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  1. woo Happy B-day Mac! Gasp, I just realised that I am locked out of the forum.... That's not fair. I never locked Fingernail out of our forum.
  2. hahaahha. ahh damn. Purely brilliant random note. how about we just send hilarious hate emails and pornography to that email he provided us with? ... who this mysterious PETE, I do wonder.
  3. good show Modetwo! Ya sure showed that terrorist chap.
  4. The "shoes" should be much sharper- more triangular like.
  5. spiders are the essence of Thief!
  6. well this would be more funky then their usual mech-bots.
  7. the liquid should be ORANGE!!!
  8. how about givin' em these kinda robots: now that would be truly steam-punkish machinery
  9. dedx textures have X at the end obviosly... Imperium textures have V or GOG at the end. Imperium project link in my signature!
  10. Alexius


    lovely. don't put the hammer upside down though! upside down hammer is anti-builder if anything...
  11. hahaha. Finish Excelsior first Mac! Don't make me get the builder's judgment after you.
  12. looks great. the only thing I'd comment on removing is the face mask.
  13. Aye. And I am going to get some even more awesome source photos from local cathedrals on the 25th, when I purchase me a 6.3 megapixel digital camera- Canon digital rebel.
  14. I am sitting on vast, vaaast archives of church textures. I got around 500 new ones. Just gota convert them to Doom 3 format and we should have a-plenty.
  15. yes. I be watching thy forums, milord. Gonna get some grand art done hopefully for thee soon.
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