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  1. Iris is really an unbelieveble mission, but it need to be confirmed by some continued obstacles.
  2. Deceptive Shadows by Shadowhide belongs to my favourite The Dark Mod missions. Incredible story and unpredictable gameplay.
  3. Hello, i was quitelly follow the the dark mod missions and this forum for years. i had a lot of inspirations and pleasure sharing this time with the builders and inventors and i need to thank all of you, for the help in troubled times you provide at this site. i discovered this game in 2019 and in 2020 and 21 have a lot of time to play all (and this mean all) the missions. i just want to share my opinion in this topic. Personally i have a few mission that caught my mind, but i need to say that it is not important. The dark mod project is not a place for a contest which one is the best imho. Of course, every year may had a winner mission, but the definitelly winner is everybody who is capable to share a months long personal race of hard programming job for final upload of a new vision of this game and share it for free with the rest of the world. I know there could be few who have great ideas but few skills to run up a complete mission. And on the other hand there could be few who have all the skills but nowadays no ideas. For the past years i am really thankful all of you who can share any of these beautiful perceptions of alternative reality and wish a continuous hungry for seekness. May the builder be with you.
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