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  1. Thanks HMart, learned something new by your post.
  2. Sorry but this answer is also totally missleading. There are a lot of lethal weapons in TDM. My interesting in this qoustion is very simple. In the 17'century world (where the most of TDM missions are located) were classic firearms at the centre of the combat power. P.S. that the TDM is not primaly a combat but thief-style game is not satisfie this question, because we are witness a lot of combat in the missions (a lot of combat weapons in inventory). Greetings.
  3. Sorry, but you losed the question, so your answer is somewhat missleading. Combustion engines are at every corner at TDM missions, in the 17' century there wasn't cars, planes and spaceshifts, but we have there plethory of interesting concepts of the future machines that donĀ“t exist yet. But classic firearms was very common at that time i think much more common like explosive mines, fire arrows...
  4. Hey, wtf why tdm inventors not invent a classic firearms at most 17'century missions? Can someone explain that to me?
  5. This is a classic must to play tdm mission. Not properly discovered yet. Will be continued?
  6. A very impressive atmosphere! Thank you Frost_Salamander
  7. Actually not see z-fighting, but hopefully i have not need any permission to play this excellent mission. Thanks a lot, Moonbo for the great adventure.
  8. Hello, i recommend to slow down your travelling and enjoy every square inch of this great adventure. Maybe then you found a lot more to enjoy. Greetings. Tib
  9. Thank you for the great adventure. I have looking forward to play this since your first introduce the beta and it was really no dissapointment as yours biggest mission. Greetings. tib (i am not good at words) https://cryochamber.bandcamp.com/track/abandoned-base
  10. You have made a great leap forward, using interactive introducing in the begining, using medailon like in The H.O.L.S., nice timed effects etc. The puzzle is also very good chalenge just if it is logical. Still miss the logic of putting a pot of mushrooms to papers making fire. If you can describe me this process closely, maybe i change my opinion that this is a huge mistake in this nice adventure. I really thought that i need to put that pot somewhere where the lightning can reach it... So, take in consideriation to the next version patch this: 1. at least give player a slow match or some true source of fire... 2. make a sound effect when the sealed door is magicaly unsealed (also it will be great to use a random pattern e.g. bricks, if mention this). Good wishes.
  11. Alright, just pls don't try put pot of mushrooms on your bookshelves Mr. Zerg Rush
  12. O.K. for me it wasn't clear. But next time i will await in TDM that i can make fire on water.
  13. Well, thanks for this, i could never imagine that those books could catch fire from a pot full of mushrooms. In readables also no content about it. Definitely not yours best one. P.S. Constructive criticism.
  14. exactly, very open endless space imho
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