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  1. nice is that a traffic cone?
  2. I am currently making a werewolf character and wanted to know if should build it for bones only? Looked around found an entry from 2005 talking about blendshapes not being supported or binding a bone to every vert Does TDM support shapekeys?
  3. probably not first problem no one is that autistic in their workflow and file management, if you work completely non destructive and scalable you have to do more work than simply making a new model, there probably is no clean file to work from. second problem some of the older models are designed around a relatively low polycount, simply adding more tris won't make much of a difference. I would be happy do make some higher fidelity models based on the existing ones. Name a character and i will give it a shot.
  4. Can the lockpicks be changed The minigame is decent I am talking only about the design A modern snake/rake and diamond pick are meant for modern tumbler locks The keys and locks in TDM are mainly warded locks it would make more logical sense to have the appropriate looking tool a picking wire here are two videos about picking warded locks If there is interest I could make some icons and 3d models for the picks
  5. thanks for the info guys, really appreciate it.
  6. duckduckgo has openly started censoring along the same lines as google. They got accused many times before that off deboosting results and other underhanded consorship. Duckduckgo is lost there is no turning back once you bow to special interest groups. forgot about that brave incident. Privacy on the internet has been a bad joke for a while, two factor authentication, google trackers everywhere, built in hardware and software backdoors, the tor network compromised. But to me the more worrying trend is software hiding or denying you information even archive.org is removing entries.
  7. It says the poly limit is 5000 polys does that mean 5000 quads are ok or does it actually mean 5000 tris is the limit? And how hard is the 5000 poly limit?
  8. thanks for indulging a lazy cunt like me
  9. Is there documentation about creating 3D model for TDM especially for animated characters? thanks
  10. I hope current industry just forgets that the Thief series exists They would either dumb it down even more than thi4f to capture an audience who doesn't care for a stealth game or they might try to make it some sort of SoulsLike abomination.
  11. I would drop firefox it has only gone downhill and I don't see it getting better. If you are looking for privacy and don't want to spend much time setting stuff up get the Brave browser and install uBlock
  12. For anyone who is actually interested in the JFK assassination https://odysee.com/warningfinal:4ead09db6dd5ed6d5980f48141be14c6c99c55e5?src=embed long dry full of information and little mystery left in the end.
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