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  1. Being one of the voices of TDM, I certainly cannot say anything about the legal implications that such AI-created content might have. But being replaced by a machine would definitely feel somewhat awkward for me. Turn-around time never was an issue with me, as far as I remember. I mostly deliver within 2-4 days of being asked to do some lines. All I can say is, I would love being asked if I can record the requested lines personally before someone would just use some AI model to fullfil his/her needs (which I cannot prevent anyone from doing). But, you know, it's actually fun for me to record this stuff. And I would feel sad if an AI would bereft me of this pleasure! Narrator
  2. This is magic - you did it: Specifying the ALC1220 audio chip in the darmod.cfg file gives me sound in the 64-bit version! Thank you so much for your help and insights, both of you. I just changed to Linux less than two years ago and still feel I have a lot to learn (never managed to get JACK running, and Ardour is unusable for me and can't even play a simple wav-file without stuttering due to xruns - well, maybe Pipewire will one day simplify things for us poor users...?) But at least this problem seems to be solved. Thanks again!
  3. Yes, of course. I am sure I can deliver something that doesn't sound like the Commander
  4. No luck - still no sound with both of them, unfortunately. My user experience with sound on Linux in general seems to be much more complicated than on Windows. At least TDM works in 32-bit... openal_log_sysalsa_dynstd-FMtest.txt openal_log_sysalsa-test.txt Terminal output_sysalsa_dynstd-FMtest.txt Terminal output_sysalsa-test.txt
  5. Dear stgatilov, thanks again for looking into this and sorry for the delay - I was absent for a week. I stayed in the main menu (32-bit) for a couple of minutes but the "Value out of range" error does not seem to happen while in the menu, only after starting a mission. The longer I stayed in the mission, the more of them accumulated. The "Broken pipe" messages started to appear and got more and more when I clicked on the Credits. Disabling HRTF sadly had no effect on the sound not being audible in the 64-bit version. openal_test_64bit.txt openal_test_32bit_menu and credits.txt
  6. Thank you for your hints! Yes, sound is okay in the 32-bit version of the game. I played the Snowed Inn for a couple of minutes without trouble. When starting the 64-bit version, the game runs without any sound, neither in the menu, nor in the mission. I captured the two log files and attached a comparison picture of them (32-bit on the left, 64-bit on the right. The differences are highlighted).
  7. Yes, of course. It seems to print the same warning...? But I can hear the menu music playing. Is there any other log I can fetch that would be of help?
  8. Hi there, congratulations to the team for releasing version 2.08. Having watched this mod from the very beginning I am really amazed about the commitment this community still shows after all these years! I realized that there is now a 64 bit version of the game. Unfortunately when I try to run thedarkmod.x64 in my installation of Linux Mint 19.3 I get no sound. Any idea what might be the reason for this? The 32 bit version of the game works without a problem. When starting the game from a terminal I get some warning about "Couldn't load sound 'sound' using default". Here is the (slightly shortened) Terminal output:
  9. I switched to Linux Mint six months ago when I finally bought new hardware after seven years and learnt that Windows 7 wouldn't get drivers for a Ryzen-based platform. Switching to Windows 10 never was an option for me due to Microsofts EULA, the nearly impossible to control telemetry stuff and privacy concerns. As I am not much of a gamer anymore I really do not miss that much. Linux so far works for most of my everyday needs. And for the rest there is still the Windows 7 box under my table, though I seldomly boot it.
  10. If memory serves me right it was me! Do you need some more lines? I am glad to help.
  11. Just to confirm what was already said: the Commander voice is mine. Although I am not active on the forum I am still around and have a look at what is new here occasionally. And if you have any new lines for the Commander in mind for the future I will gladly add them to the others! Just contact me via PM. Bye and thank you for your tireless FM-building! Narrator
  12. I don't know MS Office Picture Manager, but I think IrfanView should be a single and free program that is capable of what you want to do. In IrfanView you can press [F12] to open the paint dialog where you can draw on and annotate pictures. Go to Image > Color corrections to change brightness, contrast, gamma and saturation with sliders. Press [T] to start the thumbnail view of your current directory. Select multiple images and batch convert them to the format you need. It has a different interface but maybe it's worth a look?
  13. For me there is no doubt that TDM would benefit from supporting foreign languages in the long run, and I would certainly love to have FMs available with translations on a regular basis. My Menu is set to my native language German, though I wouldn't need to have it this way. I understand English well enough, in fact so well that I sometimes forget that a text I am reading is in English. Nevertheless I find it of course more convenient to read something in my mother tongue. Two years ago I translated "Tears of St. Lucia" to German, which was proof-read and improved by 7upman (thanks, man!) to a state where it felt ready to be published. So the text is there, somewhere on my hard drive. But I have to agree with Obsttorte: I found it much too complicated to integrate the translation into the mission. I just did not have the time and patience to work out this cumbersome process, and I didn't knew Dark Radiant at all. It would be a huge benefit if this process could be simplified. As for native voices: I loved the voice work of the german Thief. It was really outstanding (mostly). But I have no illusion that there is any way to get recordings as professional as those for TDM. Though it would definitely be cool. I did a guard voice set for TDM in English. I certainly could do that in German as well ...
  14. The recording still sounds very tinny to me. But to be honest: I never heard a headset that sounded like it could be used for serious recording ... I looked a the frequency spectrum of your sample and noticed two things: 1) A sharp cut-off at around 16 KHz - probably related to the codec used by Youtube, so that's not your fault, and it's also nothing you should care about as there is nothing beyond 16 KHz that adds anything audible to a human voice anyway. 2) A similiar cut-off at around 7 KHz. This one is important as this is what makes your recording sound like you were talking over phone. There are no more frequencies beyond 7 KHz. This is probably directly related to the quality of your headset which may be unable to pick up those higher frequencies. So in short: I don't think you will get any naturally sounding recordings with that headset. If you would like to invest some money in new gear, the only mic I can recommend (out of personal experience) is the AKG C1000S. Sometimes it's called the Swiss Army Knife of microphones as it can be used for different purposes and in different situations, be it for recording instruments or voices, in- and outdoors. For nearly ten years this was my first and only mic and it has never let me down quality wise. I used it extensivly for interviews and was often asked with which mic I made my recordings because for voice it sounds very crisp. It definitely is a good starting mic for approx. $230, £180, EUR 150. I am sure others may have different recommendations for even lower prices. I can only testify that this mic is able record professional sounding quality if used correctly.
  15. Hi Cambridge Spy, and welcome to The Dark Mod! I am nowhere in a position to decide whether your friendly offer should be accepted or not. I just would like to make a remark regarding your recording setup and gear. For my taste your technical setup is not quite up to the quality I would love to hear in the game. There's a massive amount of hum in your recordings. Also your mic sounds cheap and makes your voice kind of muffled. Do you have a pop filter like this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pop_filter ? Maybe you should consider an upgrade if you would like to "professionalize" your voice acting? Have fun! Narrator
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