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  1. I have done everything but I'd like to get the optional loot objective if possible. I'm pretty sure there's a lot of stuff in Eaton mansion since I can see a greenhouse-like room next to the study. I can even see a piece of loot (a golden statue,) but I don't know how to get there. It might be just a secret, but that piece of loot is very tantalizing. I have tried smashing the windows, looking for buttons and, on the corridor, what I assume are the doors to the place, but they are non-frobbale. A hint would be appreciated. Thanks PS: Oh, yeah, a great mission, by the way.
  2. What a charming mission, I really enjoyed it. Quite inventive, but reasonable, places with hidden loot, too. Although I assume this is a personal thing and most people won't care, it was a bit weird that some AIs could hear you creeping around with all that noise going on (at least the first two, the others are in more insulated places so it doesn't matter.) I know that's how sound works in the darkmod, but maybe making their perception a bit lower for those? It's not a big deal, really. Also, on top of one the wagons there's a place where you are in full light, despite there being no obvious source of light. I had doused the chanderlier below, in the guard room, and I think the light the roof guard has is not pointing where I am in the picture.
  3. Well, now, talk about early-onset dementia , I have my Project Setup and everything else as it should, but something about your reply made me realize I had encountered a related (if not the same) problem almost 1-2 years ago when I first tried mapping something, and I had even found the solution and I might have mentioned it under one of Springheels01 tutorials! I just had forgotten about it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my confusion stems from, I believe, two ways (or more, actually) of dmapping something and, generally speaking, "organizing" (yeah, well... ) your stuff: just lazily dropping your .map in darkmod/maps and type dmap mymission, which can be done without selecting the mission first (you could be playing some other mission and just load up your map whenever you want,) and the /fms/... way, where you actually have to select it first, which is kind of obvious when you think about it because how else would the computer know where to look, but I didn't do it because I never had to do it before. Stupid mistake, really—but at least it's not because of a typo. Thanks, your comment actually helped. I'm still a bit confused by other things, but they are mostly that more advanced stuff with custom assets, so it's not that important and I'll get around that eventually. At least I got that nagging confusion out of the way, which was really driving me nuts.
  4. It's hard to imagine a more newb question than this, but I don't believe I can't make any progress mapping anything beyond a few rooms if I don't understand this (and reading the wiki doesn't make it clear to me): what's the correct folder structure for a darkmod mission I'm making, and for possible custom assets? I mean, looking at Youtube tutorials, I see almost everyone has the .map inside the main darkmod/maps/whatever.map, and that's what I use, because it works when dmapping, although I think NeonsStyle has the one he shows in his tutorial inside the fms folder, eg.: darkmod/fms/mymission/mymap.map. But if I do that, I can't even dmap. Now, reading the A-Z guide, if I understand it correctly, you use the fms folder to store your custom assets not present in the main darkmod root folder? Is that what the Game/Project Setup is for? That doesn't seem to work for me, though (see below.) In practice, I don't care much about that because I can test the mission just fine and I'm probably going to use default assets anyway, but I model from time to time so I tried using custom models (just a simple cube with a custom texture as a test) and I can't make it work. The cube appears in DR, even in the same scale and dimensions (which susprised me), but it's just nodraw (not "black" as I read in some tutorials.) This is what I did: I found a Blender plug-in to convert models into .ase and I can get that to work, but then the cube shows with no material or texture (inside the game, it simply isn't rendered.) I know I need to change the bitmap line, but I have no idea what to write in there because, quite honestly, I don't understand the folder system or where I need to put things in the first place. I thought I could put my custom .ase file inside the fms/mymission/models folder but then the .ase doesn't load in the Models Viewer in the DR, so I had to save it, like my .map, inside the main TDM folder (e.g., darkmod/models/custom.ase). Then it does show but, well, no texture... (see attachment) By the way, that's in a new, clean TDM and DR install. So, where do I need to put the .dds, .tga, and .ase files then? And how should I change the *bitmap line? I have tried looking inside various pk4 files for TDM models and their .ase files but that didn't help much. (Being a custom model and material, I assume I would also need to write a .def for the cubes properties? But for now, I'd like to at least be able to see the textured cube in the editor.) Here's how the .ase bitmap part looks like when exported and stored inside darkmod/models: Obviously, that won't work at all (in fact, I don't know why that's so long or why it points to the Desktop, that's where I saved the .blend file, not the .dds.) But, anyway, what should I write in there? The tutorials in the wiki seem a bit old and makes references to D3 and a folder structure and textures from that game, so I'm confused. Thank you. I know there are many questions here, but I have read and watched almost every tutorial, and I still don't get it.
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