much as a polishing-up of such an excellent effort - as someone else commented earlier most of the moveables aren't placed correctly (1 pixel above the
  5. Excellent mission - perhaps one of the best that could be made for TDM! A question - after I finished playing I uninstalled the mission and removed the save games before remembering I never went back to the house where the EDIT: somewhere in the thread above, a reference to a 'part 2' was made ... what is the title of it, or word on state of completion, or abandoned?
  6. Idea just occured to me as to how to deal with the steward and the key ... have him Dunno if the idea even has merit, but if it doesn't work then nothing lost. :-)
  7. Thanks for the quick reply, a point or two of logic in return, though. :-p The door to the backyard does have a handle (as I remember it, just a really flat one which hindsight hints at being a placeholder), and the fact that the other hidden open-ables look exactly like the walls/etc they are embedded in - perfectly flush, not even a hairline of a hint of an outline, no visual difference in rendering an object which will move, etc ... this added to the back yard door being the same kind of visually-the-same-as-the-wall-it-is-in, well, I spent some time trying to find a way. :-p I did have
  8. Excellent mission! Nice on the fog in the front yard. The room is a nice touch. The house itself is nicely visualized, good on the 'servants/guards' area . Quite nice on how the spatial placement for rooms, halls, etc makes it . A few things I couldn't quite figure how to do, a little help would be appreciated - . . A few points to ponder - . All in all, an excellent effort! Hope you have it in you to work on more ** EDIT -- is there a way to render test unreadable by simply making a block of the background match the color of the text? I thought that's what would ha
  9. Sorry for the non-specific reference ... Yeah ... this ...
  10. Cool! A final thought is that somewhere in the thread prior, someone observed that a tree limb was visible inside a room in an upper corner but that to fix the visual error the tree would need be moved. I noted that as well, but didn't think to screen-shot it and I forget where it was. As the previous observer stated, its just cosmetic and not overly obvious or intrusive to the mission to the point immersion is broken - its so common in so many games its mostly just tuned out. :-p Look forward to your next missions! Edit: You said you've updated the mission ... for completeness' sake, has t
  11. Just a suggestion, as in-game in places it would be nice to toggle crouch for awhile and remove that for instant-stand/crouch ability in others ... Same for run, so one doesn't have to hold another key to run, as it can be cumbersome to naviagte while moving fast and needing hold an extra key down ... Just a thought ... and if it has been suggested etc, I apologize if its already a closed topic. Thanks for all the work put into the game so far, and any yet to come!
  12. Away from TDM for awhile ... returned to find it updated twice since I last played it ... look forward to trying the new missions, etc ... :-) Just finished this mission, really liked it! I"ve always preferred the 'never be seen, leave no evidence of having passed through' style missions - this one is great for that! With that, sorry to say I've to report a few small issues ... mostly cosmetic or engine-reated. Ceiling issue when entering the living quarters area: Baths area in living quarters ... I frobbed then immediately dropped the item to check if it was valuable, it landed half
  13. FM downloads page shows message of Am I missing something other than a working link?
  14. My argument wasn't for mushroom bomb-things, as neat as the idea is. It was just, after reading thru some of the replies, to clarify that such things exist.
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